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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

  1. clickables
    Watch the Honest Trailer for Indiana Jones 4Not that we need it to remember the horror.
  2. crazy stunts
    Watch Movie Stuntman ‘Glide’ 2,400 Feet and LiveHe’s appeared in Batman Begins, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter.
  3. Red Letter Media Takes on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal […]Here’s a new two-part review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from the nerd champions at Red Letter Media. In this […]
  4. beefs
    Steven Spielberg Kind of Blames George Lucas for Indy 4“I sympathize with people who didn’t like the MacGuffin because I never liked the MacGuffin.”
  5. Shia LaBeouf Exclusively to Blame for Indiana Jones 4“The actor’s job is to make it come alive and make it work, and I couldn’t do it. So that’s my fault. Simple.”
  6. indiana labeouf
    Indiana Jones 5 to Probably ExistLaBeouf: “Steven just said he ‘cracked the story’ on it, and I think they’re gearing that up.”
  7. apropos of nothing
    On Second Thought, Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Spinoff Is a Pretty Crappy Idea, Says George LucasLucas says his idea for a Mutt Williams movie has ‘nuked the fridge.’
  8. apropos of nothing
    George Lucas Having Trouble Talking Spielberg Into Another Lame ‘Indiana Jones’ SequelLucas says he’s having trouble making an ‘Indiana Jones 5’ because Spielberg thinks his ideas are stupid.
  9. apropos of nothing
    Hollywood’s Full Slate of Movie Franchises Imperiled by Shia LaBeouf’s DUI ArrestThe star of ‘Transformers,’ ‘Indiana Jones,’ and countless other major Hollywood properties was busted on suspicion for DUI yesterday.
  10. apropos of nothing
    Frank Darabont’s LaBeouf-less ‘Indiana Jones 4’ Screenplay Leaks OnlineThe script for ‘Indiana Jones 4’ wasn’t born terrible — Darabont’s early draft actually seems pretty great!
  11. vulture lists
    10 Top Questions After Seeing Indiana JonesPlus: Leave YOUR questions in the comments. Maybe Spielberg will stop in and answer some! Probably not, though.
  12. the take
    In Defense of Shia LaBeouf As the Next IndyHow Shia LaBeouf’s Walgreens arrest suggests he just might be able to carry the Indiana Jones franchise into the future.
  13. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Watches the Next Three Indy MoviesWhat if it takes another twenty years to get the next one made? Vulture hops in our trusty time machine to find out.
  14. the early-evening news
    Was R. Kelly Framed by the Wayans Brothers?Plus: Richard Dreyfuss cast as Cheney, and Yoko Ono claims courtroom victory!
  15. apropos of nothing
    Conan O’Brien on ‘Indiana Jones 4’: ‘I Liked the Ants’We ran into Conan at a screening last night, and he loved the ants.
  16. agenda
    ‘Indiana Jones’ Trilogy, Boxed With ExtrasIf, come Crystal Skull, Indy’s punches have gone soft and his damsels less distressed (if) —there will still be the original movies.
  17. quote machine
    Pete Wentz’s Wedding Will Not Serve Hors D’Oeuvre After MidnightPlus: What is Professor Indiana Jones’s publication record?
  18. apropos of nothing
    Relax: The New Indiana Jones Movie Won’t Have That Many AliensIn an interview, Harrison Ford and George Lucas imply that ‘Crystal Skull’ might’ve been delayed over a debate about whether it should include aliens — but everything’s been resolved, kind of!
  19. trailer mix
    New ‘Indiana Jones’ Trailer: See Shia LaBeouf Ride a MotorcycleHe looks ridiculous! Still, we think this movie might turn out all right.
  20. apropos of nothing
    Will Harrison Ford Save Us From Shia LaBeouf and a Spinoff of Doom?Harrison Ford says he’s up for another Indiana Jones movie — does this mean LaBeouf’s rumored spinoff trilogy will have to wait?
  21. apropos of nothing
    Is Shia LaBeouf the Next Jar Jar Binks?If the crappy buzz surrounding ‘Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull’ turns out to be accurate, guess who’ll take the blame.
  22. the take
    Vulture’s Summer Movie ReviewThe Vulture Department of Predicting the Future is pleased to reveal the critical reaction and box-office results of summer 2008’s biggest popcorn flicks.
  23. quote machine
    Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest Just Need to Make Out AlreadyPlus: Shane MacGowan’s immaculate reputation.
  24. beef
    Uwe Boll vs. Steven Spielberg(Michael Moore has not been reached for comment.)
  25. apropos of nothing
    If ‘Maxim’ Can Review Things Sight Unseen, So Can VultureHow is the Justice League movie anyway?
  26. trailer mix
    ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ Trailer: Senior Citizen Battles AliensBut can a 65-year-old man still whip things properly?
  27. the early-evening news
    Zorak to Star in New Indiana Jones MoviePlus: Matt Damon fucking everybody in sight!
  28. the early-evening news
    David Simon Apologizes to BaltimorePlus: Sam Mendes to shoot Dave Eggers’s and Vendela Vida’s comedy.
  29. the early-evening news
    Talks Break Down Between Broadway Stagehands and Producers — Strike to Go On Forever?Plus: Milwaukee gives the Fonz his due!
  30. the early-evening news
    Run, Forrest, Run, But No Headphones Allowed!Plus news about the Indy set thief, Duane “Dog” Chapman, and the writers strike.
  31. the take
    Movie Blogger Shamefully Prevents Us From Finding Out What Happens in ‘Indiana Jones 4’Shame on you, anonymous tipster!
  32. the take
    Steven Spielberg Coldly Thwarts Attempts to Spoil ‘Indiana Jones 4’We just want to know how it ends. Is that too much to ask?
  33. the take
    The ‘Indiana Jones’ Extra and the Nondisclosure Agreement of DoomHave you heard about Tyler Nelson, the extra in Indiana Jones 4 who broke his nondisclosure agreement? Well, he’s in big trouble.
  34. the early-evening news
    Chuck Norris Sent to Iraq — Mission Accomplished!News about Lauren Graham, the Sex Pistols, and Phil Spector!
  35. the early-evening news
    Carrie Bradshaw and the Temple of Box-Office DoomFinally, some news about Britney Spears!
  36. quote machine
    Cate Blanchett Announces Plans to Jump Indiana Jones’s BonesEddie Izzard? Suzanne Pleshette? Yes and yes!
  37. apropos of nothing
    The Title of the New Indiana Jones Movie Is…The upcoming fourth Indiana Jones film will be called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.