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    Today in A.J. Burnett Trade BuzzThe Pirates still appear to be the most likely destination.
  2. hot stove
    What Are the Yankees’ Options at DH?There’s an opening, now that Jesus Montero is a Mariner.
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    Texas Wins the Negotiating Rights for Yu DarvishNot the Blue Jays.
  4. hot stove
    Report: Blue Jays Are Favorites to Win Yu Darvish Negotiating RightsThey reportedly bid more than $40 million.
  5. hot stove
    Reports: The Angels Land C.J. Wilson TooIt’s a rough day to be a Texas Rangers fan.
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    What’s New in the Jose Reyes Sweepstakes?One report says the Marlins initial offer is for $90 million over six years.
  7. hot stove
    Brian Cashman Changes His Mind, Agrees to Deal With Rafael Soriano“I will not lose our No. 1 draft pick,” said the GM a week ago.
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    This Is What Passes for Mets Hot Stove News This WinterThe team has signed pitchers Chris Capuano and Taylor Buchholz to one-year contracts.
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    Marlins Will Start Spending the Yankees’ Money, and Johnny Damon Will StopThe Yankees’ “budget” only has $2 million for a left-fielder. But, hey, at least Florida’s spending.
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    Omar Minaya Would Like Signing a Left-Fielder to Be As Easy As PossibleSorry, Matt Holliday. You’ll have to get your millions elsewhere.
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    What the Yankees Have Done at the Winter Meetings, and What They Might DoAlso: what they definitely will do, and what they probably won’t do.
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    Mets Add Third and Fourth Catchers, Continue to Search for a CatcherThey’re almost halfway to fielding baseball’s first all-catcher lineup.
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    Do the Mets Have a Plan?No one really knows.
  14. hot stove
    Roy Halladay: Trade Me by Spring Training or Don’t BotherAdjust your calendars accordingly.
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    Baseball Free Agency Is Officially Open … But Nothing’s Going to Happen for a WhileThis is a good thing.
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    Yankees — in No Rush to Spend — Inquire About Roy Halladay AnywayYou’ve got to take things slow when you only have $50 million coming off the books.
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    Your Daily Update on Matt Holliday–to–New York BuzzThe Yankees say they’re not interested.
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    Fear Not, New York Fans: Jason Varitek Is Still on the Red SoxGood news for Yankees fans and Mets fans alike!
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    Hey, Remember Chien-Ming Wang?Yup, he’s still around, and the Yankees have to decide whether to tender him a contract.
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    Scott Boras Is at It AgainThe agent compares Matt Holliday to Mark Teixeira, and Johnny Damon to Derek Jeter.
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    Baseball’s Hot Stove Kind of Heats Up at GM MeetingsIf you’re a fan of probably-not-happening trades involving Luis Castillo, then this is the week for you.