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    Welcome to Ingenious Design WeekProducts that do what they’re supposed to do — exceptionally well.
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    This Plug-in Dryer Is Like a Salad Spinner for My Clothes“I can’t wait for the workweek to end so I can spend whole days stress-cleaning with my cute little dryer friend. My Panda. My Wilson.”
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    This Self-Timed Outlet Keeps My Flat Iron From Burning the House DownPush the button and it shuts power off after 30 minutes.
  4. ingenious design
    An Accordion Toilet Plunger Will Change Your LifeThose wooden ones with a rubber suction cup are amateur hour.
  5. ingenious design
    Is Oura’s $299 ‘Smart Ring’ Just a Fancy Thermometer?We consulted infectious-disease doctors, sleep scientists, tech journalists, and Oura users to find out.
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    Why Didn’t Anyone Think of a Right-Angled iPhone Cable Sooner?It’s made horizontal gameplay, bedtime scrolling, and charging in a cup holder so much easier.
  7. ingenious design
    This Weird Kneeling Chair Saved My BackIt strengthened my muscles and changed my posture.
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    The Most Ingenious Kitchen Tools, According to ChefsThe best at-home fermenter, a steam-powered grill-cleaning brush, and more.
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    The Only Thing I Need to Make This (Delicious) Cold Brew Is the Bag It Comes InEven for the most hapless of home cold brewers, failure is not an option.
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    These Little, Padded Clips Have Cut My Bed-Making Time in HalfI’d probably never clean my duvet cover without them, either.
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    My Mega-Portable Power Station Can Charge 11 Devices at the Same TimeIt’s about the size and weight of a 12-pack of beer.
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    This Strange, Divoted Pillow Completely Cured My Neck PainIt’s even turned me from a side sleeper to a back sleeper.
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    This Compact, Do-It-All Oven Makes Me Feel Like Julia Child in QuarantineIt can bake, broil, toast, fry, and even convection cook at basically the turn of a dial.
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    You Don’t Need to Know How to Build a Fire to Use This FirepitAll you have to do is put in some wood and light a match. The app will do the rest.
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    This Hidden, Behind-the-Door Shelf Is Like a Giant Medicine CabinetIt fits into a corner that was otherwise useless.
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    The Plastic Mushroom That’s Saved Me Thousands in Plumbing FeesPop the hair catcher in your bathtub drain, and it’ll trap virtually everything.
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    The Antimicrobial Sponge That Tells Me When It’s Time to Throw It AwayThe funny thing about the sponge is that the more I use it, the more I don’t notice it — in a good way.
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    14 Ingenious Gadgets That Will Improve Your LifeFrom a little piece of plastic that keeps your earbuds in to a flashlight that tells you exactly how long till your battery runs out
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    This Ingenious Razor Kit Helps Me Shave Missed Spots of Hair on the FlyIt’s a three-fer portable shaving kit, with a water spritzer, a bar of shave lather, and a razor blade.
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    I Found an Even Better Butter-Spreading KnifeIt transforms even straight-from-the-fridge butter into delicate curlicues.
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    The Foldable Water Bottle I Can Stow in My Back PocketIt can keep me hydrated no matter where I am.