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  1. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Unpacks the Schadenfreude of Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis“It’s upsetting, but not surprising, that the one who put our president in danger is Donald Trump.”
  2. coronavirus
    Trump Aide Hope Hicks Tests Positive for COVID-19The trusted presidential adviser has been in alarmingly close contact with Trump and other White House and campaign staffers in recent days.
  3. politics
    Six Takeaways From Hope Hicks’s House Judiciary TestimonyHicks called Trump’s “Russia, if you’re listening” a joke and said she issued only “white lies” in her time in the White House.
  4. russia investigation
    Report: Democrats Want to Find Out What Hope Hicks KnowsThe former White House comms director has reportedly agreed to help House Democrats pursuing potential obstruction of justice charges for Trump.
  5. new job
    Hope Hicks is Now a High-Ranking Employee of FoxShe will be the executive director of communications at the company.
  6. goodbyes
    I Can’t Stop Looking at These Photos of Donald Trump Bidding Hope Hicks FarewellArea woman says good-bye to her boss.
  7. Inside the Cutthroat Battle to Be the Next Hope HicksThe press office is ground zero for dysfunction in the Trump White House. Mercedes Schlapp and Tony Sayegh’s fight to lead it sparked even more havoc.
  8. scandals
    What Hope Hicks Learned in WashingtonThe departure of the Trump whisperer has left the White House in even deeper chaos. Which surely pleases some outsiders angling to get back in.
  9. last night on late night
    SNL’s Hope Hicks Is Going to Miss Her ‘BFF’ Ivanka Trump the Most“It’s been, like, a never-ending sleepover.”
  10. Did Trump Start a Trade War Because He Was Having a Really Bad Day?No one expects this president to conduct himself in an orderly way, but the announcement of dangerous new tariffs may take the cake.
  11. celebrity doppelgangers
    Anna Wintour’s Daughter Knows She Looks a Lot Like Hope HicksIn a side-by-side picture on Instagram, Bee Shaffer asked, “Anyone hiring?”
  12. The White House Didn’t Break Hope Hicks OvernightShe resigned after getting caught up in the scandals and palace intrigue that she fought to avoid, but sources say her exit was months in the making.
  13. Hope Hicks Is Resigning From the White HouseThe job of White House communications director is a revolving door.
  14. russia probe
    Hope Hicks Only Tells White Lies for Trump, So We Can Trust Her Russia TestimonyHer dodges before the House Intel Committee, and its failure to do anything about it, underscore that the House Russia probe has become a joke.
  15. politics
    The True Face of the Trump AdministrationColbie Holderness’s black eye confronts us with the underside of this White House.
  16. women in the west wing
    White House ‘Boys Club’ Reportedly Didn’t Handle Domestic Violence Scandal WellAccording to female staffers in the West Wing.
  17. Trump Is Not Quite As Good at Affectionate NicknamesHe reportedly calls Hope Hicks “Hopey.”
  18. White House Official Called Trump a ‘Deplorable’Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah also seemingly plotted against Trump during the primaries while working at the RNC.
  19. last night on late night
    SNL’s Hope Hicks, ‘Gossip Girl of the White House,’ Has No Idea What Her Job IsXOXO.
  20. russia probe
    It Appears Yet Another Trump Staffer Is Ready to Sing for MuellerMark Corallo, the former spokesperson for Trump’s legal team, will reportedly share his concerns about potential obstruction by Hope Hicks.
  21. fire and fury
    The Craziest Details From Michael Wolff’s New Book About the Trump White HouseFrom the president’s nighttime routine to a rumored secret relationship.
  22. year in review
    25 Wild Fashion Moments from the Trump White HouseFrom Melania’s hurricane heels to Louise Linton’s Instagram.
  23. the name’s hicks. hope hicks.
    President Trump Reportedly Compared Hope Hicks’s Experience to a ‘Coffee Cup’But he agreed her looks helped.
  24. burning questions
    New Book Claims Hope Hicks Steamed Trump’s Suit While He Was Wearing ItThis is not normal.
  25. Hope Hicks, Trump’s Press Director, Could Be One of Mueller’s Favorite WitnessesHicks is unusually close to Trump, and has been by his side from the start — qualities that likely appeal to federal investigators.
  26. Mueller Wants to Know More About the the DOJ’s Role in Comey’s FiringReports suggest the probe is starting to delve into some juicy territory … though Trump’s attorney claims it’ll wrap up soon.
  27. shaken not stirred
    Why Hope Hicks Wore a Tuxedo in JapanHow the Trump women used their bodies as decoys in Japan.
  28. politics
    Hope Hicks Will Officially Become Trump’s New Communications DirectorShe has served in an interim capacity since August.
  29. the national circus
    Nothing’s Shocking Anymore With TrumpHe managed to both threaten nuclear war and embrace neo-Nazis while on vacation. Wait until he gets “back to work.”
  30. Hope Hicks Is Trump’s New Interim Communications DirectorShe’ll temporarily fill the role vacated by Anthony Scaramucci.
  31. Reince Priebus Doubles Down on White House’s Jew-less Holocaust Statement“Everyone’s suffering in the Holocaust.”
  32. donald trump
    Nonexistence of Trump Campaign May Be Hindering Trump CampaignAnd in a recent incident, Trump’s personality deficits collided with his campaign’s shortcomings.