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Human Rights

  1. international news
    North Korea Seriously Is the Worst, U.N. Panel ConcludesKim Jong-un may face International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.
  2. oops
    J.Lo Called Out for Playing Dictator’s Party“What is the next stop on her tour, Syria?”
  3. Trouble Brewing
    Human Rights Complaint Forces Earls Restaurant Chain to Change Its MenuWould you go to a restaurant that served a “Down Syndrome daiquiri”?
  4. international intrigue
    China Says Chen Guangcheng Can ‘Study Abroad’ [Updated]Which means he might be coming to America after all.
  5. international intrigue
    Chinese Activist Chen Dials Congress Seeking Asylum in U.S.Guangcheng also wants to thank Hillary Clinton.
  6. international intrigue
    Chinese Activist Chen Wants Out of China, Accuses U.S. Officials of Lying But he still digs Hillary Clinton.
  7. Crap
    That ‘Vudu’ That You Do Is Called: Getting Your Bar Shut DownBusted.
  8. human rights
    Livery Cabs Won’t Force You to Endure Taxi TVUnless your driver is a jerk/idiot.
  9. ai weiwei
    Chinese Authorities Release Ai Weiwei on Bail After Three Months in JailCelebrate by visiting his installation outside the Plaza.
  10. north korea
    U.S. Calls for Release of American Citizen From North KoreaFew details are known on the condition of the American.
  11. secretary of awesome
    Richard Gere Wants to Think the Best of Hillary ClintonSadly, in this case, he’s probably wrong.
  12. secretary of awesome
    The Many Diplomatic Faces of Hillary ClintonHow our secretary of State deftly adapted to every situation as she traveled the world.
  13. In Other Magazines
    Food Writers Dwell Happily in the Past This MonthThe best stories in this month’s crop of food mags are old. Saveur, which leads the year off with the Saveur 100, runs highlights from the WPA’s unpublished 1937 opus, America Eats, a documentary record of American foodways that is only now seeing the light of day; the images excerpted here are evocative and beautiful and make us eager to see the America Eats book to be published (finally) later this year. Gourmet is devoted to southern cooking, with a wonderful, previously unpublished “What Is Southern?” leadoff essay by the late Edna Lewis, formerly of Café Nicholson. Bon Appétit goes with a “Green Issue” with a long piece by Blue Hill’s Dan Barber on vegetables, an ecofriendly meat guide by sausage guru Bruce Aidells, and a moving essay on a vegetarian who returns to the meat wagon because of sausages. Food & Wine is something of a bore, consisting mostly of lists of “Tastes to Try in 2008,” most of which were short on detail and long on obviousness. (Fiamma has a new chef!) Finally, Food Arts, which won’t come out till later this week, has a major service feature on beef, along with an essay by French Culinary Institute techno whiz Dave Arnold on hydrocolloids, a class of gelatins big in molecular-gastronomy circles.