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  1. education
    Parents Are Flocking to Virtual Charters and Homeschooling. That’s Bad News.Poorly regulated education alternatives could set kids back.
  2. education
    Did America Set Public Schools Up to Fail?States underfunded public schools for years. COVID-19 is about to make things worse.
  3. covid-19
    American Workers Need Paid Leave, FastWorkers with new caregiving responsibilities need paid leave for an uncertain post-pandemic future.
  4. labor
    Racism Is a Working-Class ProblemThe Strike for Black Lives reminds America that racial justice and economic justice are linked.
  5. inequality
    No One Should Be Surprised That America Abandoned the Elderly to Die132,000 Americans have lost their lives to the pandemic. Almost 40 percent of them lived in nursing homes or assisted-living communities.
  6. zoomers
    COVID Has Sent Millions of Adult Zoomers Back HomeThe coronavirus recession has hit young Americans especially hard.
  7. covid-19
    Amazon’s Coronavirus Problem Is Worse Than It Let OnA COVID outbreak in Minneapolis is much worse than the company has admitted.
  8. coronavirus
    Essential Workers Are Still Dying From CoronavirusTrump wants life to go back to normal. But the virus is still killing workers.
  9. black lives matter
    Corporate America Loves Increasing Racial InequalityYou can support racial justice or economic policies that increase racial inequality — but not both.
  10. protests
    How a Minneapolis Hotel Became a Home for Hundreds“This isn’t temporary,” an organizer said.
  11. george floyd
    We Are Asking The Police to Do too MuchWhen the welfare state fails, all that’s left is violence.
  12. millennials
    Yes, Millennials Really Are That ScrewedBut will Democrats help them in time?
  13. bad ideas
    Just Give People HandoutsSometimes it’s not that complicated.
  14. inequality
    McDonald’s Wants to Reopen Its Dining Rooms. Workers Say Not So Fast.Workers in 20 cities went on strike to protest the chain’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  15. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Class WarWorkers aren’t the ones clamoring to reopen the economy — they’re protesting against bosses who take away hazard pay while they’re still dying.
  16. coronavirus
    NYC DOH: Black and Latino Residents Dying at ‘Around Twice the Rate’ of WhitesThe city Department of Health announced that black and Latino residents are dying of COVID-19 at “around twice the rate of their white counterparts.”
  17. coronavirus
    Workers Are No Longer Heroes, Kroger ConcludesThe grocery-store chain is ending “hero pay” nationwide.
  18. coronavirus
    A Call Center Giant Is Responding to COVID-19, But Not Its Own EmployeesA federal contractor is making millions off the pandemic while workers struggle to stay safe.
  19. inequality
    When Your Zip Code Determines Whether You Live or DieMaternal mortality rates reveal a divided New York.
  20. inequality
    Are You Rich Enough to Survive This Pandemic?The vulnerable, the virus, and America’s willful blindness.
  21. in conversation
    Thomas Piketty Knew This Was ComingThe scholar of inequality warned us that our economic systems couldn’t withstand a global catastrophe.
  22. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Is Radicalizing WorkersThe working class was already in crisis before the coronavirus. Now they’re angrier than ever.
  23. coronavirus
    Dear Rich People: Please Stop Hoarding ThingsCoronavirus is reinforcing social divisions that have existed for a long time.
  24. coronavirus
    Our Health-Care System Is Killing PeopleA heavily privatized system is no match for a major public-health crisis like the novel coronavirus.
  25. coronavirus
    For Some Diabetes Patients, the Coronavirus May Turn a Crisis Into an EmergencyThe cost of insulin already forces some people with diabetes to ration their medicine. What will they do during a pandemic?
  26. coronavirus
    We Can’t Go Back to the Way Things Used to BeThe coronavirus debunks many American myths.
  27. covid-19
    The Coronavirus Puts the Class War Into Stark ReliefAnyone can get sick, but some people have more at stake than others.
  28. socialism
    Why Do People Hate Socialism But Love Bernie Sanders?It’s one of the more unusual paradoxes in American politics.
