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  1. insanity
    What Did They Do to Sonic the Hedgehog’s Eyes?!A nation waits on pins and needles.
  2. dream big
    Fashion Week Stress Dreams: A Cut Staff RoundupLipstick, models, and runways have permeated our subconscious.
  3. Risky Eating
    Man Hallucinates After Eating World’s Spiciest CurryChefs have to wear face masks just to prepare the dish.
  4. insanity
    Ted Nugent Has High Hopes for His Secret Service Visit TomorrowHe’s “looking forward” to it.
  5. chat room
    ‘96 Tears’ Singer Question Mark on Predicting 9/11 and Much, Much More“The goat was crossing the yard and all of a sudden the bell tower rang at nine, and I was tying my shoelaces, flashing these cards. All of a sudden there was a drunk guy throwing up in Minnesota. What does that have to do with rock and roll?”
  6. Insanity
    Important Sandwich PSAEl Jarocho’s Super Torta contains six kinds of meat, and that’s just the beginning.
  7. movies
    See the Paparazzi Go Insane As Sandra Bullock Tries to Leave Her HouseJeez.
  8. good luck with your head demons
    Barry Diller Is Not Eating ThatBecause if he does, “they” will come to get him.
  9. insanity
    Crank 2 Promises to Raise the Bar for Action-Film InsanityIf only there were some D-Box seats here on the East Coast!
  10. insanity
    Missing Hedge-Fund Manager ‘Does Not Want to Be Found,’ Police SayWonder why that is.