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  1. 2013 nfl playoffs
    Your Wild-Card Weekend PreviewFour games this weekend.
  2. a grown man watching his video game play itself
    Our PlayStation 3 Sees More Doom for Jets in FoxboroVirtual Jets lose again.
  3. jets
    The Jets Save Their Season, and ThemselvesThe Jets beat the Colts 17–16 to advance in the playoffs.
  4. 2011 nfl playoffs
    Are the Jets a Disappointment This Season? Bill Barnwell From Football Outsiders Breaks Down the NumbersThe smart folks at Football Outsiders take a look at the Jets-Colts game.
  5. a grown man watching his video game play itself
    Our PS3 Has the Craziest Jets-Colts PredictionIf our PS3 is right, Saturday’s going to be a crazy night.
  6. 2011 nfl playoffs
    Darrelle Revis Is Getting Kind of BoredBut only because opposing quarterbacks tend not to test him very often.
  7. 2011 nfl playoffs
    Rex Ryan on the Colts: ‘I Want to Put the Shoe on the Other Foot’Oh, Rex.
  8. jets
    The Jets Would Like to Be the Jets AgainThe Jets beat the Bills and head into the playoffs.
  9. giants
    Brandon Jacobs Is the Loser of Manning Bowl IIBut it takes a real team effort to be as thoroughly dominated as the Giants were by the Colts last night.
  10. giants
    Manning Bowl II; or, Another High-Profile Week 2 for the GiantsEli faces brother Peyton, but he’s had all eyes on him early in the season before.
  11. nfl season preview
    NFL Season Preview: AFC SouthYour look at the AFC South.
  12. super bowl
    Eli Still Reigns As Champion Manning BrotherRough night for Peyton.
  13. super bowl
    An Entire Nation Screams, ‘Who Dat?’The Saints win their first Super Bowl.
  14. super bowl
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Super BowlYour guide to the Super Bowl story lines.
  15. super bowl
    Your Guide to CBS’s Super Bowl Sunday, the TV Day That Never EndsWhat to watch for on CBS all day, before the Super Bowl.
  16. super bowl
    How Did the Jets Do Against the Two Super Bowl Teams?The Jets played both teams.
  17. eating and drinking and watching football and drinking
    Where to Watch the Game SundayColts fans at Keats, Saints fans at Bar None, and anyone who can order a “Peyton Manhattan” or a “Drew Sea Brees” with a straight face at the Bell House.
  18. kevin spacey
    Taking a Moment to Think About the Jets’ MoodThey still have a long way to go — right, Kevin Spacey?
  19. super bowl
    There’s Entirely Too Much Time Before the Super BowlWe’ve reached the comparing-backup-quarterbacks portion of Super Bowl week.
  20. a grown man watching a video game play itself
    Our PS3 Commences Super Bowl CoverageSuper Bowl simulations, or something.
  21. playoffs!
    The Jets Loss Feels Better in the Morning, and WorseThe Jets could be better next year and still not make it as far as they did this year.
  22. sad
    Sorry, Jets: It Turns Out, It’s Not All That Easy to Make the Super BowlThe Jets lose to the Colts 30–17 in the AFC championship game.
  23. playoffs!
    More People Are Picking the Jets Than You Might ThinkA roundup of predictions.
  24. playoffs!
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Jets-Colts GamePreviewing the tilt in Indianapolis.
  25. playoffs!
    You Know What’s Horrible, Everybody? INDIANAPOLISTake that, Indianapolis.
  26. playoffs!
    How Much Would It Cost to Make It to Sunday’s Game?How much it will cost to go to the Jets-Colts game, if you dare.
  27. playoffs!
    Mark Sanchez, Dull and Efficient, But Only For NowMark Sanchez wasn’t born to be a “game manager.”
  28. playoffs!
    We Would Purchase Beachfront Property From Rex RyanRex Ryan is always right, somehow.
  29. playoffs!
    The Jets — the JETS — Are One Win Away From the Super BowlThe Jets beat the Chargers 17–14. That really happened.
  30. playoffs!
    Welcome to the Best NFL Weekend of the YearPredictions on the OTHER playoff games this weekend.
  31. free doughnuts
    In Rex Ryan’s World, It’s Raining DoughnutsThe Jets can make the playoffs with a win next week? Really?
  32. math
    After a Controversial Decision, Bill Belichick Has His DefendersAlso on Belichick’s side: math.