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  1. conversations with friends
    What the Hell Are Grimes and Lana Del Rey Even Talking About?Interview published a real trip.
  2. feelings
    Raf Simons Cried ‘So Hard’ at This Classic American FilmCan you guess which one is his favorite?
  3. revivals
    Just Like That, Interview Magazine Is Back From the DeadThe magazine has returned after filing for bankruptcy four months ago.
  4. ch-ch-ch-changes
    Breaking: Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine Has FoldedEmployees announced the news on Twitter.
  5. other magazines
    Big Changes Are Happening at Interview MagazineTwo leading names are out.
  6. celebrity babies
    North West Gave Some Amazing Quotes to Interview Magazine“Cheese, cheese — everywhere cheese.”
  7. kamelot
    Kim Kardashian Is Jackie Kennedy on the Cover of Interview MagazineThere is another Kamelot.
  8. art
    See Adam Driver’s Bizarre Bathroom Photo Shoot Don’t worry. He still looks great.
  9. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kylie Jenner’s Bare Butt Makes an Appearance in ​​InterviewWill the internet break?
  10. Coddington, Kawakubo Star in Interview PortfolioThey were photographed for a sweeping 60-page section by Fabien Baron.
  11. interview
    Q&A: Keith Pollock on the New Interview and MoreThe first issue he’s edited is out this week. 
  12. quotables
    Introducing Kanye West’s Astronaut FamilyRocket man. 
  13. r.i.p.
    Stylist Annabel Tollman Has DiedA tribute to her life and work.
  14. 90s nostalgia
    Winona Ryder on Nineties Nostalgia and Getting Older“It’s interesting for me now to be the older one, because I was always the kid.”
  15. first looks
    A Never-Before-Seen Chloë Sevigny of the NinetiesThe decade’s “It” girl takes over Nowness for a two-day journey into nostalgia.
  16. loose threads
    Fern Mallis Shills on HSN; Amy Adams Poses for Boy. by Band of OutsidersPlus, Brad Pitt covers Interview magazine’s November issue.
  17. François Nars on Warhol and the Makeup for Marc Jacobs’s Latest ShowAn interview with the legendary makeup artist.
  18. kids these days
    Harry Brant Tells Andy Warhol: ‘I Love a Bolero!’And Peter says he doesn’t dance on tables.
  19. loose threads
    Obama in Glamour; Bye-Bye, Billabong?Plus, Emma Stone covers Interview.
  20. going with plastic
    Charlize Theron: ‘I Can’t Foresee Myself Ever Going Under the Knife’But all bets are off when she’s in her mid-sixties.
  21. cover girls
    Lana Del Rey Covers Interview RussiaThere’s quite a buzz about her — get it?
  22. the most important month of the year
    LeBron James Supposedly Bumped Ryan Reynolds Off GQ’s September CoverOh, the pain wrought by wandering eyes!
  23. tv
    See Little Sally Draper and Kick-Ass’s Hit Girl in a High-Fashion Photo SpreadKiernan Shipka and Chloe Grace Moretz look very grown-up and lovely in Burberry and Chanel.
  24. w watch
    Have Staffing Changes at W Made Way for Terry Richardson to Resume Working for the Magazine?He’s thought not to have shot for the title since 1996.
  25. Interview
    Rodelio Aglibot: The Food Buddha Eats One of EverythingThe Food Buddha premiers tonight on TLC.
  26. tear sheets
    New Interview Spread Called RacistOnline commenters are upset, but ‘Interview’ hasn’t commented.
  27. someone’s naked!
    Terry Richardson Shot Tamara Mellon NakedWho says businesswomen can’t do that?
  28. tear sheets
    Terry Richardson Shot the Jersey Shore Boys RightThe fabled ‘Interview’ spread is out!
  29. technology
    We Viewed Interview’s Jersey Shore Spread on the iPad TodayIt includes video of their spray-tan session.
  30. technology
    Interview Beats Every Other Fashion Magazine to the iPadHow yuppie of them.
  31. orange people
    Harper’s Bazaar Shot the Jersey Shore GirlsThe fashion industry sure is milking these people.
  32. hey gurl
    Bar Refaeli Did a Photo Shoot With ‘the Situation’Lucky girl … ?
  33. ink-stained wretches
    Managing Editor Alexandra Mack Out at InterviewBut after an incredibly tumultuous couple of years, things have been relatively quiet over there.
  34. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Interview: Top Chef Winner Michael Voltaggio Reveals His Regrets andMichael Voltaggio tells us what it’s like to be the new Top Chef.
  35. client 9
    Eliot Spitzer: ‘I Don’t Think The Wall Street Journal Has the Foggiest Idea of What Capitalism Is All About’In an ‘Interview’ piece, the former governor goes after his most recent nemesis.
  36. Fever for Lefebvre
    Interview: Ludo Bites BackLudo tells us what to expect at LudoBites at Royal-T.
  37. My Favorite Things
    What Susan Feniger Eats on L.A.’s StreetsSusan Feniger shares her favorite L.A. street food.
  38. ink-stained wretches
    Glenn O’Brien Out at InterviewThe editorial director for Brant Publications has left.
  39. great divorces
    Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant in Divorce ShockerWe don’t understand how this could have happened.
  40. cult of personality
    The Kate Moss Likability IndexKate Moss has done a shocking two cover stories in a row. But which makes her more likable?
  41. company town
    Rupert Murdoch to ‘Make’ Less Money Than Last YearHe only made $27.5 million in company compensation this year. Plus, Kent Brownridge steps down from ‘Maxim,’ Damon Dash has real-estate troubles, and more, in our daily industry roundup.
  42. model tracker
    Tranny Models Who Made HistoryCan tranny models make it big? We found four who have.
  43. loose threads
    ‘Vogue Italia’ Images Revealed; Jewelry Prices on the RiseThe first pics from the all-black model issue are out! Plus: Jewelry gets even more aspirational, and Aggy and Albert go very public.
  44. cult of personality
    Video: Charlie Rose Really Wants Marc Jacobs to Talk About HimselfJacobs went on Charlie Rose to talk about ‘Interview,’ but when Rose got bored with that topic, he tried to get Marc to talk about himself.
  45. party lines
    Marc Jacobs Didn’t Want to Wear Andy Warhol’s Wig’Interview’ convinced him to put it on for the June/July cover, and they may have gotten makeup on it!
  46. gossipmonger
    John Mayer Continues to Be the Salvation of Celebrity JournalismHe’s dancing on tables, he’s refusing hot blondes. Thank God, really. That and more in our daily gossip roundup.
  47. loose threads
    Marchesa Wins Award; Marc Jacobs Says He’s Not Like WarholMarchesa won the Best Business award at Britain’s Best Awards last night, H&M adds women to the workforce in Saudi Arabia, and Marc Jacobs is unsure about his new ‘Interview’ cover.
  48. cultural capital
    Barbara Makes Herself Cry on ‘Oprah’Barbara Walters talks about her affair on Oprah Winfrey, and we try not to picture her having sex.
  49. chat room
    David Cross on ‘Terra,’ Voice Acting, and Poop ScoopingAlso, David Cross simply cannot remember the name of that movie he’s in.
  50. chat room
    Dan Richter on Playing the Ape in ‘2001’, Life With John and YokoThe actor speaks to Vulture about his legendary role.
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