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    Okay, NOW the Ilya Kovalchuk Matter Is SettledThe NHL fines the Devils and strips them of draft picks.
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    The Ilya Kovalchuk Contract Saga Is No Longer About Ilya Kovalchuk’s ContractIt’s about rewriting the collective-bargaining agreement.
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    The NHL Is in No Hurry to End the Kovalchuk SagaThey have until tomorrow to decide whether they’ll approve the Devils’ fifteen-year, $100 million contract offer.
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    Reports: Ilya Kovalchuk Sets a Deadline, May Play in RussiaIt could be a negotiating ploy, but this saga could be over soon.
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    Ilya Kovalchuk: Still Not a DevilThe NHL rejected the framework of a new contract.
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    What’s Going On With Ilya Kovalchuk These Days?An agent, an owner, and a general manager walk into a league office.
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    NHL Possibly Not Done Voiding Contracts It Doesn’t LikeSpecifically, they’re still looking at the front-loaded deals signed by Marian Hossa, Chris Pronger, Roberto Luongo, and Marc Savard.
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    NHLPA Files Grievance Over Kovalchuk Contract, ObviouslyThis will now be settled by an arbitrator.
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    The Kovalchuk Contract Mess, From a Legal PerspectiveA conversation with Matt Mitten, director of Marquette Law School’s National Sports Law Institute.
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    The NHL Puts Its Foot Down on Absurd ContractsThe NHL has rejected Ilya Kovalchuk’s seventeen-year contract.
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    Ilya Kovalchuk Signs With the Devils, Pretty Much for LifeHe signed for seventeen years.
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    So Are the Devils Going to Sign Ilya Kovalchuk, or What?Could he really go to the KHL?