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  1. $$$
    Hugh Hefner’s Sticky Belongings Could Soon Be YoursIf you feel so inclined, you can bid on items such as his signature smoking jacket and signature pipe.
  2. stay clean
    Hugh Hefner’s Will Demands His Heirs Just Say NoIf a beneficiary “frequently uses or consumes any illegal substances,” they’ll be removed from his trust.
  3. Playboy Puts Brett Ratner Hugh Hefner Movie on Hold in Wake of AllegationsAdditionally, Jared Leto’s representatives claim he was never involved in the film.
  4. power
    If We Can’t Talk About Sex, We Can’t Stop Sexual AbusePervs count on the rest of us being prudes, and it’s easier to look away, so we do.
  5. casting couch
    Oh Jeez, Jared Leto Is Playing Hugh HefnerIn a biopic directed by Brett Ratner.
  6. from the archives
    Remembering When Christie Hefner Took Over PlayboyLally Weymouth profiled Hugh Hefner’s then-29-year-old daughter, the newly appointed president of Playboy Enterprises, in a 1982 New York cover story.
  7. rip
    Hugh Hefner Is Now Buried Next to Marilyn MonroeThe Playboy founder was laid to rest in a private ceremony Saturday.
  8. power
    The Fantasy of a Female Hugh HefnerFor women, it’s not buying exactly what he sold — it’s claiming a version of his lifestyle for ourselves.
  9. hugh hefner
    Playboy Magazine’s Unlikely History of Abortion-Rights ActivismIn the decade before Roe v. Wade, Hugh Hefner covered abortion in almost every single issue of his magazine.
  10. who knew?
    How Hugh Hefner Helped Launch Food & Wine Magazine“At last a magazine about food in all its aspects.”
  11. remembering an icon
    Larry King, Paris Hilton, and Other Celebrities Mourn the Death of Hugh HefnerThe Playboy founder died on Wednesday. He was 91.
  12. obits
    Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dead at 91He launched the magazine that helped kick off the sexual revolution and fashioned himself into one of the movement’s icons.
  13. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for American Playboy, Amazon’s Hugh Hefner Tell-All DocuseriesHow America’s favorite soft-core purveyor came to fill his smoking jacket.
  14. era ended
    The ‘Twinkie King’ Officially Owns the Playboy MansionBut Hugh Hefner isn’t moving out any time soon.
  15. the industry
    Amazon Will Release Hugh Hefner Docuseries American PlayboyAmerican Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story will draw from Hefner’s own archives.
  16. odd couples
    A Man Known As the ‘Twinkie King’ Is Buying the Playboy MansionThe house sold for $100 million.
  17. lawsuits
    Bill Cosby, Hugh Hefner Sued for Sexual BatteryChloe Goins has again sued Cosby, and added Hefner to the lawsuit.
  18. for sale playboy magazine barely read
    Buy Playboy, for a Mere $500 Million!Act now! Offer ends soon!
  19. prime real estate
    Hugh Hefner Is Selling the Playboy MansionTreat yourself to a grotto.
  20. scandals
    Vegas Model Alleges Bill Cosby Licked Her Toes and Assaulted Her in 2008Chloe Goins said she was 18 years old at the time.
  21. old hollywood
    Iconic, Intimate Shots of Hollywood’s Heyday Joan Didion’s Corvette, Barbra Streisand’s sheer pantsuit, and so much more.
  22. Photos: Hugh Hefner in His Pre-Pajama YearsPlucked from a forthcoming anthology on Hefner and his magazine.
  23. porn financials
    Can Private Equity Save Playboy?The soft-porn mag is reinventing itself under new ownership.
  24. mondo video
    Watch YouTube’s Most Delightfully Dated TV ClipsA skeezy Playboy roller-disco TV special, an ad for Full House dolls, Alec Baldwin on Hollywood Squares, and more!
  25. its vintage
    The Original Playboy Bunnies, Then and NowPhotographs of the women who created the empire, and what they’re up to these days.
