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  1. international relations
    Passionate Embrace of World Leaders Fools 101-Year-Old WomanThe centenarian asked Angela Merkel if she was Emmanuel Macron’s wife.
  2. international relations
    Nikki Haley Says World Leaders Laughed With Trump, Not at Him“They loved how honest he is.”
  3. U.S. Slaps Putin’s Oligarch Allies With New SanctionsSeven oligarchs and 17 Russian government officials are targeted by the sanctions.
  4. international relations
    Trump Cancels U.K. Visit Over Obama’s ‘Bad Deal’ — Which Was Initiated by BushIt definitely had nothing to do with the hordes of protesters expected to greet Trump in London.
  5. foreign policy
    Trump’s Tweet Won’t Start Nuclear War — But the Real Danger Is Still TerrifyingWe’re about to see what happens when a powerful country loses credibility so rapidly it doesn’t know it’s gone.
  6. international relations
    American Tourists Face Prison Time in Thailand for Bare Butt PhotosThe pair could get 12 years for photos in front of famed Buddhist temple Wat Arun.
  7. Trump Defends Don Jr. and Says ‘We’ll See’ on Paris Accords at Macron PresserAt a press conference in Paris, he couldn’t escape the big controversy here at home.
  8. international relations
    Here’s Donald Trump Telling the French President’s Wife She’s in ‘Good Shape’The Trumps’ Paris trip begins.
  9. international relations
    London Mayor Says Trump Shouldn’t Get State Visit After False Twitter AttacksSadiq Khan said he doesn’t want to “roll out the red carpet” since Trump’s “policies go against everything we stand for.”
  10. How the World Is Reacting to Trump’s Paris DecisionThe great negotiator can’t get anyone to negotiate with him.
  11. my big foreign trip
    Here’s a Report Card for President Trump’s First Foreign Trip“Needs improvement.”
  12. Trump Welcomes Turkish President Erdogan, Repeatedly Mispronounces His NameErdogan congratulated Trump on his “legendary” election triumph.
  13. international relations
    Philippine President Duterte Might Be Too ‘Tied Up’ to Make White House VisitHis comments come after Trump’s controversial invitation to the leader accused of human-rights violations.
  14. international relations
    Secretary of Defense Mattis Makes Surprise Visit to AfghanistanThere was reportedly a Taliban bombing at a U.S. base the same day as his visit.
  15. international relations
    White Helmets: Syrian Heroes Won’t Be at OscarsThe documentary’s subjects are Nobel Peace Prize–nominated humanitarian rescuers.
  16. international relations
    Director Asghar Farhadi Won’t Go to Oscars“It now seems that the possibility of this presence is being accompanied by ifs and buts which are in no way acceptable to me even if exceptions were to be made for my trip”
  17. international relations
    Muslim Ban Bars Iranian Director From OscarsAsghar Farhadi directed The Salesman.
  18. international relations
    James Taylor Cancels Philippines Concert to Protest Drug War Killings“I don’t think of my music as being particularly political but sometimes one is called upon to make a political stand.”
  19. international relations
    A Canadian Town Is Punishing Drunk Drivers With Nickelback MusicLook at this headline. Every time you do, it makes you laugh.
  20. zut alors!
    The French Say Non to Wine-Free Official Dinner With Iranian LeaderCorked.
  21. international relations
    Kim Jong-un Might Take a Trip to Russia Cold War reunion! 
  22. international relations
    Dennis Rodman Apologizes for CNN Rant, Explains He Was Just DrunkGet a little tipsy, imply an American deserves to be in North Korean prison. We’ve all been there.
  23. international relations
    Rodman Flips Out, Implies Kenneth Bae Is GuiltyMaybe he should take a break from basketball diplomacy.
  24. international relations
    Dennis Rodman Just Wants Kim Jong-un to Have a Nice Birthday“He’s my friend first. He’s my friend.” 
  25. international relations
    Dennis Rodman Is Stoic About Kim Jong-un Standing Him UpStiff upper lip, Rodman.
  26. international relations
    North Korea Releases Detained American’s War Crimes ‘Confession’ [Updated]85-year-old North Korean War veteran Merrill Newman has been trapped in the country since October.
  27. international relations
    Korean War Vet Is Second American Arrested in North Korea in a YearState Department has issued a travel warning.
  28. international relations
    Gary Locke Resigning As Ambassador to ChinaTo spend more time with his family.
  29. international relations
    Libyan Prime Minister Kidnapped, or ‘Arrested’ by MilitiaOver the U.S. raid that captured an Al Qaeda suspect.
  30. international relations
    Kerry Says He Didn’t Bumble Into a Syria Solution, Answered ‘Purposefully’He recapped the dizzying situation on 60 Minutes.
  31. international relations
    Iran’s President Tones Down Anti-Israel RhetoricObama skipped his U.N. debut, but didn’t miss much.
  32. international relations
    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Claims He Drunkenly Arm-Wrestled Vladimir PutinHe also admits to losing the matchup.
  33. international relations
    Just How Awkward Was the Obama-Putin G20 Handshake?The context was strained, but the greeting itself was workmanlike.
  34. international relations
    Obama Laying the Groundwork to Snub Putin Over SnowdenYou have to draw these things out gently.
  35. international relations
    North Korea Makes Threatening Phone CallTo a United States general.
  36. international relations
    Anna Wintour Told Not to Expect London AmbassadorshipSo is it off to oh-so-fashionable Paris then?
  37. international relations
    Photos of Kidnapped Former FBI Agent Were Probably Sent by IranThough U.S. officials initially said he was taken by terrorists.
  38. international relations
    Gerard Depardieu’s New Russian Passport Comes With Free Russian Apartment And a nice, flat income tax.
  39. Vladimir Putin to Sign Bill Banning American AdoptionsAnd not because there aren’t any Russian orphans left.
  40. international relations
    Wintour Has Competition for the Ambassador Posts She Claims She Doesn’t WantShe’s rumored to be in the running for Paris or London.
  41. international relations
    Susan Rice Manages to Make New EnemiesShe owns stock in the company behind the Keystone pipeline.
  42. international relations
    While Honoring WWII Hero, Obama Nearly Starts War With PolandPoles are understandably sensitive about being conflated with Nazis.
  43. international relations
    Avery Jessup-Donaghy Will Be Back on 30 Rock After AllIn May!
  44. international relations
    There Will Be a Chinese Gossip GirlChina Girl!
  45. international relations
    30 Rock Is Going to Sort Out That North Korea Plot“Technically, Avery is the First Lady of North Korea.”
  46. international relations
    Paraguay and Argentina Say No to Kathryn BigelowThe governments of Paraguay and Argentina are refusing to cooperate with Bigelow on her next movie.
  47. controversial meetings
    Obama Meets With Dalai Lama Despite Chinese DisapprovalMeeting takes place in Map Room, not Oval Office.
  48. north korea
    Second American Held in North KoreaFirst American was held in late December.
  49. sad things
    Aid Ready, But Not Always Able, to Reach HaitiRelief organizations are having trouble getting access to the devastated country.
  50. international intrigue
    The Terror StimulusHow U.S. involvement in Yemen is affecting the wobbling government of President Saleh.
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