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Inaugural Balls

  1. inauguration day
    The Obamas Didn’t Do Much Partying at the Inaugural BallsBeen there, done that.
  2. inauguration 2013
    President Obama’s Second Inauguration Will Be Relatively Tame To be fair, 2009’s celebration would be impossible to duplicate.
  3. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  4. the dress
    What Will Michelle Obama Wear to the Balls?!This is the last speculative post we’ll do! Ever!!
  5. party time
    Oscar de la Renta Reveals What Hillary Clinton Will Wear to the Inaugural BallsAlso, they fight about how much skin she should show.
  6. party time
    Inaugural Ballgoers Don’t Want to Admit They Care About Their OutfitsApparently it’s a D.C. thing.
  7. the dress
    Robin Givhan Envisions Michelle Obama in GreenThe fashion critic selected the winner of an inaugural ballgown design competition.
  8. the dress
    Vera Wang Won’t Design Michelle Obama’s Inaugural DressBut she’s in the running for someone else she can’t talk about.
  9. party time
    Internet Saves Inaugural-Ball Attendees From Wearing the Same DressFrankly, we’re too lazy to use this, but it’s fun to see what people who aren’t are wearing.
  10. political style
    We Know What Barack Obama Will Wear to the Inaugural BallHe’s getting a new tux for the first time in fifteen years!
  11. the dress
    Designers Sketch Gowns for Michelle: Thakoon, Maria, Narciso Missing in ActionWe’re guessing these designers have the best shot at making The Dress.
  12. make it work
    ‘Project Runway’ Designers Envision Michelle’s Inaugural DressFive out of the nine would put her in a flag!
  13. the take
    Does Court Ruling Mean the Death of Superman?After all, the argument goes, now these schmoes who are leeching off their father’s legacy can force DC to stop printing Superman comics or demand that Warner Bros. stop making Superman movies!