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  1. backstories
    The Bartees Strange Guide to Defying Genre“I always wanted to be everything, until I realized I am everything.”
  2. interview
    Meet the Man Who’s Selling Beer at Every Big-League Ballpark in AmericaReginald Duvalsaint would really like to give you a Bud.
  3. chat room
    Anthony Carrigan Is Ready for NoHo Hank to Face the Consequences of His Actions“The toll that’s taken in getting there doesn’t go away.”
  4. underrated
    The Wrong Guy Is the Right Choice for Fans of IdiocracyReggie Watts breaks down why the 1997 Dave Foley comedy is perfect for those who appreciate high-level stupidity.
  5. chat room
    O-T Fagbenle on Recreating Obama’s Still Timely Sandy Hook SpeechThe First Lady actor shot his re-creation of the president’s tearful 2012 statement on the last day of production for the Showtime series.
  6. superlatives
    The Most Nostalgic and Political of the Drive-By Truckers“I just remember night after night, people shooting us birds and yelling s- - - at us when we’d play that song.”
  7. stand-up
    The Director Who Captured George Carlin’s Most Prophetic EraRocco Urbisci looks back on his 30-year creative partnership with the legendary stand-up.
  8. a long talk
    The Man Behind Netflix Comedy’s CurtainRobbie Praw explains his approach to buying stand-up specials for the streamer.
  9. chat room
    Patrick Fabian on Walking Into the Violent Half of Better Call Saul“It took my breath away on the page.”
  10. 14 High-Impact Ways To Add Personality to Your Home14 High-Impact Ways To Add Personality to Your Home
  11. chat room
    What Conversation With Friends’ Final Scene Means to Alison Oliver“I know people have such conflicted feelings.”
  12. superlatives
    The Best and Hardest of Florence and the Machine, According to Florence Welch“When you’re 25 and you’re hung-over all the time, you never think that your career is going to go on as long.”
  13. podcasts
    Are You in a Cult? This Podcast Can Tell YouSounds Like a Cult hosts Amanda Montell and Isabela Medina want you to be suspicious of everything, from SoulCycle to Disney.
  14. chat room
    Brittany Bradford Ate Coq au Vin 5 Days in a Row on the Set of Julia“At every opportunity, whether I was in the scene or not, I’d be like, ‘What are we making today?‘”
  15. A Skincare Classic for Any AgeA product you and your mom can love.
  16. interview
    Bar Pitti at 30Chatting with Giovanni Tognozzi on the occasion of his three decades in business.
  17. interview
    The ‘Tumultuous’ Two-Year Journey to Take Over a Rockaways IconCatching up with the new owners of Connolly’s.
  18. q&a
    Hatching Director Hanna Bergholm on the Horror of Birds and Motherhood“I’ve always been afraid of horror films. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in telling stories about fear.”
  19. chat room
    Better Call Saul’s Michael Mando on Nacho’s ‘Story of Emancipation’“It has elements of Greek tragedy in it, and it has elements of Shakespeare. And it’s poetic, like Orpheus Descending.”
  20. two friends
    Double TakeLet’s Eat Grandma’s Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton on learning to write their stories separately after a lifelong friendship.
  21. mitchell kriegman
    Mitchell Kriegman Looks Back on His Brief Stint As an SNL Cast Member“The week before I got fired, everyone stopped talking to me. It was not glamorous. It was kind of lame!”
  22. q&a
    Patricia Arquette’s Work-Life Balance Is Out of Control TooThe Severance actor breaks down Cobel’s penchant for taking work home and why the Macrodata Refinement supervisor is obsessed with saving Lumon.
  23. buffering
    The Future of Streaming According to Jason KilarThe departing WarnerMedia CEO talks to us about his HBO Max successes, his competitors, and what he sees next.
  24. chat room
    Orville Peck on Horses, Masks, and Crying While Writing Music“I’m a horse girl too!”
  25. exit interview
    Elizabeth Meriwether Wants to Complicate Your Diagnosis of Elizabeth HolmesThe Dropout showrunner on identifying with the disgraced Theranos founder, making Holmes dance to “How to Love,” and keeping the green juice flowing.
  26. grammys 2022
    Silk Sonic Producer D’Mile Honored His Late Mother by Making Grammys HistoryHe’s the first songwriter to win Song of the Year twice in a row.
  27. chat room
    Winning Time’s Solomon Hughes Found a ‘Power Move’ to Unlock Kareem Abdul-JabbarIt had nothing to do with basketball.
  28. grammys 2022
    How to Change a GenreThree Grammy-nominated musicians grapple with racism and respect in roots music.
  29. chat room
    Don’t Worry, Atlanta’s Christopher Farrar Didn’t Have to Eat Raw Chicken“The chicken was actually done. They did some coloring and special effects to it.”
  30. q&a
    Starstruck’s Rose Matafeo Is Making Rom-Coms for The Lake House Fans“The people who get it, they get it.”
  31. stand-up
    The Rediscovered Prescience of SpongeBob’s “Squirrel Jokes”Co-writer Walt Dohrn discusses the 2001 SpongeBob SquarePants episode that lives on in meme form.
  32. q+a
    Maren Morris Is Learning to Let Go“I just write the chapter of my life that I’m in, and I move on.”
  33. chat room
    Like Abbott Elementary’s Melissa, