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I Was A Tech Columnist

  1. i was a tech columnist
    I Never Wanted (or Liked) the Touchscreen Echos or Google Hubs. Then I Used One.“You can still bark orders at it from across the room and listen to the replies, but when a visual is useful, you’ve got it.”
  2. i was a tech columnist
    This Messenger-Briefcase Hybrid Is the Only Work Bag I’ll CarryThere’s no corner of the bag that hasn’t been nerdily, almost hilariously sweated over.
  3. i was a tech columnist
    Fitbit’s Newest (Cheapest) Tracker Is Its Best Marriage of Form and Function YetThe Inspire HR combines the best of its pricier siblings — the aesthetics of the Alta HR and the guts of the Charge 3.
  4. i was a tech columnist
    These 5 Adapters Make My USB-C Laptop Work With All My Other (Non-USB-C) DevicesBonus: They’re all sleek — and affordable.
  5. prime day 2019
    David Pogue’s 11 Best Prime Day Tech DealsIncluding his favorite mesh Wi-Fi system, and a few rarely on-sale Apple products.
  6. i was a tech columnist
    These No-Tie Shoes Are the Only Pair I Wear (And I Don’t Care If They’re Fugly)“They are a gift for people with no tolerance for inefficiency.”
  7. i was a tech columnist
    My Kids Are Obsessed With the Light-Up Phone Charger I Got ThemIt’s like you can see the juice flowing into them.
  8. i was a tech columnist
    I Keep the World’s Thinnest, Lightest Reading Glasses in My WalletThey’re not my everyday readers, but I’m always so grateful to have them.
  9. i was a tech columnist
    I Hated All Wireless Chargers Until I Found Anker’s Fast-Charging StandGood for people who use their phones while lying down.
  10. i was a tech columnist
    Sony Makes the Best Noise-Canceling Headphones I’ve Ever OwnedYes, they’re better than Bose.
  11. i was a tech columnist
    I Can Whip a Credit Card Straight From the $10 Amazon Wallet in My PocketIt’s extremely slim, too.
  12. i was a tech columnist
    Eero Makes the Best Wi-Fi System (and I’ve Tried Them All)I like it better than Plume, Luma, Netgear, Linksys, AmpliFi HD, and even Google.
  13. i was a tech columnist
    The Case That Protected My Phone Through Being Dropped 53 TimesFormer tech columnist David Pogue on the RhinoShield CrashGuard Case.