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  1. important things
    All 151 SNL Cast Members As PokémonThe timing was right.
  2. the sports section
    People, Stop Spelling Super Bowl As One WordSuperbowl is awful.
  3. feelings
    Zosia Mamet Says Your Insecurities Are Like DiamondsCherish them, love them, polish them.
  4. important things
    It’s Time to Discuss Superman’s Hairy ChestWhich is the most important takeaway from Man of Steel, obviously.
  5. important things
    Google’s Flawed ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ Search [Updated]Why won’t it find Patrick Leahy?
  6. important things
    Are There Any Good Episodes of Seinfeld for Eli Manning to Watch in Green Bay Saturday?You’ll recall a Green Bay television station pulled a rerun in 2008 because of Manning.
  7. bethenny getting married?
    Bethenny Frankel’s Wedding Planner Sees His Strong Resemblance to Buster BluthAnd he’s not really friends with Frankel.
  8. important things
    Health-Care Reform Opponents’ New Tactic: Yelling LoudlyOh, great, this is helpful.
  9. important things
    Williamsburg’s Health-Care Problems SolvedAlbany does something right!
  10. what other people think
    How Much Does the Health-Care Delay Matter?Could it actually be some kind of blessing in disguise?
  11. important things
    Twittering Obama’s Press ConferenceWe’ll try to make this somewhat interesting for you.
  12. important things
    New York Still Allowed to Enforce Its Own Gun LawsA controversial concealed-gun law has been defeated in the senate.
  13. important things
    Obama Loses Out to Susan Boyle in High-Stakes Frump-OffYou know the president is in a rough patch when he moves a press conference for ‘America’s Got Talent.’
  14. important things
    Insane Health-Care Flow Chart Is Perhaps Not That Bad, ActuallyAt least according to health-care wonk Ezra Klein.
  15. important things
    Obama Somehow Too Busy to Read for PleasureSo how did George W. Bush read 100 books a year?
  16. important things
    Ashley Dupré Hits Yigal ShowNo, seriously. And she looked pretty!
  17. important things
    Fashion Week Rocked by Lilo Illness!A moment of silence, please.