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  1. hoaxes
    Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke on Being the First Celebrity Coronavirus HoaxThe long-time couple talk about where they were when they first heard the rumor, how they’re quarantining, and laughing off years of unhinged gossip.
  2. end times fun
    Daniel Radcliffe Wants You to Know He’s Okay“I’m very pale,” said the sickly-looking but perfectly healthy actor.
  3. things that are not real
    Celebrities on Instagram Fall Prey to Instagram HoaxAnother day, another copypasta.
  4. misinformation
    The Only Reason to Fact-Check Anything Is on Behalf of the AliensNobody is going to win the day, but someone has to win the historical record.
  5. hoaxes
    Every Way Jacob Wohl Messed Up His Attempt to Take Down Robert MuellerAnd how Academy Award–winner Christoph Waltz got involved.
  6. fake news
    Aretha Franklin Is Alive and Responding to Rumors of Death“Thanxxxx for your concern.”
  7. select all
    The Vicious Circle of 4chan’s Mass-Shooting HoaxesWhen identifying hoaxes also amplifies them.
  8. select all
    No, Mike Pence’s Website Wasn’t HackedIt’s an April Fools’ Day prank.
  9. hoaxes
    Teen Who Claimed She Was Abducted and Raped by 3 Black Men Made It All UpPolice say Breana Harmon Talbott lied about the alleged crime that caught the attention of many on the far right.
  10. select all
    The Fake Donald Trump Quote That Just Won’t DieThe ongoing hunt for mysterious, nonexistent footage suppressed by the media.
  11. twitter hoaxes
    Cormac McCarthy Still Alive at 82Despite what Twitter would have you believe.
  12. It’s Important You Understand Just How Phony This Bieber Basketball Clip IsBieber is not good at basketball and it is important you recognize that.
  13. important questions
    Was the Pizza Rat Video Staged?What is real?
  14. Mark Zuckerberg Is Our New Billionaire HoaxMark is giving away $4.5 million to regular people like you and me!
  15. It Is Incredibly Easy to Fake a Screenshot. Here’s HowTrust no one.
  16. hoaxes
    Man Stages Abortion Hoax to Get People to Buy His NovelSounds like a winning strategy!
  17. twitter hoaxes
    Aaron Paul Is the Boy Who Cried Breaking Bad SpinoffHe was bored.
  18. hoaxes
    That ‘Drunk Girl’ Viral Video Was a HoaxSurprise, surprise.
  19. hoaxes
    Rantic Marketing: 4Chan Emma Watson Leak HoaxThe fatal flaw in the internet outrage economy.
  20. hoaxes
    The Story of the 3-Boobed Lady Is As Fake As Her Third BoobSo disappointing.
  21. hoaxes
    Brooklyn’s Escaped Pregnant Tarantula Was a Big LieSorry! 
  22. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Tricked People With the Promise of Nonexistent Jobs for a LameThe whole zombie musical thing is fake, but that’s okay because McDonald’s Las Vegas is open 24 hours.
  23. Jon Daly Looks Back on His Red Hot Chili Peppers Super Bowl Prank“It … sounds like what they would actually do, if you’re just casually listening to it. If you listen closely, it makes no sense—in an […]
  24. hoaxes
    Johnny Manziel Not Being Sued for Dick PicsThe lawsuit from HLN contributor Samantha Schacher is fake.
  25. debunked
    Glee Actress Drama Too Closely Mirrors the ShowClearly.
  26. scheduled fun is the worst
    The Worst, Least Funny April Fools’ Day ‘Jokes’ on the InternetStop it. All of you. You’re not fooling anyone.
  27. Funny Or Die Is Responsible for Hoverboard Viral Video HoaxEarlier this week, a company called HUVr posted a YouTube video announcing the first commercially-available hoverboards featuring Christopher […]
  28. Jimmy Kimmel Orchestrated a Hoax Video of a Wolf in a US Olympian’s Hotel […]Last week, US Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted a video of a wolf roaming her Sochi hotel that went viral, but it turns out the video is a hoax […]
  29. Jon Daly’s Red Hot Chili Peppers Super Bowl Prank Is a Thing of BeautyIf you head over to RHCP2014.com, you’ll be treated to a stream of the new song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are performing at the […]
  30. Pace Salsa Prankster Randy Liedtke May Have Committed Another Twitter HoaxLast week, LA-based standup Randy Liedtke tricked comedian Kyle Kinane and a bunch of people in the internet with a fake internet account for […]
  31. hoaxes
    Not-So-Stiffed Waitress Returning Donations [Updated]But that didn’t keep her from getting fired.
  32. lying liars
    New Jersey Waitress Also Didn’t Donate the Money She RaisedDayna Morales strikes again!
  33. hoaxes
    How Five Shows Can Mine the ‘Diane in 7A’ Twitter Hoax StoryIt’s calling out to you, The Good Wife.
  34. hoaxes
    Nasty Thanksgiving Note War Turns Out to Be a HoaxOf course, Internet.
  35. death in the family
    Family Guy’s Brian Might Not Stay DeadNo way!
  36. the internet
    ‘Most Beautiful Missed Connection Ever’ or Not?Another emotional Craigslist post wins the Internet and is probably fake.
  37. the internet
    New York Post Falls for Super-Old Internet HoaxA Chinese man probably did not sue his wife over an ugly kid.
  38. Everything You Thought You Knew Was a Lie: @Horse_ebooks Is a Fake ‘Art […]What’s real? What’s an illusion? Can you ever trust anything on the internet? Can you ever even trust another human being? Are we all just tied […]
  39. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Helped Jimmy Kimmel Stage Another Video Hoax Jimmy Kimmel got a lot of attention for his recent viral video hoax, so he made very clear last night that his latest YouTube stunt was just […]
  40. Jimmy Kimmel Plays a Bunch of Media Reactions to His YouTube Hoax Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed his show was behind a viral YouTube video of a woman dancing and catching fire that even tricked Jimmy […]
  41. Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Hoax Tricked Jimmy Fallon Last night, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that a viral video in which a woman accidentally lighting herself on fire while twerking was a hoax created […]
  42. the internet
    Golden Eagle Kid-Snatching Hoax Video Will Send Someone to CollegeIt generated enough AdSense revenue for a scholarship.
  43. fake girlfriends
    Manti Te’o Admits He Lied About Meeting His Fake Dead GirlfriendSays he “tailored” his stories, but is otherwise totally innocent.
  44. the internet
    Catfish Star Nev Schulman Knows What Manti Te’o Is Going ThroughHe’s also defending his own fame.
  45. hoaxes
    Notre Dame: Te’o Didn’t Lie About GirlfriendHorrified athletic director explains “Catfishing” is all the rage.
  46. mythbusting
    Once and for All: Back to the Future II’s Future Date Is …Don’t get fooled again!
  47. the internet
    Runaway Teen Twitter Celeb Probably in NYCThe missing 16-year-old from New Jersey took the train toward Penn Station.
  48. hoaxes
    ‘Missing’ New Jersey Teen Goes Viral With Fake Home Intruder TweetShe appears to have just run away.
  49. hoaxes
    Someone Created a Pretty Convincing Fake NYT Op-Ed Defending WikiLeaksBy “Bill Keller.” 
  50. hoaxes
    Prabal Gurung Is ‘Safe n Sound,’ EveryoneThe Global Associated News reported that he died in a car crash.
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