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  1. reunions
    Hilary Duff and the Cheaper by the Dozen Cast Reunited on TikTokIncluding Bonnie Hunt!
  2. ???
    Hilary Duff Spent Her Holiday Weekend Denying Child-Trafficking Conspiracy“This is actually disgusting.”
  3. what dreams are made of
    The Lizzie McGuire Cast Reunited for a Table Read, No Sex Scenes InvolvedGordo has a mustache.
  4. spin-offs
    The Younger-verse May Expand With a Hilary Duff SpinoffKelsey, the Rhoda of the extended Younger-verse.
  5. please!
    Let Lizzie McGuire Do SexApparently, Disney+ paused the Lizzie McGuire reboot over a story line about cheating.
  6. adult themes
    Hilary Duff Just Point-Blank Asks Disney+ to Let Lizzie McGuire Move to Hulu“I’d be doing a disservice to everyone by limiting the realities of a 30 year old’s journey to live under the ceiling of a PG rating.”
  7. corporate drama
    Hey Now, Hilary Duff Puts Disney+ on Blast for Lizzie McGuire Revival ProblemsThe show has been plagued by delays, with Duff now hinting it was deemed too adult for the streaming service.
  8. exits
    Lizzie McGuire Revival On Hold as Show Creator ExitsNot the stuff dreams are made of.
  9. weddings
    Hilary Duff Got Married in Towering, Elegant Shoulder Pads“I couldn’t imagine wearing a big fluffy dress.”
  10. weddings
    Hilary Duff Goes Full Cinderella Story, Marries Matthew KomaMandy Moore was in attendance.
  11. chat room
    Hilary Duff on Her Bumpy Younger Season and Returning to Lizzie McGuire“I hate that a young woman put in a position of power ended up taking the fall for some pretty big stuff.”
  12. sequels
    This Is What Dreams Are Made of: Hilary Duff Returns for Lizzie McGuire SequelOh my god, she’s not with Gordo?!
  13. roll clip!
    Hilary Duff Faces the Wrath of the Approval Matrix in This Younger ClipLowbrow-despicable? Uh-oh.
  14. summer forever!
    Peter Parker’s Summer Euro Trip Was Okay, But Lizzie McGuire’s Was BetterWe must pay our respects to the once and future queen of summer school-trip shenanigans: Miss Elizabeth Brooke McGuire.
  15. tv review
    Younger Is Still a Fizzy, Guiltless Pleasure in Season 6The TV Land series may have lost some urgency around the matter of Liza’s Big Secret, but it’s still as smart and fun as ever.
  16. roll clip!
    Please Enjoy Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff Belting ‘9 to 5’ in This Younger Clip“After the fourth or fifth hour, we started getting claustrophobic, but it was a really awesome day,” Foster told us.
  17. trailer mix
    Younger Season 6 Trailer: Your Summer TV Love Is Almost BackPremiering June 12.
  18. placenta smoothie
    Hilary Duff Says Her Placenta Smoothie Was ‘Delightful’She also has some placenta ice cubes, for future smoothies.
  19. celebrity babies
    Hilary Duff Had a Baby!She gave birth to her first daughter last Thursday.
  20. chat room
    Bow Down to Hilary Duff, Younger’s New HBIC“It’s what she deserves.”
  21. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Hilary Duff’s Feud With Faye DunawayHilary Duff loves a feud.
  22. you know what i heard
    All the Gossip About Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s New RelationshipAnd more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  23. exclusive
    Younger Season 5 Trailer: We’ve Got Ourselves Some Love Triangles!Liza is juggling a bunch of boos.
  24. casting couch
    Hilary Duff Plays Sharon Tate in Upcoming Psychological Horror FilmTate was murdered by the Manson Family cult in 1969.
  25. trolls
    Hilary Duff Tells Body-Shamers to ‘Kiss My Ass’In an Instagram post showing off her butt.
  26. tv review
    Younger Returns With Its Deceit IntactTV Land’s escapist comedy finds even more juice in Liza’s big lie.
  27. Drinking $14 Wine With My Idol, Hilary DuffA night in the presence of the one and only Lizzie McGuire.
  28. Hilary Duff’s Ex-Husband Mike Comrie Is Reportedly Being Investigated for RapeA woman has accused Comrie of raping her “multiple times” in his home.
  29. I Can’t Stop Reading Perez Hilton’s Comments on Hilary Duff’s InstagramsPerez Hilton is a compliment machine.
  30. hilary duff news
    Hilary Duff Breaks Up With Personal TrainerDoes this guy still have a job?
  31. Anthony Weiner Is Riding Horses at Sex RehabIt’s called “equine therapy.”
  32. chat room
    Hilary Duff on Younger, Liza’s Secret, and Playing ‘Relatable’ Characters“It’ll be a very, very big betrayal. I don’t think she’s going to respond well to it.”
  33. bad ideas
    Hilary Duff and Boyfriend Jason Walsh Chose Very Unfortunate Halloween CostumesThey did not get the memo.
  34. instagram love
    This Is Hilary Duff’s New BoyfriendInstagram pics or it didn’t happen.
  35. trailer mix
    Watch the Younger Season 3 TrailerReturning September 28.
  36. this is what dreams are made of
    Hilary Duff Is on SnapchatIt’s a social-media metamorphosis.
  37. false choices
    If Forced to Choose, Hilary Duff Would Date Prince HarryOn the Ellen show, the former Disney star was faced with a tough decision.
  38. Hilary Duff Reveals Royal CrushOn the Ellen show, the former Disney star was faced with a tough decision. 
  39. hair news
    Theorizing Hilary Duff’s New Lilac Hair: What Could It Mean?Hilary Duff dyed her hair lilac on Wednesday. Are you intrigued?
  40. trailer mix
    Younger Season Two Trailer: Kissing Hotties Keeps Sutton Foster YoungKissing!
  41. historical landmarks
    RIP, Kitson, Temple of the 2000s FamewhoreA place for paparazzi photos, trucker hats, and Paris Hilton.
  42. look of the day
    Hilary Duff, Brooklyn Mom, Accessorized Her Cape With UGG BootsAnd a book for good measure. 
  43. Watch Hilary Duff’s Acoustic Video for ‘Tattoo’Listen to her new record because it’s amazing.
  44. creative ruses
    Was It All Just a Lie, Hilary Duff? Was It Ever Real?She made a music video and fools of us all.
  45. set visits
    On Set With the Women of Younger“As an actor, you hope that you can navigate growing older. We can’t all be the young, pretty ingénue forever.”
  46. whoppers
    Hilary Duff Got a Brooklyn and/or Burger King Tattoo“This is my little Brooklyn, my little BK tattoo.” 
  47. people-watching
    Hilary Duff: So Inspired by Brooklyn Moms“It’s amazing. So inspiring.” 
  48. it's vintage
    The 24 Most Horrifying, Bedazzled Trendlets of the Early AughtsWhiskered denim, Franken-Timbs, and dangerous bedazzling. 
  49. music
    Hilary Duff Has a New Music Video, and It Is GoodSecond time’s a charm.
  50. red-carpet watch
    A Glut of Crop Tops at the Teen Choice AwardsTaylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and many more.
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