  26. subject matter
    Oscar Nominee Peter Morgan to Pen Hugh Hefner BiopicHe also wrote Frost/Nixon and The Queen.
  27. tv
    Hugh Hefner Remembers Playboy Club Uniforms As Less Modest Than Playboy Club CostumesIt was a long time ago.
  28. celeb weddings
    Gene Simmons Gets Married … for His Reality-TV ShowNow it makes sense.
  29. The Hef Life
    How Hugh Hefner EatsIt involves fried chicken and egg-topped mashed potatoes.
  30. clickables
    Read Hugh Hefner’s Inappropriate Bieber-Related TweetGross.
  31. ipad therefore i am
    Playboy Catalogue Will Be Available on the iPad — UncensoredAt long last you will be able to make nearby commuters uncomfortable on the subway.
  32. the most important cheaters in the world
    Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Got EngagedHugh Hefner’s not the only one proposing this holiday season.
  33. clickables
    Watch Bob Guccione Discuss Hefner, Caligula, and the Futility of Film CriticsIn this undated TV interview, the ‘Penthouse’ founder — who died yesterday — airs his views and airs out his chest hair.
  34. chat room
    Hugh Hefner on Why All of His Critics Are Wrong“If women weren’t sex objects, then we’d never have a second generation.”
  35. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Closes in Cape Town; What Hugh Hefner EatsMaze is officially done after less than a year and a half open, while The Playboy publisher enjoys fresh produce.
  36. so you think you can porn?
    Penthouse’s Bid for Playboy $25 Million Higher Than Hef’sThe rival company offered $210 million for the whole brand.
  37. so you think you can porn?
    Apparently, Playboy’s Still Got ItBut as far as punny headlines go, the media’s been putting in a poor showing.
  38. playboy
    Hef Offers to Take Playboy Private [Updated]Stock reaches highest level in two years.
  39. gossipmonger
    Jessica Szohr Is Playing the FieldAccording to a report, the ‘Gossip Girl’ star was seeing more than one boy behind boyfriend Ed Westwick’s back.
  40. gossipmonger
    Natalie Portman Thinks Being in a Love Triangle Would Be ‘Fun’Also, Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends might have actually been prostitutes.
  41. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Pay for the Drinks She DrinksAnd that makes it okay. That and the rest of today’s gossip, in our roundup.
  42. ink-stained wretches
    Is Hugh Hefner About to Sell Playboy?If he’s smart he is.
  43. gossipmonger
    Hey, Jared and Ivanka, Why the Sudden Rush to Get Married?The date is October 25, three months after their engagement.
  44. high times
    If You’ve Got the Money, HoneyWelcome to the financial jungle, you’re gonna invessssst!
  45. the greatest depression
    Recession Now Officially Ruining FunOn top of everything else, ‘Playboy’ is canceling its annual Super Bowl party.
  46. gossipmonger
    Really, Nobody on Mustique Will Miss the NoelsNot the first one, the second one … the whole gaggle! Plus, Caroline Kennedy sassed the press even when she was 6. In the gossip roundup.
  47. quote machine
    Amy Poehler Passes the Baton Along to Kristen WiigPlus: Joan Rivers recycles her own material for the umpteenth time.
  48. gossipmonger
    Naomi Campbell Justly Booed for Cutting the Customs Line at JFKIt’s about time the little people struck back against Naomi! And more, in Friday’s gossip roundup.
  49. gossipmonger
    Most of Today’s Gossip Items Involve Sarah PalinAre you surprised? But the scenes from Larry Flynt’s porn satire of her actually sound really stupidly funny. Plus a pinch of Palin-free news in our gossip roundup.
  50. Mediavore
    Subway Ads Teach You About Nutrition; Playboy Makes Wine a Little SexierA bouncer-led beatdown at Dorrian’s Red Hand, and Williamsburgers who don’t like the Kellogg’s Diner 2.0, from our glance at the morning headlines.
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