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  1. the group portrait
    Working Wave After Wave at Elmhurst HospitalApproaching 365 days in the early epicenter of the pandemic.
  2. overloaded
    I’m the Only Doctor in My ER Who Stands Up to the CopsEmergency rooms are stressful even without the threat of brutality.
  3. coronavirus
    A Man Was Billed $1.1 Million After Surviving CoronavirusAnd others across the country have been billed hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment.
  4. first person
    ‘We Have No Superpowers’: A New Doctor’s Lessons From the PandemicGraduating early to join the front lines of New York’s battle against the coronavirus offers a crash course in medicine’s limitations.
  5. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: ‘It Felt Like a Calling’A Chicago anesthesiologist finds horror and hope in New York.
  6. supreme court
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Discharged From Hospital After Gallbladder TreatmentThe Supreme Court Justice underwent a non-surgical procedure for a “benign gallbladder condition.”
  7. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: A Nurse’s Worst DayAmid back-to-back codes, a patient’s family watches him die over FaceTime.
  8. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: The Last Face They See Before They Die“I found myself asking God to forgive me.”
  9. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: The Surgical Chief Changing Soiled Bedsheets“Everybody just did what needed to be done.”
  10. mental health
    A Top NYC Emergency Room Doctor Has Died by SuicideDr. Lorna Breen spent weeks on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis.
  11. coronavirus stimulus
    Congress Passes Interim Coronavirus Stimulus Bill for Trump’s SignatureThe measure, which focuses on renewed funds for the small-business Paycheck Protection Program, may be the last bipartisan relief measure for a while.
  12. diary of a hospital
    Diary of a Hospital: ‘Now I Know the Horror That They’re Living’As head nurse, Claudia thought she knew the isolation her patients felt as they died alone. Then she got sick.
  13. covid diary
    The Nurse Who Came by SeaMedical recruiters have been rounding up reinforcements for New York hospitals.
  14. coronavirus
    Medical Workers’ Looming Mental-Health CrisisBeing on the pandemic’s front lines can exact a steep psychic toll.
  15. coronavirus
    What Can Pregnant Women Tell Us About ‘Silent Spreaders’?A letter from The New England Journal of Medicine provided clues about asymptomatic coronavirus cases — but the information is far from conclusive.
  16. coronavirus stimulus
    Tense Negotiations Continue Over Next Round of StimulusDemocrats are hoping that Republicans budge on more money for state and local governments.
  17. feature
    Two Hours Daily to Sanitize, Two Hours to CryAn emergency-room doctor struggles to keep it together — and find supplies.
  18. first person
    ‘They Separated Me From My Baby’Hospitals are keeping newborns from their parents over coronavirus fears.
  19. science of us
    The 15 Most Stressful Sentences From That Big Fungus StoryWhy isn’t everyone more terrified of drug resistance?
  20. California Considers Medical Price ControlsIn an alternative to single payer, a California proposal aims at holding down health care costs.
  21. horror stories
    How One Woman Ended Up ‘Embalmed Alive’Ekaterina Fedyaeva checked into the hospital for what was supposed to be a simple procedure.
  22. sexual assault
    This Hospital Reportedly Billed Sexual-Assault Survivors for Rape KitsNew York attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced a settlement with the hospital on Tuesday.
  23. childbirth
    Inside One of the Busiest Maternity Wards in the WorldMotherland is an intimate documentary about a bustling hospital.
  24. Rape Victims Often End Up Paying $1,000 for Going to the ERA new study looked at costs incurred by privately insured women.
  25. health care
    The Doctor Who Wants to Change How You Think About Dying“What frustrates me is, as providers, we’ve lost our humanness and we cease to live when we forget about the human.”
  26. nursing
    The ER Nurse Who Always Has to Know Who’s the Sickest Person in the Room“As long as their pain is under control, and they’re not bleeding out, they can be put on the back burner behind people who are having a stroke.”
  27. mischa barton
    Mischa Barton Says She Was Drugged While Drinking Prior to Hospitalization“While having drinks, I realized that something was not right.”
  28. swellness
    Gross Hospital Food to Get Upgrade After Administrators Ate It for a WeekTastes like victory.
  29. get well soon
    Prince Reportedly Hospitalized After Emergency Plane LandingHe is either “not doing well” or has already been released.
  30. City Council: Keep Reality TV Out of NYC HospitalsApparently that’s a problem.
  31. lab work
    Inside Memorial Sloan Kettering’s High-Speed Pathology LabIs it cancer? They’ll know in half an hour.
  32. diplomacy
    John Kerry Just Wants You to Know He Is Still Working, Despite His Broken Leg“The work continues!”
  33. Players Maneuver Before Ranking of Long Island College Hospital Proposals“If there’s any monkey business concerning the criteria, we’re going to be back in court in a minute.” 
  34. the two most important people in the world
    Hospital Workers Likely Fired for Snooping on Kim KardashianHer medical records were “inappropriately accessed” after North West was born.
  35. No More Jell-O
    Hospital Food Tastes Better, Thanks to ObamacareIs this the end of Jell-O?
  36. hospitals
    Long Island Hospital Films Workers’ Hand-WashingAnd it works.
  37. hurricane sandy
    Bellevue Hospital Has Completed Its Sandy RecoverySick hospital all better.
  38. get well soon
    Ed Koch Moved to Intensive Care, But He’s Still AliveIt’s too early to start writing obituaries, CNN.
  39. get well soon
    Ed Koch Is Also in the HospitalIn New York though.
  40. get well soon
    George H.W. Bush Bantering With Nurses, Missing Dim Sum in Intensive CareThe former president spent a frustrating Christmas in the hospital.
  41. terrible things
    Kate Middleton’s Nurse Dead of Suspected Suicide [Updated]Jacintha Saldanha was the victim of a prank call made to the hospital earlier this week.
  42. get well soon
    Ed Koch Is Back in the HospitalThis time with a respiratory infection.
  43. hurricane sandy
    Sandy Was Great for Business at Hospitals That Stayed OpenOverflow has been a boon for struggling centers.
  44. hurricane sandy
    Bellevue Hospital Can Operate Via Bucket Brigade No LongerThe national guard has been hauling fuel up 14 floors.
  45. frankenstorm
    After the Storm: Surveying Sandy’s Damage, and Looking AheadWhat’s next for New York, now that the worst of Sandy has subsided.
  46. aurora shooting
    Colorado Hospitals to Pick Up Some Medical Bills for Aurora Shooting VictimsStill, some will require prolonged treatment.
  47. imaginary ceiling
    Obama’s Proposed Deficit-Reduction Plan Could Take More Than $1 Billion a Year From New York’s Teaching HospitalsAnd some of our biggest ones are already operating on the edge.
  48. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Reportedly Considering Buying St. Vincent’s HospitalAnd allegedly moving the Park 51 Islamic Center over there.
  49. royal pains
    When Saudi King Abdullah Sits Around the Hospital, He Sits AROUND the HospitalDon’t try to go to New York Presbyterian this week, you fancy Upper East Siders.
  50. no horsing around
    Georgia Bloomberg Fell From a Horse, Suffered a Concussion, and Cracked Her SpineThe mayor’s daughter is now “resting comfortably” in the hospital.
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