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  1. just asking questions
    ‘Trump’s Lying Has Ruptured the Space-Time Continuum’: Steve Schmidt on 2020Former GOP operative and current MSNBC pundit Steve Schmidt is nervous: “I think in America a sociopath will beat a socialist seven days a week.”
  2. vision 2020
    How Swing Voters Are Thinking About 2020For many swing voters, the choice isn’t between major parties, but between voting and staying home. Convincing them voting matters could be crucial.
  3. decision 2020
    Howard Schultz Reminds Nation He Was Running for President by Dropping OutThe former Starbucks CEO won’t seek the Independent nomination after all.
  4. vision 2020
    Howard Schultz Has Slowed Down His Pre-Campaign Press TourThe former Starbucks CEO has been very quiet the last few weeks, suggesting his presidential ambitions may be fading.
  5. vision 2020
    Bernie Sanders Is the Howard Schultz of the LeftThere’s one independent 2020 candidate trying to unite red and blue America around bipartisan, common sense solutions. And it isn’t the coffee man.
  6. independents
    There Aren’t Many True Independents, and They Aren’t Into PoliticsMost self-identified independents lean heavily toward one party. Howard Schultz and others banking on some silent centrist force should take note.
  7. vision 2020
    Howard Schultz and His Team Think the Backlash Means They’re ‘Onto Something’Schultz has been ridiculed on the left, and his own polls show that he could help reelect Trump. But his team thinks he’s struck an important nerve.
  8. past is prologue
    If Ross Perot Couldn’t Win the Presidency, There’s No Hope for Howard SchultzPerot didn’t win a single state in 1992 — or cost Bush reelection. Schultz isn’t as well known, and there’s less of a rationale for his candidacy.
  9. howard schultz
    Howard Schultz’s Deficit of HonestyHoward Schultz says he doesn’t “see color.” That doesn’t tell us much about him, but it does tell us something about racism in America.
  10. vision 2020
    Howard Schultz 2020: What If a Moderate Democrat But Vaguer?At a CNN town hall, Schultz revealed that his issue positions are all either restatements of Democratic orthodoxy, or bursts of Trumpian hot air.
  11. the national interest
    Howard Schultz’s Own Polling Finds His Campaign Would Reelect TrumpAlso everybody hates him. Other than that, the campaign is going great.
  12. starbucks
    Please, Don’t Ask Your Barista About Howard SchultzStarbucks employees were given instructions on how to calmly answer customers who are angry about the billionaire’s potential 2020 run.
  13. the national interest
    Political Moderation Needs to Be Saved From the Madness of Howard SchultzAn egomaniacal billionaire is the opposite of everything good about moderate thinking.
  14. howard schultz
    Howard Schultz’s Austerity Rhetoric Is a Bad Omen for Black AmericaHoward Schultz’s time at Starbucks was marked by his support for racial equality. But black Americans would suffer from the austerity he preaches.
  15. the top line
    Howard Schultz Should Stay in Business, Which He Is Good AtIf Schultz wants to keep making a positive difference in America, he should ask himself what big problems he is best suited to address.
  16. howard schultz
    Howard Schultz Wants a President Who Will Tell Billionaires Their Favorite LiesThe mogul is sick of the left’s impossible promises. Which is why he’s promising that we can reduce inequality without raising taxes on the rich.
  17. howard schultz
    Even Trump May Think That Howard Schultz Is Good for His ReelectionOn Monday, Trump reportedly said that a Howard Schultz candidacy would be good for his 2020 chances, as hecklers jabbed at the former Starbucks CEO.
  18. the national interest
    Howard Schultz Might Reelect Trump Because He Doesn’t Understand PoliticsThe invincible ignorance of an egomaniacal centrist billionaire.
  19. food fight
    Howard Schultz ‘Seriously Considering’ Running For PresidentThe former Starbucks CEO wants to bring Frappuccinomics to the White House.
  20. the chain gang
    Howard Schultz Is Leaving Starbucks — and Remaining Coy About Politics“I intend to think about a range of options, and that could include public service.”
  21. the chain gang
    Howard Schultz Told Starbucks Workers Trump Is Creating Economic ‘Chaos’In a leaked video, he says the president is “no doubt affecting consumer behavior.”
