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  1. trans rights
    What Really Happened to Layleen Polanco?Polanco died in solitary confinement at Rikers last year. Now her family has reached a $5.9 million settlement with the city.
  2. "#canceled"
    J.K. Rowling Says She’s Returning Her Kennedy Human Rights AwardRowling’s is “a position that I categorically reject,” Kerry Kennedy said in a statement.
  3. geopolitics
    Trump and Xi Are Bending the Moral Arc of History Toward BarbarismAs the two great powers celebrate war crimes and funnel Muslims into concentration camps, the outlook for moral progress in the 21st century darkens.
  4. immigration
    The Heartbreaking Story Behind a 16-Year-Old Boy Who Died in U.S. CustodyJuan de León Gutiérrez’s parents say he left Guatemala hoping to earn money to buy his family food.
  5. labor
    Now We Can’t Eat Nutella AnymoreA damning New York Times investigation sheds a light on Turkey’s exploitative hazelnut industry.
  6. power
    Arkansas and Utah Have Passed 18-Week Abortion BansIf they’re signed into law, they could become the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country.
  7. family separation
    Kirstjen Nielsen’s Testimony About the Border Was an Utter EmbarrassmentShe claimed ignorance on many of the most damning questions.
  8. human rights
    ICE Releases 12 Infants From Detention After Outcry“Every mother I spoke to said that her child was sick in some way,” said an immigration rights advocate.
  9. human rights
    Nearly 30 Women Have Miscarried While Detained by ICE Since 2017A new report reveals that of the 1,655 pregnant women detained by the agency, 28 of them miscarried while in custody.
  10. human rights
    24-Year-Old Woman Delivers Stillborn Baby in ICE CustodyDays after the 24-year-old went into premature labor, she was released from ICE detention.
  11. human rights
    What Happened to Roxana Hernández, the Trans Woman Who Died in ICE Custody?Senators are demanding that ICE release a report on the circumstances of her death.
  12. reproductive rights
    Judge Strikes Down Mississippi’s Awful Abortion Ban, Calls It ‘Pure Gaslighting’He called the 15-week ban “clearly unconstitutional” in a blistering opinion.
  13. human rights
    What It’s Like to Be a Trans Teen in America Right Now“I didn’t think they would ever just try to write us out of existence.”
  14. human rights
    Trans Americans Have a Message for Trump: We Won’t Be Erased#WeWon’tBeErased on Twitter is full of passionate responses to Trump’s proposal to narrow the definition of gender.
  15. human rights
    What to Know About Trump’s Terrifying Proposal to Eliminate Transgender RightsThe Department of Health and Human Services is reportedly working to establish that a person’s sex is to be male or female and “unchangeable.”
  16. bullies
    Middle School Closed for Safety Concerns After Adults Threaten Transgender GirlAn Oklahoma middle school closed down for two days after multiple parents threatened a transgender girl with violence.
  17. power
    Border Patrol Accused of Giving Children Rotten Food and Undrinkable WaterChildren also reported being kicked and forced to strip naked.
  18. gallery
    This Art Show Explores Motherhood, Supports Immigrant FamiliesThe pieces will be on view for one night only.
  19. how to help
    What You Can Do Right Now to Help Fight Trump’s Family-Separation PolicyAccording to the experts who are actively doing just that.
  20. family separation policy
    Migrant Mom Says Federal Agents Ripped Away Her Baby While She Was BreastfeedingThe woman was detained under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy.
  21. Trump Now Sounds Like a Fan of North Korean Repression“His country does love him. His people, you see the fervor.”
  22. family separation policy
    1,358 Children Have Reportedly Been Ripped From Their Families at the Border“It’s the sheer numbers, and it’s just the age of the kids and the horror of it.”
  23. transgender rights
    New York City Will Soon House Inmates According to Their Gender Identity“It’s the city’s responsibility to protect the rights and safety of all New Yorkers.”
  24. the wing investigation
    Gender-Studies and Law Professors Support NYC Investigation Into The Wing“Sure, some might like all women spaces, but this can’t be its business model.”
  25. select all
    New Report Finds Twitter Violates Women’s Human RightsAmnesty International published an eight-chapter study this week detailing the struggles of being a woman on Twitter.
