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  1. hurricane sandy
    One Year After Hurricane Sandy, Meet the Families That Are Still HomelessAccording to aid groups, at least 22,000 households are still displaced.
  2. sad things
    More Homeless People Went Underground This Winter The number of people sleeping on the subways rose by 13 percent.
  3. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Warns of ‘Uprising’ Over Cost of Homeless Shelters“The public at some point is going to say to their elected officials: ‘I don’t want to pay anymore.’”
  4. things that make us sad
    New York Homeless Shelters Had a Banner WinterMaybe that’s why Bloomberg doesn’t see them.
  5. white men with money
    Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t See Any Homeless People, What Are You Talking About?“Nobody’s sleeping on the streets.”
  6. happy things
    Homeless Boot Recipient Stashed His New FootwearHe’s not sure what to think of all this attention.
  7. hurricane sandy
    Hurricane Sandy Homeless Getting ColdWith winter comes the need for a long-term solution.
  8. sad things
    NYC Needs More Homeless Shelters ASAPThe Bloomberg administration plans to open five more by the year’s end.
  9. sad things
    Homeless Man in Times Square Crutch Fight Needs New Crutches:(
  10. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Says People Stay Homeless Because the Shelters Are So Damn NiceOh, and maybe the economy — that, too.
  11. Trends,
    High-End Restaurant Tax To Help Homeless?
  12. technology
    America Isn’t Quite Ready to Use Homeless People As WiFi HotspotsRight?
  13. the third terminator
    New Homeless Shelter Rules Nixed by JudgeIndividual adults will not have to prove their homelessness just yet.
  14. the third terminator
    NYC Wants Single Adults Out of Homeless SheltersCity Council is fighting Bloomberg on a new proposal.
  15. occupy wall street
    More and More Homeless People Are Sleeping at Occupy Wall Street SitesLines are blurring between demonstrators and vagrant populations.
  16. education
    There’s Been a Surge in Homeless New York City StudentsThe number quadrupled in just two years.
  17. homelessness
    NYC to Begin Collecting Rent From Homeless With JobsShelter residents would owe up to 44 percent of their income in first year of program.