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  1. intelligencer chats
    Is Annoying People the Right Way to Combat Climate Change?Intelligencer staffers discuss the intentionally divisive tactics of an upstart movement.
  2. intelligencer chats
    The Risks of Going After Elizabeth WarrenIntelligencer staffers discuss Biden and Buttigieg’s attacks on the Massachusetts senator, and more fallout from Tuesday night’s debate.
  3. democratic debates
    Why Didn’t Anyone Attack Joe Biden at Tuesday’s Debate?Intelligencer staffers also discuss Bernie Sanders’s strong performance, the attacks on Elizabeth Warren, and more.
  4. elizabeth warren
    Could Warren’s Abandonment of Big-Money Fundraisers Hurt Her Against Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Massachusetts senator’s aversion to a time-honored candidate pastime.
  5. intelligencer chats
    Is Biden Making a Mistake by Holding His Fire Against Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic contender’s understated response to President Trump’s attacks against him.
  6. impeachment
    Is There Any Chance the GOP Is About to Turn on Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the president has all that much to fear from Republican lawmakers as he braces for impeachment.
  7. intelligencer chats
    Is the Market Underplaying the Risk Trump Poses?Intelligencer staffers discuss the effects impeachment might have on an already erratic presidency.
  8. twitter
    Is Kamala Harris Right That Twitter Should Ban Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the wisdom of removing the president from his favorite social-media platform.
  9. joe biden
    How Bad Might Impeachment Be for Joe Biden’s Prospects?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the Democratic contender will sustain collateral damage from the investigation into Trump.
  10. democratic debates
    Have Julián Castro’s Hits on Joe Biden Been Effective?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the Democratic front-runner sustained any actual damage at Thursday night’s debate.
  11. intelligencer chats
    Are Democrats Blowing Their 2020 Message?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the party is focusing on the right strategy to beat President Trump.
  12. intelligencer chats
    When Will the Dems With No Chance Drop Out?Intelligencer staffers discuss at what point the longshots in the primary field might call it a day.
  13. kamala harris
    Is Kamala Harris the New Marco Rubio?Intelligencer staffers discuss the similarities between a certain 2016 also-ran and a certain 2020 contender.
  14. intelligencer chats
    Are the Electability Fears About Elizabeth Warren Overblown?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the persistent doubts about her candidacy actually make much sense.
  15. joe biden
    How Big a Problem is Joe Biden’s ‘Enthusiasm Gap’?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic frontrunner’s pragmatic pitch.
  16. intelligencer chats
    Did Jay Inslee Get a Fair Shake From Voters?Intelligencer stafffers discuss the departure of the “climate candidate” from the Democratic primary.
  17. vision 2020
    Should Biden’s Competitors Make His Age a Bigger Issue?Intelligencer staffers discuss how Democratic candidates should handle a major vulnerability for the front-runner.
  18. intelligencer chats
    Trump’s Re-Election and the Recession RiskIntelligencer staffers discuss President Trump’s re-election chances in the context of a possible economic downturn.
  19. vision 2020
    Is Tom Steyer Making a Mockery Out of the DNC?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the billionaire, who’s likely to be on stage for the third Democratic debates, is damaging the primary process.
  20. kamala harris
    Why Is Kamala Harris Struggling With Black Voters So Much?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic contender’s weakness among a key primary demographic.
  21. the economy
    Is It (Finally) Time to Start Worrying about a Recession?Intelligencer staffers discuss the growing likelihood that an economic downturn is looming.
  22. trade war
    What Does a Trade War Worst-Case Scenario Look Like? Intelligencer staffers discuss the intensifying economic battle between China and the U.S.
  23. vision 2020
    Does It Make Sense for Democratic Candidates to Criticize Obama?Intelligencer writers discuss the wisdom of tweaking an exceedingly popular party figure.
  24. democratic debates
    How Badly Did Kamala Harris Stumble at the Democratic Debate?Intelligencer staffers discuss who shined (Cory Booker), who didn’t (Harris), and who did what they needed to do (Joe Biden).
  25. democratic debates
    Has Elizabeth Warren Painted Herself Into a Corner on Health Care?Intelligencer staffers discuss the wisdom and practicality of sticking to Medicare for All.
  26. democratic debates
    Was Joe Biden Really the Winner of Tuesday’s Debate?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the relentless attacks from moderates against Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders hurt them.
  27. vision 2020
    Who’s Got the Most to Gain at the Second Round of Debates?Intelligencer staffers discuss which candidates might make a leap after Tuesday and Wednesday night’s showdowns in Detroit.
  28. impeachment
    Is It Time for Dems to Punt on Impeachment?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the case for bringing charges against the president got any stronger after Robert Mueller’s testimony.
  29. al franken
    Should Al Franken Have Resigned?Intelligencer staffers discuss a New Yorker piece that casts doubt on some of the allegations against the ex-senator.
  30. intelligencer chats
    Is It Too Late for a Primary Dark Horse to Emerge?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether time has run out for Democratic underdogs.
  31. intelligencer chats
    When You’ve Lost Tom Friedman, Have You Lost America?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether Democrats are moving too far to the left on immigration.
  32. intelligencer chats
    Will Trump’s Racist Tweets Work?They’re morally indefensible. Are they politically indefensible, too?
  33. joe biden
    Is Biden’s Health-Care Plan Actually That Moderate?Intelligencer staffers chat about the practical and political wisdom of the former VP’s vision for building on Obamacare.
  34. 2020 democratic primaries
    Where Does the Democratic Primary Race Stand Now?Intelligencer staffers discuss the current state of the endless horserace.
  35. intelligencer chats
    Why Is Nancy Pelosi Going After AOC?Intelligencer staffers on the war of words between the House Speaker and Democrats on her left flank.
  36. intelligencer chats
    Is Trump’s Fourth of July Spectacle Un-American?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether it’s more in line with American tradition than we might want to admit.
  37. gerrymandering
    How Badly Did the Supreme Court Damage Democracy Today?Intelligencer staffers discuss consequential rulings on partisan gerrymandering and the U.S. census.
  38. democratic debates
    Was Beto O’Rourke Really That Bad?Intelligencer staffers discuss who made an impression and who tanked at Wednesday night’s debate
  39. e. jean carroll
    Why Has the Reaction to a Rape Allegation Against the President Been So Muted?Intelligencer staffers discuss the fallout from E. Jean Carroll’s story.
  40. pete buttigieg
    How Badly Did Pete Buttigieg Mishandle a Police Shooting?The wunderkind presidential candidate is facing a serious early test of his candidacy.
  41. intelligencer chats
    Will Democrats Really Start Attacking Each Other in the Primary?Amid Warren-Sanders tensions, Intelligencer staffers discuss whether a play-nice strategy is possible – or a good idea.
  42. intelligencer chats
    What Was Joe Biden Thinking?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic front-runner’s odd comments about segregationist senators.
  43. intelligencer chats
    How Worried Should We Be About Escalation With Iran?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether tit-for-tat provocations between the two countries will lead to something much scarier.
  44. bernie sanders
    Why Does Bernie Sanders Cling to ‘Socialism’?Intelligencer staffers discuss the pros and cons of being associated with a still-polarizing term.
  45. deepfakes
    Are the Deepfake Fears Overblown?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether it’s reasonable to fear that manipulated videos will (further) poison the discourse.
  46. trade war
    The Dangers of Trump’s Trade WarsIntelligencer staffers chat about the president’s ill-considered tariff policy in the aftermath of his big Mexico walkback.