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Hillary Clinton 2016

  1. harvey weinstein
    Lena Dunham Claims She Warned Clinton Campaign That Weinstein Was a ‘Rapist’Tina Brown also claims she cautioned Clinton officials about Harvey Weinstein’s reputation in 2008.
  2. sexting scandal
    Sydney Leathers Apologizes for Inadvertently Helping Trump’s Campaign“I wanted to help a 15-year-old girl; it was the right thing.”
  3. bittersweet
    Kids Left Sweet Messages for Hillary Clinton Outside Her Campaign HeadquartersTake a look at all the love-filled notes in chalk.
  4. the future is female
    Students at Hillary Clinton’s Alma Mater React to Election NightWhen a sure thing wasn’t.
  5. 2016 election
    Watch Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech“I know how disappointed you feel, because I feel it too.”
  6. 2016 election
    HRC’s Election Party Has a Lot of CelebritiesLena Dunham, Lady Gaga, Amy Schumer, and America Ferrera are waiting at the Javits Center.
  7. fancy pants
    Women Are Dressing Up to Vote and It’s Very StylishThe pantsuit is having its day in the sun.
  8. last night on late night
    Watch Sarah Paulson Dramatically Read Hillary Clinton’s Emails for Samantha Bee“You up? Please print.”
  9. like a prayer
    Madonna Supported Hillary Clinton With Surprise Performance in New York City“Save this country, please.”
  10. hillary clinton 2016
    There Is Now a Billboard-Sized Blanket Crocheted With Hillary Clinton’s FaceThe Polish-American artist Olek spent four weeks stitching the work for a billboard in New Jersey.
  11. hot shot
    Here’s Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Hillary Clinton Hanging Out Like BFFsEverything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.
  12. last night on late night
    Louis C.K. Convinces Conan to Vote for Hillary“I don’t want somebody who is likable or cool anymore.”
  13. on the campaign trail
    James Franco Gets Steamy for Hillary Clinton in His Second Endorsement VideoFranco flexes his celebrity might and his pecs.
  14. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Takes a Closer at Hillary’s Email Problems“This election is going to have surprises for the next year.”
  15. broadway for hillary
    Lin-Manuel Wrote New Hamilton Lyrics for Hillary“Watch her campaign with her man Tim Kaine. Tim Kaine in the membrane (Tim Kaine in the brain).”
  16. last night on late night
    Let Seth Meyers Give You the Play-by-Play of the First 2016 Presidential Debate“American politics can be summarized by these few words: Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, Miss Piggy.”
  17. campaigns
    Michelle Kwan Is Working for Hillary ClintonYes, that Michelle Kwan.
  18. last night on late night
    Clinton Denied Health Rumors on Jimmy KimmelWatch her pass the ultimate strength test.
  19. election 2016
    Hillary Clinton Will Appear on Kimmel August 22Don’t jinx it.
  20. pantsuits of the union
    Ralph Lauren Designed Hillary Clinton’s DNC SuitSurprise.
  21. We Asked Bernie or Bust Supporters Why They’re BustingSpoiler alert: They had a lot to say.
  22. 2016 dnc
    Left Is Borrowing Hillary Hate From the RNC“Lock her up” chants at the not-so-unified Democratic National Convention.
  23. rappers delight
    Snoop Dogg to Headline Post-DNC Event“I’ll be voting for Ms. Clinton.”
  24. town hall
    YouTube Star Asks Hillary Clinton How She’ll Help Stop Revenge PornChrissy Chambers has been open about her experience and is pushing for legislation to protect others.
  25. trail mix
    Hillary Clinton Versus Her SurrogatesShe’s been needlessly thrown into a thicket of generational and gender politics.
  26. evolving on the issue
    Hillary Clinton Promises to Stop Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’“That was a poor choice of words.”
  27. guides
    The Case for Bernie Sanders on Women’s IssuesHillary Clinton, who?
  28. key and peele
    How Hillary’s Anger Translator on Key & Peele Came to Life“I’m leaning into the idea that they’re from Arkansas, and there’s some trashy nugget of her that lies behind Hillary’s exterior.”
  29. playlists
    Listen to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign PlaylistJ.Lo, John Legend, but no No Doubt, sadly.
  30. hillary clinton 2016
    Michelle Kwan Triple-Lutzes Out of Your Childhood to Help HillaryThe Olympic medal winner will work on outreach efforts from Brooklyn.
  31. hillary clinton 2016
    Hillary Runs for No Man’s Third Term“I’m running to make history on my own.”
  32. friends forever
    Can Hillary Come Between Friends?When politics and friendship collide.
  33. city politic
    What Brings Bill de Blasio to Iowa? [Updated]The mayor will be promoting his progressive agenda and quietly boosting his national profile.
  34. prime time
    67 Is the Optimal Age to Run for PresidentThere really is a “best age” for everything.
  35. hillary clinton 2016
    Hillary Clinton Reportedly Signs Lease for ‘Brooklyn Cool’ Campaign HeadquartersClinton has reportedly signed the lease for a campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights.
  36. left behind
    America Is Once Again Becoming the World’s Liberal BeaconEurope and Israel are headed in a different direction.
  37. city politic
    De Blasio Has Been Lucky — and Good — in His Handling of the Garner AftermathWait, was that him on This Week offering a 2016 agenda? 
  38. reading is fundamental
    Hillary Clinton Shame-Reads Self-Help Books, TooDon’t be embarrassed, girl.
  39. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Why Eric Cantor’s Defeat Wasn’t So ShockingOf course he lost! It’s not his party anymore.
  40. the clintons
    Clinton Says Family Was ‘Dead Broke’ in 2000She and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House.
  41. cpac 2014
    Michele Bachmann Will Know the ‘Right’ Female President When She Sees HerIt’s International Women’s Day at CPAC.
  42. Giorgio Armani Would Happily Provide Pantsuits for Hillary’s InaugurationThe “how would you dress Hillary for her inauguration?” line of questioning has begun. 
  43. hillary watch
    Hillary Clinton Is Already Dealing With Unofficial 2016 Campaign DramaDueling super-PACs: Not the worst problem in the world.
  44. it's never too early to talk about 2016
    Chuck Schumer Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent Campaign Here we go.
  45. the racie for gracie
    Clinton Staffer Can’t Hide Disdain for Weiner After 2016 ‘Joke’“We have absolutely no clue what he was talking about.”
  46. cut chat room
    Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Debut: A Cut ChatWhy does her bio begin with “wife”?
  47. scoops
    Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Run Confirmed by Greek-American News Agency [Updated]“I talked to her husband, and he confirmed it,” says a donor.
  48. hillary unbound
    Hillary Clinton Finally Has Permission to Be a BitchAnd she’s never been more lovable.
  49. politics
    Democrats Want a Woman on the 2016 TicketWith or without Hillary.
  50. madam secretary
    The Hillary Clinton Catch-22To succeed, she needs to be liked; to be liked, she needs to temper her success.