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  1. homelessness
    The City Is Finally Giving Homeless New Yorkers Enough Money for RentThe voucher program’s long-overdue boost comes months ahead of schedule.
  2. politics
    Congress Considers Emergency Eviction Moratorium As CDC Authority LapsesBiden dithered about his legal authority to keep evictions frozen, and now the deadline is here — though some states are acting on their own.
  3. beach house
    Even a Starchitect’s Homeless Housing Project Won’t Sway Venice Beach NIMBYs“What they are working towards is a de facto gated beach community.”
  4. housing
    25 Men Lock Themselves in Hotel Rooms, Refusing Transfer to Homeless Shelter“I got very severe asthma, and I don’t wanna be in a dorm setting with 30 homeless men that I don’t know.”
  5. living small
    It’s Time for New York City to Bring Back SROsA solution to high rents, empty hotels, and the homelessness crisis.
  6. housing
    The Homeless-to-Hotels Program Is Ending, and Nobody’s ReadyAdvocates fear mass eviction; hoteliers say their businesses are still in crisis.
  7. homelessness
    NYC’s Annual Homeless Count Says the Numbers Are Way Down. It’s Probably Wrong.Advocates say the subway shutdown and increased police sweeps likely threw off the numbers.
  8. housing
    L.A. Built a Tiny-House Village for the Homeless. Some Aren’t So Sure About It.The city’s good intentions come with restrictions and, possibly, an ulterior motive.
  9. public space
    Last Night in Echo ParkOn the scene as the LAPD evicted an enormous community of unhoused residents from the shore of Echo Park Lake.
  10. ideas
    Social Workers Instead of Police? Denver’s 911 Experiment Is a Promising StartSix months into a pilot program that deploys squads of caregivers in place of cops, there are signs of success.
  11. housing politics
    Austin Experiments With Moving Police Dollars to Homeless HousingThe city council has bought one hotel and plans to purchase another this week.
  12. power
    Locked Out of Remote SchoolIn shelters without Wi-Fi, homeless kids can’t even get online for class.
  13. encounter
    Theo Henderson Influences L.A. City Policy. For 7 Years, He’s Lived in the Park.His podcast, We the Unhoused, is made from wherever he can charge up his phone.
  14. neighborhoods
    When NIMBY Met MAGA on the Upper West SideA group of liberal residents wanted to oust hundreds of homeless men from a local hotel. Then Tucker Carlson took up their cause.
  15. power
    HUD Proposal Cuts Protections for Unhoused Trans PeopleIt would allow federally funded, same-sex homeless shelters to make admission determinations based on biological sex.
  16. homelessness
    Trump Trolls Homeless People in CaliforniaAs he rolled through California collecting campaign contributions, the president blamed Democrats for homelessness, and the homeless for pollution.
  17. california
    California Bets That Progressive Policies Will Reinforce Economic GrowthTrump & Co. can conflate conservative policies and economic growth all they want; California’s doing fine going in a very different direction.
  18. housing
    Governor Newsom Takes Aim at California’s NIMBYismThe new California governor is quickly showing his seriousness about addressing the state’s affordable housing crisis.
  19. Californians Will Be Voting on a Wild Array of Ballot Initiatives in NovemberFrom repeal of a controversial gas-tax increase to a mandate for cage-free eggs, other issues will compete with candidates for money and attention.
  20. Fire That Burned Through Bel-Air Started at a Nearby Homeless EncampmentHidden under an overpass, a homeless encampment near one of L.A.’s wealthiest neighborhoods sparked a massive blaze last week.
  21. crime
    A Singer Allegedly Shot a Homeless Man After He Asked Her to Move Her PorscheKatie Quackenbush, 26, was charged with attempted murder in Nashville.
  22. protests
    Disneyland Workers Say They’re Facing Homelessness Because of Low WagesThe “happiest place on earth”? Not so much.
  23. from the archives
    What New York’s Homelessness Crisis Looked Like in the 1980sAs institutions closed and pushed thousands of people onto the streets, the desire to help them evolved into a fearful wariness.
