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  1. aviation
    Two-Mile Nosedive by an Indonesian 737 Unexplained As of YetBlack box data should reveal why Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 plunged rapidly on Saturday, striking the Java Sea at nearly 500 miles per hour.
  2. climate change
    As Jakarta Sinks, Indonesia Announces Location of New Capital CityThe world’s fourth-most populous nation announced Monday that it would relocate its capital to a site on the island of Borneo.
  3. Here’s What Happened to One Immigrant Family After ICE Took DadWhen ICE tried to deport him, he refused to board the plane, leaving behind his wife and four U.S.-born sons.
  4. politics
    Women Who Make Ivanka’s Clothes Don’t Even Earn Enough to Live With Their KidsSome of Ivanka’s clothing is made in Indonesia, where workers, the majority of whom are women, barely earn minimum wage.
  5. awful things
    Scores Dead After Undersea Earthquake Strikes IndonesiaThere is no danger of a tsunami.
  6. crime scene
    Indonesian Woman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Poisoning Friend’s CoffeeShe was sentenced to 20 years in prison for lacing her friend’s drink with cyanide.
  7. Indonesia Is Not a Fan of Leonardo DiCaprioThey don’t care if he has an Oscar.
  8. Earthquake Strikes off Indonesian CoastResidents have been warned to steer clear of the waterfront.
  9. Indonesia Feels Threatened by LGBT EmojiThat bright-yellow same-sex couple is dangerous.
  10. job openings
    Indonesia Could Use Crocodiles As Prison Guards“You can’t bribe crocodiles. You can’t convince them to let inmates escape.”
  11. More Than 100 Could Be Dead After Military Plane Crash in Indonesia“For the moment we know there were 113 people. It looks like there are no survivors.”
  12. Awful Things
    Chances Are Disgustingly High That You’ve Eaten Fish Caught by SlavesAn investigation led back to companies like Walmart, Kroger, and Sysco.
  13. very bad things
    Indonesia Wants Female Cops to Be God-Fearing VirginsAnd they have to undergo a test to prove it, too. 
  14. natural disasters
    At Least Fourteen People Killed in Indonesian Volcanic Eruption And the death toll is expected to rise.
  15. Coffee Nazis
    Indonesia’s Nazi Café Trumps Thai Hitler Chicken Restaurant“We are Indonesian with no political affiliations,” the shop’s owner explains.
  16. rape caucus
    Indonesian Judge Has Disturbing, Familiar View on RapeRape illiteracy is spreading faster than the flu.
  17. jokes that are bad
    Indonesian Judge Lightens the Mood With Rape JokeThis is probably the worst one you’ll hear for a while.
  18. loose threads
    Indonesia Tries to Ban Miniskirts; Russell Simmons Plots a Yogawear LinePlus, Vogue Italia’s new cover, Victoria Beckham’s fit model, and more fashion news.
  19. r.i.p.
    Long Island Surfer’s Body Found in IndonesiaOh dear.
  20. Mediavore
    A Day in the Life of a Spam Factory Worker; Where Chris Weitz Grabs Mexican FoodFor some people, being splattered with “pig brain jelly” is just another day at the office.
  21. obama family secrets
    President Obama Wanted to Be Prime Minister of IndonesiaAnd other revelations from a book about his mother.
  22. Mediavore
    Coney Dog Has a Star Group of Investors; LAUSD Opening The Doors to Its CentralTim Allen, Adam Sandler, and Sam Raimi are all part of the group that is funding Sunset Blvd.’s first foray into Faygo.
  23. Mediavore
    Camden Mulls Restaurant Curfews to Curb Late Night Crime; Restaurant-CouponPlus: Philly’s water is radioactive, but still safe to drink; and Denny’s and IHOP roll out healthier options, all in our morning news roundup.
  24. tsunamis
    Meet the Man Who Survived Two TsunamisHe’s either got the best luck or the worst luck.
  25. Mediavore
    Doritos Gets Sacrilicious; Ghost Peppers Materialize in Santa MonicaThe chips-makers have a controversial new ad that’s angering Christians and spice-lovers get a new challenge.
  26. early and often
    Obama Makes Personal Appeal to Muslim WorldNo, not because he is one of them.
  27. obama is a human person
    Indonesian Neighbors Used to Call Chubby Young Obama ‘the Boy Who Runs Like a Duck’Poor little Barry.
  28. the muslim problem
    President Obama Is Never the Right Amount of Muslim-FriendlyIn America, he’s a closet Islamic fundamentalist. In Indonesia, he’s a Muslim oppressor.
  29. change of plans
    Obama Cancels Trip to Indonesia, AustraliaVisit postponed for second time this year.
  30. barack obama
    Obama Reveals He ‘Broke Someone’s Arm’ As a Child in Indonesia“I was very traumatized,” the president says of the childhood bike accident.
  31. health carnage
    Obama Delays His Indonesia Trip Until JuneWe fear the worst for Little Barry.
  32. health carnage
    Some Democrats Want Obama to Delay His Trip AgainSome people only think of themselves.
  33. health carnage
    Health-Care Reform Ruins Obama Family Vacation, AgainSpring break is TOTALLY RUINED for Sasha and Malia now.
  34. photo op
    The Sun Will Shine on Little Barry No MoreThe Indonesian Obama statue has a new, worse home.
  35. photo op
    President Obama Has Lost IndonesiaThat new statue of Obama isn’t very popular.
  36. inanimate obamas
    Today in Life-size Reproductions of Barack Obama’s LikenessA bronze statue in Indonesia, a cardboard cutout in Norway.
  37. Mediavore
    Kanye West Throws Tantrum Over Chicken; Fatburger Expands to IndonesiaReports say Kanye West got very upset over a piece of chicken in Hollywood, while Fatburger goes abroad to Indonesia.
  38. earthquake!
    Another Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Death Toll Climbs Above 500Just as hospitals and airports were reopening after yesterday’s disaster, another struck.
  39. secretary of awesome
    The Many Diplomatic Faces of Hillary ClintonHow our secretary of State deftly adapted to every situation as she traveled the world.
  40. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Refuses to Sing for Indonesian TV HostsBut she saves it by saying something in Indonesian.
  41. gossipmonger
    Chris Rock Has a Good Question About Giuliani“Everyone says Giuliani was great on 9/11,” said Chris Rock during his show at MSG on New Year’s Eve. “What about on 9/10?” Joshua Jackson refused to let anyone sit with him and girlfriend Diane Kruger at the Soho Grand’s New Year’s Eve party. ABC anchor Bob Woodruff has made a full recovery from his Iraq injuries and recently went skiing. Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy hung out at the Plumm with New York Giant Michael Strahan while Murphy was getting ready to marry Tracey Edmonds on an island in the South Pacific. Britney Spears’s latest team of lawyers dumped her after a “breakdown in communication.”
  42. agenda
    J.M. Coetzee’s highly creative ‘Diary of a Bad Year.’This new novel by the South Africa–born laureate is quite literally layered—three concurrent narratives run in horizontal stripes throughout the book.