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Inaugural Address

  1. the national interest
    Rereading Trump’s Inaugural Address, One Year LaterIt’s been a year in which quite a lot happened, except anything he promised.
  2. White House Reports Trump Has Used His Pen a Lot in First 100 DaysIn an effort to bedazzle Trump’s first 100 days, the White House offers bean-counting estimates of how many meaningless laws and orders he’s signed.
  3. Trump’s Dark, Weird, Inaugural Campaign SpeechTo Americans craving unity and a higher tone, Trump delivered an address that demonized his predecessors and promised the impossible.
  4. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  5. run through
    Miuccia Prada Is the New Anna WintourDo you have a calendar on your cubicle wall? Perhaps a photo or a Post-it note tacked up here or there? If so, and you work at the Prada offices, you might want to put that crap away now or face unemployment.