  24. homelessness
    Why It’s So Hard to Stop Being Homeless in New YorkThe city spends $1.2 billion a year on homelessness. Yet the crisis only gets worse. Eight homeless New Yorkers explain why.
  25. Trump Mulls Cutting Billions From Public Housing to Fund Larger MilitaryThe proposed budget would slash all funding for community development and drastically reduce rental assistance to the poor.
  26. bill de blasio’s new york
    Mayor de Blasio to Propose 90 New Homeless SheltersRenewed attempts to stem the very public homelessness crisis.
  27. heartwarming stories
    This New Restaurant Chain Serves Free Dinner to the Homeless Each NightA new Spanish chain is the brainchild of a Catholic charity that wants to give people back “some dignity.”
  28. Lady Gaga Opens Up About Struggling With PTSD Since Being Raped As a Teenager“I suffer from PTSD. I’ve never told anyone that before.”
  29. New York City’s Homeless Population Is About to Hit 60,000The de Blasio administration insists that without its assistance programs, the numbers would be even worse.
  30. This Man Transformed a $5,000 Truck Into Mobile Showers for the HomelessIt serves 60 people every day.
  31. select all
    Another Tech Bro, Another Bad Blog PostThe real victims of homelessness: entrepreneurs.
  32. city politic
    Cuomo Executive Order Forces Homeless Indoors in Freezing WeatherThough that may be illegal.
  33. job changes
    Another Official Working on Homelessness in NYC Is Stepping DownDeputy Mayor Lilliam Barrios-Paoli left the de Blasio administration a few months ago.
  34. De Blasio Announces a Nearly $3 Billion Plan to Help Homeless PeopleThe program will focus on providing housing and social services to help people get out of the shelter system.
  35. homelessness
    De Blasio: NYC Won’t Go Back to ‘Bad Old Days’A roundup of de Blasio’s reaction to the homeless problem this summer — and his critics’ reactions to his reaction. 
  36. new york’s finest
    NYPD Union Encourages Cops to Spend Free Time Photographing Homeless People “Peek-a-Boo, We See You!”
  37. neighborhood news
    Queens Residents Encourage Their Kids to Shame Homeless PeopleThere are better ways to protest.
  38. sad things
    NYPD Evicts Homeless Man Living in the Manhattan BridgeThough they’ve also promised to help him.
  39. homelessness
    People Are Literally Living Down Under the Manhattan Bridge OverpassThe sad story gives DUMBO a whole new meaning.
  40. bill de blasio’s new york
    Number of Families in Shelters Rose in January53,615 people stayed overnight in city facilities.
  41. homelessness
    Children Leaving Disgusting Homeless SheltersDasani’s story led to action.
  42. stand clear of the closing doors
    Homeless People Asked Nicely to Leave SubwayThey won’t be forced to, just strongly encouraged.
  43. bill de blasio’s new york
    De Blasio to Host ‘Invisible’ Homeless Mother at InaugurationThe subject of the New York Times’ shelter exposé has been invited to De Blasio’s swearing-in.
  44. stunts
    City Councilman Got Pneumonia Living As a Homeless ManRuben Wills had to cut his experiment short.
  45. the third terminator
    Bloomberg on Dasani: ‘That’s the Way God Works’ “This kid was dealt a bad hand,” he said. “I don’t know quite why.”
  46. the worst
    New York Post Suggests Homeless Shelters Are Just Too NiceCalls the Times’ recent expose “hooey.”
  47. sad things
    U.S. Homelessness Is Down, But Not in New YorkAccording to a one-night H.U.D. survey.
  48. jerks
    Hawaii Lawmaker to Stop Smashing Shopping Carts“I guess I shouldn’t use the sledgehammer because it’s a really loaded image.”
  49. hurricane sandy
    One Year After Hurricane Sandy, Meet the Families That Are Still HomelessAccording to aid groups, at least 22,000 households are still displaced.
  50. sad things
    More Homeless People Went Underground This Winter The number of people sleeping on the subways rose by 13 percent.
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