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Ian Mckellen

  1. quote machine
    Rachel Weisz Loses Trash-talking Round in the Competition Over Who Can Play the Better Jackie O.Plus: ‘Twilight 3’ to be “amazing” says ‘Twilight 3’ star.
  2. quote machine
    Finally, Michel Gondry Gives Us His Opinion on Lady GagaPlus: Heidi Montag’s best day ever.
  3. tv
    Watch Every Episode of the Original The Prisoner, From 1967–68, for Free OnlineAll seventeen episodes.
  4. quote machine
    50 Cent Is Not Too Concerned With Improving His Credit ScorePlus: Find out why everyone used to call Ian McKellen “Oscar.” (Hint: It wasn’t because he was grouchy.)
  5. ratings
    The Prisoner Premiere Did Almost As Well As the Mad Men FinaleHere comes the Banana Republic tie-in.
  6. gossipmonger
    Demi Moore Is a Puma, Not a CougarRowr! Purrr. Grrrowl. It’s all the same.
  7. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Went Out Sober… this one time.
  8. wangs
    PBS Announces Wiener-less King LearPBS’ March broadcast of ‘Lear’ will omit Ian McKellen’s nude scene.
  9. the industry
    Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to Wait PatientlyPlus: Staten Island finally gets its own TV show.
  10. gossipmonger
    Today in Gossip: Old Gals Go BananasElizabeth Taylor does tequila shots at the Abbey? Liz Smith compares Cindy Adams and Barbara Walters to Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus? Ian McKellen defaces Bibles? Shazam!
  11. the industry
    Jim Caviezel: ‘I’m Not a Number, I’m a Free Man!’ Ian McKellen: ‘You’re a Number’Plus: Tim Roth on TV, and Ian McKellen is McKellening again.
  12. agenda
    “The Golden Compass”: Armored-Polar- Bear Fight!The polar-bear fight—with the regal Iorek Byrnison, voiced by the regal Sir Ian McClellan, completely owning false king Ragnar Sturlusson—proves mind-blowing for all ages.
  13. the industry
    Middle-earth Welcomes a New Jolly, Bearded DirectorPlus: Ewan McGregor joins ‘Angels & Demons,’ J.J. Abrams makes his ‘Superbad,’ and Christian Slater is still playing Jack.
  14. countdown
    Ian McKellen McKellening Again in ‘The Hobbit’We’re so generally in awe of Sir Ian that we propose a new verb: to McKellen.
  15. pop culture's bravest
    Year in Review: Vulture Salutes the Wangs of 2007We really wish we were classy enough not to point out that wangs were popping up everywhere this year, but, sadly, we are not — there were dicks all over the place!
  16. quote machine
    Hilary Swank Could Definitely Kick Your AssPlus: Quotes from Adam Baldwin and Ian McKellen!
  17. apropos of nothing
    No Matter Who He Plays in ‘Lear,’ Ian McKellen Gets His Kit OffPlus exclusive streaming audio!
  18. ranters and ravers
    John Simon Belittles Ian McKellen’s Junk … Again?New York’s former theater critic and his problem with Iam McKellen’s junk.
  19. apropos of nothing
    Ian McKellen Strips Down in ‘King Lear’The Season of the Wang continues, onstage at BAM.
  20. the industry
    Nicole Kidman, Actual Millionaire, Will ‘Marry a Millionaire’