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  1. intellectual property
    Even If the Fortnite Lawsuits Fail, This Issue Isn’t Going AwayBeing able to perfectly reproduce movements into infinity is a new, legally unexplored issue.
  2. vulture lists
    5 Easy Ways to Milk an Intellectual PropertyAs The Nutcracker and the Four Realms proves, there are few stories that could not be turned into a fantasy epic about dueling magical kingdoms.
  3. Trump Moves Ahead With Trade Sanctions Against ChinaIn what seems to be a negotiating tactic, the White House announced it was proceeding with tariffs and other trade restrictions until further notice.
  4. brave new worlds
    Does the Emoji Trademark War Mark a New Era?Get your trademark lawyer on speed dial.
  5. art and design 2016
    The Blackest Black Ever KnownLight enters but virtually none of it escapes; 99.965 percent is absorbed.
  6. movies
    Watch Matt Zoller Seitz’s Video Essay on All That JazzHe explains why it was cut from the Criterion Blu-ray edition.
  7. Bikram Choudhury Wants to Shut Down Yoga to the PeopleHe’s suing over their “hot yoga” offerings.
  8. NewsFeed
    Truce Declared in Battle of the Lobster RollsEd’s Lobster Bar and Pearl Oyster Bar have settled their intellectual-property tiff out of court.
  9. The In-box
    I Worry That My Restaurant Will Steal My Recipes Dear Grub Street,I’m curious if you’ve heard goings-on about chefs selling their recipes to the restaurants where they work. I’m in the industry and coming across a situation where this could come up. Does this happen? Or are there chefs that walk away from recipes they’ve created and just leave them with the restaurants where they worked? Your inside knowledge is much appreciated. A Creator
  10. cultural capital
    Steal This AlbumIf the current Google-versus- Viacom clash of the titans didn’t already convince you that the very notion of copyright is sinking, here’s another leak it sprung. Egged on by Apple chief Steve Jobs, EMI has become the first major label to chuck copy protection in its digital dealings. The music company — which controls music by Pink Floyd and Coldplay (and the Beatles, still conspicuously absent from iTunes) — will sell its wares on Jobs’s virtual record store as straight-up MP3s, without the annoying add-ons that make the files playable on a limited number of devices. In the short run, this will create an unholy mess of mixed-format libraries. In the long run, it’s a victory for the progressive Googlethink encapsulated by Clive Thompson in this week’s magazine: “If everything is promiscuously available digitally, and easily findable, this will be a cosmic win-win for everyone.”