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  1. sheroes
    First Female Jockey to Win Melbourne Cup Tells Woman-Haters to ‘Get Stuffed’Here’s to you, Michelle Payne.
  2. 2012 belmont stakes
    So, Should You Go to the Belmont This Weekend?I’ll Have Another can win the Triple Crown this weekend. Should you go?
  3. kentucky derby
    Coming to Terms With Horse Racing and the Kentucky DerbyOur Kentucky Derby preview, which will make you sad.
  4. horses named after people
    Sean Avery, the Horse, Is Having a Better August Than Sean Avery, the HumanSean Avery scores again!
  5. belmont stakes
    Why This Is the Year for Your First Belmont TripTomorrow is the perfect day to go to the track.
  6. belmont stakes
    Whom to Bet On in the Belmont If You’re Not THAT Worried About WinningLocal trucker, horse fiend, and press-conference comic takes his shot.
  7. horses named after people
    Sean Avery, the Horse, Wins Longfellow Stakes“Sean Avery scores!”
  8. otb
    The Guy Who Cashed In on Discarded OTB Slips Has a New PlanHe’s got a team of six now.
  9. horse racing
    How to Bet the Belmont, If You BotherWith no chance of a Triple Crown winner and too many horses named Dude, this is one bummer of a Belmont Stakes.
  10. belmont stakes
    The New York Racing Association Is Running Out of Money, and FastSaturday’s Preakness didn’t help.
  11. kentucky derby
    Your Kentucky Derby Long Shot PreviewWho’s gonna make you the most money at the Derby tomorrow?
  12. early and often
    Next Governor’s Horse-Race Troubles Won’t End in NovemberThe state’s Off Track Betting agency is facing serious long-term problems.
  13. belmont stakes
    What’s This About the Belmont Stakes Getting Canceled?Hardball, horse trading, horse racing.
  14. early and often
    Malcolm Smith Eyeing Cushy Aqueduct Afterlife?The former Senate majority leader has ties to one of the groups bidding to turn the racetrack into a casino.
  15. Play by Flay
    Bobby Flay Affirms His Impeccable Manliness by Calling Horse RacePlus, Bobby teaches Barack how to grill.
  16. the sports section
    Big Brown Gets Off the Smack Just in Time for BelmontDid you know it was legal for horses to use steroids? Neither did we. But now that he’s off ‘em, we suspect the favored horse is just making excuses for himself.
  17. the industry
    Buzz Bissinger’s ‘Barbaro’ Bought By BergPlus Kevin Reilly, Nicole Kidman, Deborah Harry, and Shannon Doherty.
  18. the morning line
    Going Your Way, Slowly • Breaking news! After a comprehensive study, the MTA can now tell you that numbered subway lines are overcrowded, and that Lex lines often run behind schedule. (Who knew?) Apparently there’s nothing officials can really do about it, as those lines are already operating at capacity.
  19. the sports section
    A Day at the Races, With Drunken I-Banking Ivy Leaguers We were offered “party-bus” rides to the Belmont. We knew what we were getting into, or thought we did, and we were okay with that. As scheduled, we arrive at 11:30 Saturday morning at a rooftop bar in Murray Hill. There are the requisite young investment bankers, from the requisite smatter of Ivy League schools, dressed in the requisite popped pastel collars. There is talk of bets, of mixed drinks, of the two buses charted by Dartmouth-alum Deutsche Bankers. It is as expected.
  20. gossipmonger
    RIP, IsabellaThe death of Isabella Blow by either cancer or suicide dominated conversation at the Costume Institute Gala last night. (We’ve got a Costume Institute slideshow and a tribute to Blow by Harriet Mays Powell and Amy Larocca.) Tom Brokaw won’t return to the anchor’s seat at NBC News despite the network’s slip in the ratings. While out shopping, Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson had difficulty getting into Tom Ford’s new store. The widow of Dr. Robert Atkins is embroiled in a legal battle for her late husband’s $100 million trust. Rosie O’Donnell is angling for the host slot on The Price Is Right. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett upgraded their West Village digs. Dan Abrams broke some cuff links, so he had to use dental floss to fasten plastic clips on his shirt. Like every other actor in New York, Cynthia Nixon will appear on an episode of Law & Order.
  21. the morning line
    Spitzer: Budget Cuts for Everyone! • First hospitals, now prisons. Governor Eliot Spitzer considers closing or consolidating some correctional facilities, in part because crime has plummeted in New York City. But he’ll face opposition from pols upstate, where the clinks employ thousands. [NYT] • And he also wants to cut $328 million in aid to the city, which has Bloomberg none too pleased and on his way to Albany to complain about it. [NYT] • Seabiscuit meets Snakes on a Plane in a bizarre grand-jury probe of whether Saratoga racehorses were doped up with painkilling serpent venom to enhance their game last summer. [NYP] • The Reverend Al Sharpton may file a racial-profiling lawsuit in response to new NYPD stats that 55 percent of cop stop-and-frisks in the city happen to blacks. Such data were mandated after the 1999 police shooting of Amadou Diallo. [NYS] • Talk about rolling out of bed: An actor on the HBO hit Oz was arraigned in the death of a Bronx man who fell five flights to his death down the elevator shaft of trendy Chelsea nightclub BED. [amNY]