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Important Ceilings

  1. important ceilings
    So About August 2 …It’s not important.
  2. important ceilings
    Obama, Boehner Use Prime-Time Addresses to Blame Each Other for EverythingThey interrupted real TV for this?
  3. important ceilings
    There Was a Bomb Scare at Anti-Tax Crusader Grover Norquist’s Office This MorningThe debt-ceiling brouhaha is officially past the civil phase.
  4. important ceilings
    The Democrats Have Lost Debt-Ceiling ChickenHarry Reid is offering a plan with all spending cuts, no tax revenues. But now Boehner wants something else.
  5. important ceilings
    John Boehner Pulls Out of Debt Talks With President ObamaUh oh.
  6. important ceilings
    As Expected, the Senate Voted Down the GOP’s ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ BillHarry Reid really hated that bill.
  7. important ceilings
    John Boehner Figures He Might As Well Try to Destroy Health-Care Reform TooBoehner is bringing the individual mandate into discussion over the debt ceiling.
  8. Democrats Furious About Debt Deal That May or May Not Be HappeningWill Obama drop his demand for tax increases?
  9. important ceilings
    Anti-Tax Zealot Grover Norquist Is Fine With Letting the Bush Tax Cuts Expire [Updated: No He Isn’t?]Huh. Did not expect that.
  10. important ceilings
    GOP’s Stubbornness Now Irritating Even Republican VotersReach a freaking deal already.
  11. important ceilings
    House Passes Conservative-Backed ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ BillIt’s expected to be killed shortly.
  12. important ceilings
    Gang of Six Debt Plan Manages to Both Raise and Lower TaxesGenius!
  13. important ceilings
    Is There Still a Chance for Meaningful Compromise on Debt Reduction?Obama backs the “Gang of Six”’ plan.
  14. important ceilings
    David Brooks Still Not Happy With the GOP“They believe they are Gods of the New Dawn.”
  15. important ceilings
    Bill Clinton Would Just Ignore the Debt CeilingHe’d “force the courts to stop” him.
  16. important ceilings
    Why the Balanced Budget Amendment Is Terrible, and Why Congress Is Voting on It AnywayHooray Congress!
  17. important ceilings
    America Really Impressed With How Everyone’s Handled the Debt CeilingPeople are disappointed in the GOP most of all.
  18. important ceilings
    Obama Still Retains the Capacity to Hope, for Some Reason“I always have hope; don’t you remember my campaign?”
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    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Will Debt Votes Hurt Dems?Possibly, if they have to vote to raise the debt limit three times in the next year.
  20. important ceilings
    John McCain Would Neeeever Play Politics With the Debt CeilingEven though he has.
  21. video
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Debt Talks Get TenseThe panel discusses last night’s he-said-he-said.
  22. important ceilings
    John Boehner Will Eat His Peas If Obama Stops Acting Like Melted Jell-OWhat the hell is going on?
  23. important ceilings
    Republican Who Is Willing to Compromise Discovered in Underground TunnelSouth Carolina’s Lindsey Graham thinks closing tax loopholes would be a fine idea.
  24. important ceilings
    Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Care About Debt Reduction [Updated With Conservative Reactions]His debt-ceiling contingency plan basically gives Obama the power to raise the ceiling with no cuts at all.
  25. important ceilings
    President Obama Trying to Rile Up Old PeopleHe warns that there may be no money for Social Security checks if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.
  26. let’s get graphical
    Why We Don’t Have a Debt-Ceiling Deal, in Graph FormDemocrats want their congressmen to compromise. Republicans don’t.
  27. important ceilings
    At Least Eric Cantor Is Being an Adult About ThisAnd by adult, we mean a duplicitous child.
  28. video
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: John Boehner Is Barely Speaker of the House NowEric Cantor is taking over.
  29. important ceilings
    With Debt Talks Stalled, What Happens Now?Good question, headline!
  30. important ceilings
    It Looks Like We Can’t Just Ignore the Debt CeilingGeithner and Pelosi are not onboard.
  31. important ceilings
    Speaker Boehner Predicts ‘50-50 Chance’ of Reaching Debt Deal in Next 48 HoursSo exciting!
  32. important ceilings
    If America Defaults, David Brooks Blames the RepublicansBrooks can’t stand to watch the GOP these days.
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    The Debt-Ceiling Deadline Has Been Moved … CloserJuly 22, and not August 2, is the deadline, according to the White House.
  34. tim geithner
    Tim Geithner Is Just As Sick of All This Debt-Limit Discussion As We AreHe’s reportedly told the White House he might step down as soon as an agreement on raising the debt ceiling is reached.
  35. important ceilings
    That Thud You’re About to Hear Is the U.S. Hitting the Debt CeilingNot to worry, Geithner is tapping U.S. pension funds.
  36. important ceilings
    The News Tim Geithner Thought You’d Be Too Distracted to NoticeNice try, Geithner.
  37. important ceilings
    America Is Cool With Another Economic CatastropheWhat can Congress do to make people support raising the debt ceiling?