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  1. last night on late night
    That White House Press Intern Goes Through a Real Power Trip on SNLHow many microphones does she have to confiscate?
  2. intern wars
    7 People on the Most Insane Things They Did As Unpaid InternsFrom selling their boss’s shoes on eBay to picking up dog poop.
  3. ask a boss
    Ask a Boss: ‘My Intern Is a Complainer!’Do her a favor: Talk to her.
  4. advice
    Ask a Boss: The Interns Don’t Know How to Dress Professionally!Make it clear that this isn’t personal.
  5. cool teens
    Halle Berry Says Malia Obama Was an ‘Amazing’ InternShe interned on Berry’s TV show back in 2014.
  6. hot shot
    Another New York Intern Goes on a Green-Juice RunGigi Hadid was spotted living that intern life.
  7. sex diaries
    The Intern Whose Friends Think Her Date Is a LoserThis week’s sex diary.
  8. fashion court
    The Olsens’ Former Interns Are Getting a Whopping $530 Each in SettlementAfter they filed a class-action lawsuit against the designers.
  9. look book
    The Marc Jacobs Intern Who Always Wears a T-Shirt“I just discovered a few weeks ago this typical American brand which is called Hanes. Have you heard of it?”
  10. hmmm
    Equal-Pay Advocate Ivanka Trump Apparently Makes Her Interns Work for FreeHuh.
  11. late night tv
    Rachel Bloom Worked As Seth Meyers’s SNL InternAlso, Alec Baldwin was amazing to work with.
  12. The Olsens Respond to Intern Lawsuit, Deem It ‘Groundless’Their spokesperson issued a statement.
  13. Report: Interns Are Suing the Olsen Twins for Ridiculous Hours and Lack of PayThey’re facing a class-action lawsuit.
  14. interns
    Malia Obama Is Interning With Lena DunhamShe’s been delivering coffee on the set of Girls, a glamorous job indeed.
  15. city hall
    City Hall Argues Sorting Mail Is Great EducationAbout 150 interns work for the de Blasio administration. None are paid. 
  16. profile
    Russia’s Hottest American Is Ready for a RiskOdin Biron is the star of a wildly popular Russian medical sitcom. He’s also ready to come out.
  17. politics
    Talking Politics With This Summer’s Crop of Washington InternsCollege students swarm the gridlocked capital for the summer, armed with hope for bipartisanship, personal talking points, and brand-new suits.
  18. reinventions
    Monica Lewinsky: Righteous Good GirlHer reinvention is well timed. By modern standards, Monica is downright prude.
  19. interns
    Condé Nast Settled With the InternsThe sum was undisclosed.
  20. Watch Conan Hang Out With His Interns Interning is pretty thankless work, but at least if you intern for a talk show there’s a tiny chance you’ll get to be the butt of a joke for a […]
  21. oops
    McQueen Very Sorry About That Unpaid InternshipThis highlights everything wrong with the “intern for school credit” system.
  22. as the world interns
    Preview Intern, the Surprisingly Dreamy Magazine for and by InternsIt’s miserable and magical at the same time.
  23. interns
    The World’s Worst Intern Has Been FiredThis intern made up some racist names for the Asiana Airlines pilots. 
  24. lawsuits
    Intern Who Sued Norma Kamali Got a SettlementHer lawyer calls it “very fair.”
  25. blog-stained wretches
    Former Gawker Interns Join the Unpaid-Intern Uprising Three are suing for wages.
  26. intern wars
    Meet the Latest Unpaid Fashion Intern Suing Her Former BossErica van Rabenswaay, who filed charges against Norma Kamali this week, tells her story.
  27. intern wars
    Unpaid Intern Lawsuit Thrown OutThe great intern uprising cannot be a class action lawsuit.
  28. lawsuits
    Hearst’s Lawyers Now E-mailing Former Unpaid InternsTo collect “stories” for their defense.
  29. art imitating life
    Google’s Office to Basically Play Itself in InternsVince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s movie about working at a “Google-like” company will shoot there this week. 
  30. person of interest
    The Norma Rae of Fashion InternsMeet Diana Wang, the unpaid intern suing Harper’s Bazaar.
  31. ask google
    How Can I Be a Better Fashion Intern? Ask GooglePlus advice on sex with underlings.
  32. beefs
    Poor, Abused Fox Searchlight Interns Seeking Others to Join the FightSay unpaid coffee duty is widespread at the Fox Entertainment Group.
  33. unpaid ink-stained wretches
    Grace Coddington Thinks Interns Should Suck It Up“I’m sure they are somewhat abused … but they’re learning.”
  34. ink-stained wretches
    Condé Nast Knows Interns Are People, TooThat’s why they’re allowed out of their cages twice a day.
  35. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn Will Reunite to Outsmart Some InternsOwen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will be reunited at last in Interns, directed by Shawn Levy. From the plot description, it definitely sounds like […]
  36. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson Will Reunite For InternsShawn Levy would direct.
  37. ink-stained wretches
    The Interns Are Organizing!And suing.
  38. taxes shmaxes
    London Fashion Houses Warned Against Exploiting InternsBritish tax officials sent letters to over 100 labels telling them to pay their interns properly.
  39. beefs
    Fox Searchlight Blames Darren Aronofsky for Intern AbuseThe studio has issued a response to last week’s ‘Black Swan’ lawsuit.
  40. interns
    One JPMorgan Intern Has Learned a Lot in a Single AfternoonSuch as: Don’t send a mass e-mail inviting everyone to bring fake I.D.s to a bar night that’s “going to get wild.”
  41. hero intern
    Daniel Hernandez: In Praise of the InternWith only five days on the job, intern Daniel Hernandez saved Gabrielle Giffords’s life.
  42. goldman sachs
    One of the Worst Things About Working at Goldman Sachs Is How Jealous Everyone Is of You“People envy you for working there … it’s pretty bad.”
  43. interns
    In Thinly Veiled Journalistic Hazing Ritual, New York Post Sends Its Underage Intern on an Extensive Bar CrawlBoozing under the guise of reporting.
  44. gimmicks
    Mark Indelicato to Intern at Teen VogueChild actors are in, athletes are out.
  45. party chat
    Lady Gaga at the ACE AwardsAnd more from last night’s ACE awards for accessories.
  46. party lines
    Adam Lippes Thinks It’s Hard to Find an Intern With Good Style“Because they try sooo hard, and it never works!”
  47. kids these days
    Interning at Fashion Companies Especially Unglamorous in the U.K.One studio doesn’t even provide interns with electricity or heat.
  48. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone: ‘I’m, Like, the Patron Saint of Interns’Find out how to land one of those coveted positions.
  49. lovely stories
    Elle Gives Homeless Girl an InternshipHer journey to the magazine was a long one that involved a reality-TV audition.
  50. white men with white underpants
    Wall Street Experiencing Shrinkage in Pre-Trading HoursAn early-morning commuter in the financial district took an amazing photo of one poor lad sleeping off a bender.
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