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If He Dies He Dies

  1. if he dies he dies
    Prokhorov Zings the KnicksHe doesn’t want the Nets to be like the Knicks, you see.
  2. if he dies he dies
    Fun With Mikhail ProkhorovMikhail Prokhorov is fun.
  3. if he dies he dies
    Mikhail Prokhorov Buys Space on a Very Specific Manhattan BillboardA mural of Prokhorov and Jay-Z is going up at 34th Street and Eighth Avenue.
  4. if he dies he dies
    Team Prokhorov Handpicked Recent J-School Grad for One-on-one InterviewIt seems that the new Nets owner wanted to do an interview with a Brooklyn blogger.
  5. if he dies he dies
    Kiki Vandeweghe Probably Isn’t As Enamored With Mikhail Prokhorov As Everyone Else IsThe Nets’ new owner announced the GM wouldn’t return without telling him first.
  6. if he dies he dies
    Prokhorov to Francesa: Nets Will Use ‘Element of Surprise From Russia’The interview played out exactly how it did in our dreams.
  7. if he dies he dies
    Welcome, Prokhorov: Our League Will Not Be So Easily ConqueredThe Nets end up with the third pick in the NBA Draft.
  8. if he dies he dies
    Allow Mikhail Prokhorov to Reintroduce HimselfThe media blitz begins with a message for fans and continues at the Draft Lottery tonight.
  9. if he dies he dies
    Сети мои!The Russian billionaire has his Nets.
  10. if he dies he dies
    Встретите сети! (That’s ‘Meet the Nets’ in Russian)The new Nets owner (probably) is a Russian badass who does backflips on a jet ski.