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  1. put a bird on it
    Hipsters Are OverWith Portlandia wrapping up its final season, hipsters will finally, completely step out of the spotlight.
  2. book review
    Review: Francesco Pacifico’s Sharp New Novel Takes on Post-Hipster WilliamsburgThe Italian author’s new book does a lot of things you don’t see American novels do much of these days.
  3. encounter
    The Cool Brooklyn Dentist Who Wants Your Teeth to Look As Nice As Her InstagramJennifer Plotnick is no ordinary dentist; she’s a hipster dentist.
  4. Don’t Count on Taking the L Train for the Next 3 or 4 YearsGet used to the G, folks.
  5. Ebola Doctor Hates the Media and Politics; Is Neither Hipster Nor HeroDr. Craig Spencer is not impressed with how politicians and media outlets treated him and other Ebola patients in the U.S. 
  6. hipsters
    New Luxury Condo Building Is Steampunk ThemedThe Hudson Square building is slated to be finished at the end of 2015.
  7. Beirut Cops Can’t Tell Hipsters From JihadisIt’s the beards.
  8. in defense
    In Defense of Zach Braff’s Garden StateHow our hatred of hipsters and emotional men made us hate a movie we once enjoyed.
  9. oh brooklyn
    A Night at the Urban Cowboy: Williamsburg’s B&BA taste of the Brooklyn-branded “Cowboy Life.”
  10. sh*t hipsters say
    The Redemption of the Hipster Punch LineHow Portlandia helped saved a joke ruined by years of cliché. 
  11. with or without uke
    In Defense of the Ukulele The ukulele wants nothing other than to sound nice.
  12. Alexander Wang Is Taking His Show to … BrooklynWho will venture across the physical and mental bridge?
  13. the internet
    Conservatives Really Hate the Obamacare Flannel-Pajamas HipsterIt’s the War on Manhood!
  14. tumblr
    2013: Another Year of the Effing Hipster?According to Tumblr.
  15. neighborhood news
    Bushwick Hipsters Resent Slightly Wealthier Bushwick Hipsters Hipsters. 
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    World’s Most Hipstery Crime CommittedPortland man’s Google Glass stolen in Brooklyn.  
  17. hipsters
    Tom Wolfe Has Got Your Hipster Etymology Right HereIt’s adorable, actually. 
  18. the internet
    Quiz: Real Vice Headline or @Vice_Is_Hip Parody?A new Twitter account is so realistic it’s funny.
  19. politics
    Weiner Alienates Hipster Demographic TooHe’s not into the new Rockaways.
  20. party chat
    Ryan Gosling Says the Worst Thing You Can Call Someone Is ‘Dumb Hipster’Of all the insults.
  21. stand clear of the closing doors
    Hipster Subway Stop Now Features Hipster NewsstandYou buy zines and vinyl there.
  22. Blood, Tear Gas, and Twitter: On the Front Lines With Turkey’s ‘Occupy’ KidsThey are young and stylish and loathe their country’s conservative leader. Zuccotti Park is their model. But the riot police are having none of it.
  23. hipsters
    Hipster Breakup Dude Is Already Moving In With His New GirlfriendIt’s only been six months!
  24. the sports section
    ‘Real’ Yankees Fans Are From Wall Street or WilliamsburgOr anywhere, really …
  25. hipsters
    Pennsylvania Ad Agency Looking to Hire a Hipster for … Something [Updated]Here’s their ad. 
  26. hurricane sandy
    Williamsburg’s Post-Sandy Rockaway Commute Won’t SufferThe Rockabus returns.
  27. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Still Making the Same Old Williamsburg Hipster JokesBeards, ha-ha.
  28. party chat
    Parker Posey: ‘I’m Not Anti-Hipster; I’m an Aging Hipster’A turtle-inspired conversation about prehistoric times and hipster hair.
  29. ink-stained wretches
    Hipster Eustace Tilley Artist: I’m Not a Hipster“I ride a bike, but that doesn’t make me a hipster.”
  30. investments
    Black Keys Drummer Getting Into HosieryInvesting in sock brand Richer Poorer.
  31. crimes and misdemeanors
    Wayward Brooklynite Escapes ‘Hipster Lifestyle,’ Takes Refuge in ConnecticutHide the Pabst and skinny jeans!
  32. navel-gazing
    Hipster Breakup Dude Wrote a Song About MeA writer turns over a new leaf.
  33. hipsters
    Hipster Couple Breaks Up in the Most Hipster-y Way EverThey made a song together.
  34. kids today
    New York Times Takes on Hipster Irony (Again)The hipster-baiting author answers our questions.
  35. broadminded
    The Age of Hipster SexismFrom Terry Richardson to Lena Dunham — is the new misogyny so bad?
  36. Watch Hipster Disney Princesses Sing About Being Hipster Disney PrincessesHipster things now: sushi, Twitter, books.
  37. in development
    Hipster Sitcom Destined for RidiculeNBC bought a comedy about an anthropologist who studies Brooklyn hipsters.
  38. Marketing Gimmicks
    Sure, Soup Is Good, But Will It Ever Be Hip?The ploy might help boost sales in the short term.
  39. the h-word
    Is Montauk Trying to Be Ironic With Its Anti-Hipster Signs?Fedoras?
  40. it's science
    Hipsters Are Really Excited About the Higgs BosonJust kidding, they’ve never heard of it.
  41. the h-word
    New York Post Doubles Down on Hipster-BashingDrunk driver once again gets the H-word.
  42. the h-word
    A Recent History of Hipsters, According to the New York PostThey like fighting, trendy clubs, and Mercedes Benzes, apparently.
  43. scene stealers
    Slideshow: Street Style From the Frieze Art FairCreative ensembles for looking at fine art.
  44. ze french
    French Woman Claims Not to Understand New York HipstersSo she investigates.
  45. hipsters
    New York Fails to Rank Among ‘America’s Best Cities for Hipsters’Seattle wins.
  46. enemies of the state
    Bad News for Smoking HipstersSmoking is now banned in six state parks located within the city, including East River State Park in Williamsburg.
  47. the hunger games
    Watch a Trailer for ‘The Hipster Games,’ a Spoof of The Hunger Games“I just really miss brunch.”
  48. neighborhood news
    Some White People Are Getting Stopped and Frisked in WilliamsburgAre interesting haircuts to blame?
  49. parenthood
    Moms and Tots Rock Out in WilliamsburgDo those skinny jeans come in a onesie?
  50. Ian Edwards on Black Comedy and Hipster ComedyHere’s an interesting interview with comedian Ian Edwards, who’s currently writing for Fox’s In Living Color. In it, he laments the modern […]
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