  22. food politics
    Veterans Tell Conservatives to Quit Claiming Starbucks Hates the MilitaryThey want to officially correct “inaccurate statements” about the chain’s commitment to military.
  23. food politics
    Starbucks Promises to Hire 10,000 Refugees in Response to Trump’s Muslim BanThe company also says it will donate 4 million trees to Mexican coffee farmers.
  24. the chain gang
    Hillary Clinton Reportedly Wanted Howard Schultz As Her Labor SecretaryInstead, America’s probably getting the guy from Carl’s Jr.
  25. words of wisdom
    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: America Needs to ‘Recognize the Threat of Tyranny’The coffee-chain leader gave a powerful speech about the state of the country.
  26. the chain gang
    Howard Schultz Will Step Down As CEO of StarbucksHe will instead focus on the company’s fancier Reserve line and “social impact initiatives.”
  27. problem solving
    Starbucks Demands Baristas Be the ‘Promise of America’ in These Dark TimesCEO Howard Schultz wants them to rise above the “lack of political role models.”
  28. i'm with her
    Starbucks CEO Endorses Hillary ClintonDespite her position against the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  29. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Is Doing Everything It Can to Make Sure Its Employees VoteThe chain built a special website that helps them register.
  30. Empire Building
    Starbucks’ First Italian Stores Will Open in 2017This is CEO Howard Schultz’s dream.
  31. Bad Ideas
    Starbucks’ CEO Asked Baristas to Be ‘Sensitive’ toHoward Schultz didn’t want people to #FreakOutTogether over Wall Street’s chaos.
  32. the national interest
    Howard Schultz Forced to Tamp Down Schultz-for-President FeverThe Starbucks CEO has heard our pleas to join the campaign, and he has cruelly forsaken them.
  33. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Is Launching Its Own Media CompanyThe goal is to talk about “issues that matter to our nation.”
  34. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks’ Second in Command Will Take Mysterious ‘UnpaidTo give his wife and kids his “dedicated time and attention.”
  35. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Reiterates That It Does Not Provide Financial Support to IsraelThe coffee giant says its “absolutely untrue” that CEO Howard Schultz gives Israel any of its profits.
  36. Video Feed
    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Explains Free College Tuition Plan on The Daily“You’ve got some venti balls, my friend,” says Stewart.
  37. The Chain Gang
    5 Reasons Starbucks’s Plan to Serve Booze Could End in FailureIs chocolate fondue and a nice glass of Pinot Grigio the future of coffee?
  38. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Rolling Out Dinnertime Beer and Wine Menus NationwideJust don’t expect to have Riesling with your parmesan chicken skewers in New York — at least right away.
  39. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks CEO No-Gun Request Probably Won’t Change AnythingHoward Schultz writes an open letter requesting that customers leave firearms out of Starbucks.
  40. Starbucks Doesn’t Want Guns in Coffee ShopsStarbucks’ CEO is asking everyone to stop walking around with guns at Starbucks. 
  41. Quote of the Day
    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Defends Stance on Same-Sex MarriageThe coffee chain’s CEO once again voices support for diversity.
  42. Frank Rich on the National Circus: The Fiscal Cliff Was a MolehillThe standoff is over but the ideological war will get much bloodier.
  43. open letters
    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Needs to Run for President AlreadyEnough with the gimmicks, just run for president.
  44. bonus season
    Signs of Economic Recovery: Big, Bouncy Executive BonusesFeel free to spread your bonus ire beyond Wall Street.
  45. Mediavore
    Shake Shack Could Go National; Mezcal on the RisePlus: Sandra Lee talks about her past, and Paul Liebrandt loves New York, all in our morning news roundup.
  46. Hard Times
    Slim Pickings for Starbucks CEOHoward Schultz is slightly less rich this year.
  47. Mediavore
    Manipulated Milk Prices?; Americans Still Throwing Food AwayPlus: Mesa Grill’s role in a forthcoming mystery novel, what Michael Huynh is up to, where Kid Rock eats barbecue, and more in our morning roundup of food news and gossip.