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Insurrection Day

  1. insurrection day
    Insurrectionists in PurgatoryA selection of “very fine people.”
  2. insurrection day
    Merrick Garland vs. Trump’s MobThose who hoped he would prosecute January 6 with gusto have been bitterly disappointed.
  3. insurrection day
    The Making of a MAGA MartyrHow Ashli Babbitt, and those who lived, are being remembered.
  4. insurrection day
    The End of the End of American ExceptionalismWill January 6 change the way Americans view their place in the world?
  5. insurrection day
    Before, During, After January 6The historical perspective at six months.
  6. insurrection day
    How January 6 Will Be Remembered by Trump’s SupportersThanks to congressional inaction, the riot could very well become a new Lost Cause.
  7. insurrection day
    The Long Authoritarian History of the Capitol RiotHow the GOP stoked the violent tendencies of its followers.
  8. book excerpt
    Donald Trump’s January 6, by Michael WolffThe view from inside the Oval Office.