  29. michael bloomberg
    Bloomberg Defended Fingerprinting Food-Stamp Applicants As Recently As 2018In the same 2018 talk, Bloomberg framed the minimum wage as an impediment to job creation.
  30. labor
    More Americans Are Going on StrikeInequality is increasing, and so are work stoppages. The two trends might be related.
  31. politics
    Trump’s Budget Clarifies the Election’s StakesThe president imagines himself a Robin Hood with the usual beneficiaries reversed.
  32. inequality
    The Workers Who Sign Us Up For Obamacare Can’t Afford Health CareA federal contractor helps people sign up for Obamacare. But it pays poor wages, discourages unionization, and offers expensive health insurance.
  33. david brooks
    Bernie Isn’t Trying to Start a Class War. The Rich Are Trying to Finish One.David Brooks argues that workers in America are paid what their labor is worth, accidentally proving the opposite.
  34. the one percent
    Americans Really Want to Raise Taxes on the RichBut will the rich themselves get in the way?
  35. politics
    People Are Losing Loved Ones to a Health-Care System That Doesn’t WorkA new Gallup poll shows deep inequities in the American health-care system.
  36. vision 2020
    Failed Candidate De Blasio Slams Bloomberg’s CandidacyIf Bloomberg runs, he’ll do better than BDB did without trying very hard.
  37. the economy
    These 3 Policy Failures Are Killing the American DreamAmerica is historically rich, yet its middle class is increasingly insecure. Here’s why.
  38. meritocracy
    Harvard’s Affirmative Action for Rich Whites Exposes Myth of MeritocracyHarvard’s competitive admissions process exists to maintain the prestige of the credentials it sells to the mediocre children of aristocrats.
  39. inequality
    Income Inequality Is Reaching a Tipping PointThe Census Bureau’s latest report reinforces the need for urgent solutions.
  40. labor
    Democracy Dies When Labor Unions DoStrengthening unions should be at the heart of any agenda for reviving American democracy because labor’s weakness is at the heart of its decline.
  41. the economy
    The Fastest Growing Jobs in America Don’t Require a College DegreeExpanding access to higher education can’t revive the middle class. Only increasing the bargaining power of service-sector workers can.
  42. inequality
    The Fed Just Released a Damning Indictment of CapitalismThe true “extremists” in American politics are those who insist that our economic system is working just fine.
  43. vision 2020
    In Appeal to Moderates, Bernie Calls for Worker-Ownership of Means of ProductionSanders’s new plan for increasing labor’s share of profits is both more socialist – and more popular – than some of his more conventional policies.
  44. education
    Robert Smith’s Morehouse Gift Is More Generous Than His VisionThe billionaire’s donation of $40 million to pay off the debt of Morehouse grads was a noble act of charity. But charity is not justice.
  45. inequality
    Report: IRS More Likely to Audit Those Living in Poorer CountiesLike many facets of American life, the poor bear an outsized number of Internal Revenue Service audits, according to a new study.
  46. college admissions scandal
    Of Course the College Admissions Scandal Has an NCAA AngleIn a way, it’s the strangest element of this thoroughly bizarre case.
  47. college admissions scandal
    All College Admissions Are a Pay-to-Play ScandalRevelations that Hollywood stars and business leaders bribed elite schools into accepting their kids is a reminder that meritocracy is a myth.
  48. the city politic
    Even Our Dog Parks Show America Is an Unequal Playing FieldAll dogs may go to heaven, but lower-income canine lovers have found that not every dog gets to enjoy a ritzy outdoor space.
  49. technology
    Rage Drove the Google Walkout. Can It Bring About Real Change at Tech Companies?The tools of technology can stop a workers’ revolution as surely as they can help start one.
  50. howard schultz
    Howard Schultz Wants a President Who Will Tell Billionaires Their Favorite LiesThe mogul is sick of the left’s impossible promises. Which is why he’s promising that we can reduce inequality without raising taxes on the rich.
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