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  1. pivot
    Why Netflix Should Buy Spotify Right NowScott Galloway and Kara Swisher offer ideas on how Netflix could capitalize on its massive gains during the pandemic.
  2. international affairs
    Why Was There a Wave of Violence in India While Trump Was Visiting?In a sense it was a coincidence. And in a sense not.
  3. foreign interests
    What You Need to Know About India’s Power Grab in KashmirRevoking Kashmir’s special status ratcheted up tensions with Pakistan and China, threatening to ignite fresh conflict in the heavily militarized area.
  4. the national interest
    Trump: India Wants Me to Mediate Kashmir Conflict. India: No, We Don’t.Trump wanders into delicate standoff he doesn’t understand between two nuclear powers. What could go wrong?
  5. plot twists
    India’s ‘Dosa King’ Has DiedP. Rajagopal began serving a life sentence in prison for a 2001 murder just nine days ago.
  6. the way we stream now
    The 6 A.M. Scramble to Watch Game of Thrones in IndiaHalfway around the world, TV’s biggest epic is a Monday morning ritual.
  7. skirmish
    Things Are Getting Very Tense Between India and PakistanOn Wednesday, Pakistan says it shot down an Indian fighter jet and captured its pilot.
  8. e-commerce
    Can Amazon Compete in India When It Can’t Act Like a Monopoly?New policies in India will make it much harder for foreign behemoths like Amazon and Walmart to throw their weight around.
  9. equality
    5 Million Women in India Joined Hands in Massive Peaceful ProtestThe human chain they formed stretched an estimated 385 miles.
  10. the internet is for porn
    How Smartphones Got a Conservative Nation Hooked on PornIn 2012, three Indian politicians were forced to step down after they were caught watching porn during a session of Parliament.
  11. global tech
    Pregnant Women Can’t Easily Get Checkups in Rural India. This App Helps.SaveMom is a new wearable app that helps expectant mothers in rural areas keep track of their and their baby’s health when doctors are far away.
  12. india
    These Drones Are Full of BloodAnd they deliver medical resources to poor and rural hospitals during one of India’s worst blood shortages.
  13. global tech
    In Internet-Bare Rural India, the Largest Social Network Is a Toll-Free HotlineCGNet Swara delivers local news over the phone to residents of central India, where only 3 percent of residents have internet.
  14. victories
    India Finally Lifts Its Ban on Gay SexThe Supreme Court has reversed a repressive law imposed by British colonizers.
  15. select all
    WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding in Hopes of Preventing KillingsViral videos and misinformation have led to multiple instances of mob violence.
  16. controversies
    Priyanka Chopra Apologizes for Quantico Episode Featuring Indian Terrorists“I sincerely apologise. I’m a proud Indian and that will never change.”
  17. women's health
    A State in India Is Now Offering Free Breast Implants to the Poor“Why should beauty treatment not be available to the poor?,” the state’s health minister asked.
  18. select all
    Indian Smartphone Users Running Out of Storage by Sending Too Many Nice MessagesGoogle couldn’t figure out why smartphones in India seemed to run out of space so quickly … it turns out “good morning” texts were the culprit.
  19. drama
    People Are Pissed This Shoe Brand Spray Painted Historic Buildings for AdsOops.
  20. sexual assault
    Indian Court Rules ‘a Feeble No May Mean a Yes’ in Rape CaseA New Delhi high court overturned the conviction against film director Mahmood Farooqui.
  21. shortages
    India’s Political Unrest Has Caused a Darjeeling Tea ShortageOne grower calls it “the worst crisis we have ever faced.”
  22. fusion
    How Chefs Are Making the Flavors of India Shine in the American South“This deep sense of hospitality really rings true in both cultures.”
  23. super chefs
    Unstoppable Chef Sets Guinness Record by Cooking Nonstop for 53 HoursHe finished and said, “I still have energy to go on for 10 more hours.”
  24. l'amour
    Married Man Fakes Airport Hijacking to Get Out of Trip With Online GirlfriendAh, love.
  25. amazing
    Bar Builds Maze to Thwart Law Saying It Must Be 500 Meters From HighwayNothing spurs creativity like a threat to alcohol.
  26. Meghan Markle Pens Powerful Essay About How the Stigma of Periods Affects Girls“We need to rise above our puritanical bashfulness when it comes to talking about menstruation.”
  27. sexual assault
    After Mass New Year’s Eve Sexual Assault, Indian Minister Blames ‘Western Dress’Meanwhile, police have begun detaining men in what’s being called a “mass molestation.”
  28. Women in India Are Protesting Sexist Dress Codes and Curfews on College CampusesA new “no ripped jeans” policy has been instituted at a Mumbai college.
  29. the chain gang
    Why Fast-Food Chains in India Are Working Extra Hard to Recruit Female WorkersThey even offer self-defense and gender-sensitization classes.
  30. conflicts of interest
    Trump Met With His Indian Business Partners Last Week, Raising Pay-to-Play FearsBut Trump’s new chief of staff says the American people have nothing to worry about.
  31. everyday sexism
    India’s Tourism Minister Tells Foreign Women Not to Wear Skirts“For their own safety, women foreign tourists should not wear short dresses and skirts … Indian culture is different from the western.”
  32. India Is Using These Optical Illusions to Get Drivers to Slow DownThis is super trippy. 
  33. Food Waste
    Restaurant Feeds Homeless with Street FridgeThe owner says she can barely keep it stocked.
  34. For the First Time in Recorded History, Someone Was Killed by a MeteoriteIt happened in India.
  35. Uber for God: Inside India’s Religious Tech Industry“Religion is the most viral business in India.”
  36. Hundreds Dead in India As Record Flooding ContinuesRescue efforts are still under way, as more rain is predicted.
  37. Did You Know You Can Pay Indian Kids $5 to Yell Out Memes?Internet culture is globalized, but it’s still horrible.
  38. cute babies
    Enjoy How I Met Your Mother Starring ToddlersLike Muppet Babies, but humans. How I Met Your Mother Babies.
  39. the national interest
    India’s Climate-Change Plan Means Your Grandkids Might Not Be UnderwaterThe world’s soon-to-be-largest country steps up.
  40. The Chain Gang
    Burger King’s Veggie Burger Might Be Coming to AmericaThe company launched it in India.
  41. beauty passport
    An Indian Beauty Editor on Ayurveda, Bollywood, and Breaking Down StereotypesThere’s no such thing as one “Indian beauty.”
  42. natural disasters
    India Is Enduring a Deadly Heat WaveAt least 1,400 have been killed, as temperatures soar as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  43. Burgers
    India Gets In on Japan’s Black-Burger CrazeSurprise: still weird!
  44. Awful Things
    The High Demand for Cashews Is Crippling Harvesters in India and VietnamBad pay and poor working conditions are two of the issues.
  45. q&a
    The Powerful Rape Documentary That Was Banned in IndiaTalking to the director-producer of India’s Daughter, a new film about the 2012 Delhi gang rape.
  46. Sacred Cows
    Eating Beef in Parts of India Can Now Land You in PrisonA ban in Maharashtra is a first for the country.
  47. Beer Me
    Brewery Apologizes for Putting Gandhi on Its Beer LabelsNew England Brewing Company’s says its “fully vegetarian” IPA is an homage.
  48. uber
    India’s Solution to Sexual Assault Is Banning UberAfter an incident in the capital city.
  49. god is watching us
    In India, the Gods Are Watching You Pee in PublicAnd hope you won’t do it in public.
  50. tourism
    India Wants to Replicate the Worst Part of New York in MumbaiYup, it’s Times Square.
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