  26. human rights
    Angelina Jolie Collaborated With ‘Abusive’ Cambodian Army for Her Latest FilmWorking with the Cambodian army is a “a terrible mistake,” according to Human Rights Watch.
  27. love and war
    A European Court Ruled Sex Is Just As Important for Women Over 50The court said Portuguese judges were guilty of “prejudice” when they said sex wasn’t important because of a woman’s age.
  28. Trump Urged to Stop Saudi Arabia’s Beheading of Student Set to Study in U.S.Mujtaba al-Sweikat, accepted to Western Michigan University, was arrested for attending pro-democracy protests.
  29. Women’s Rights Activist Detained in Saudi ArabiaLoujain al-Hathloul had been taken into custody in 2014 for protesting the country’s driving ban, but it’s not clear what’s behind her recent arrest.
  30. feminism inc
    Saudi Arabia and UAE Pledge $100M to Female Entrepreneur FundIvanka Trump proposed the World Bank fund.
  31. Someone Please Show Ivanka Pictures of Starving Yemeni ChildrenSaudi Arabia is engineering a famine in Yemen with our government’s help. We could stop them right now if we wanted to.
  32. benefit concerts
    Broadway Stars to Hold Inauguration Day NYC ShowChita Rivera, Kelli O’Hara, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and other legends are slated to perform.
  33. women's march 2017
    The Women’s March on Washington Has a New Sponsor“Women’s rights are human rights.”
  34. The World Pageant Is Apparently Not Allowing a Contestant to Criticize ChinaCanadian beauty queen Anastasia Lin has publicly criticized China’s human-rights record, but has not been allowed to speak on the matter in the U.S.
  35. islamophobia
    Woman Details Terrifying Anti-Muslim Experience on NYC Bus“I was sitting there trembling, bawling, unable to speak or move.”
  36. human rights
    Philippine President: I’d Be ‘Happy to Slaughter’ 3 Million Drug AddictsAs a general rule, heads of state don’t look to Hitler for good ideas.
  37. dabbling in feminism
    Iran Releases Professor Jailed for ‘Dabbling in Feminism’Dr. Homa Hoodfar had been held at one of Iran’s most notorious prisons.
  38. controversies
    French Mayors Still Enforcing Burkini BanThe ban against burkinis was ruled illegal in one resort town near Nice, but that isn’t stopping other towns from continuing the ban.
  39. international affairs
    Turkey Suspends Human-Rights ConventionThe government claims fundamental freedoms will remain in place as it continues to purge state institutions of suspected dissidents.
  40. festivals
    Rock, Williams, Legend Set for Human-Rights FestPlus Carlos Santana and Dave Matthews.
  41. Anne Hathaway Is Now a U.N. Goodwill AmbassadorShe joins the U.N. Women team that includes Emma Watson and Nicole Kidman.
  42. more horrible things
    Woman Arrested in Qatar After She Reported Being RapedThe 22-year-old woman was on vacation.
  43. Rape Victims May Finally Be Able to Access Abortions in Northern IrelandA high-court judge ruled that Northern Ireland’s ban on abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, or fatal fetal abnormalities, violates the European Convention on Human Rights.
  44. rape
    U.N. Official Ousted Amid Allegations of Sex Abuse by PeacekeepersU.N. personnel have been accused in 11 cases of sexual assault and exploitation in the Central African Republic. 
  45. the law
    Inmate Sex Abuse Deemed Cruel and UnusualA federal appeals court has decided it may violate their 8th Amendment rights.
  46. human rights
    Amnesty International Recommends Decriminalizing Sex WorkThe human-rights organization voted in favor of full decriminalization today.
  47. change?
    How New York Is Cracking Down on Nail SalonsNail salons must now inform workers of their rights. 
  48. human rights
    Forced Marriages: More Common in the U.S. Than You’d ThinkActivists speak out in a new report.
  49. very sad things
    Boko Haram Suspected of Another Mass Kidnapping in Nigeria 60 women and girls, and 31 boys were abducted from a village over the weekend.
  50. human rights
    Kidnapped Nigerian Girls: ExplainerA primer on the international tragedy.
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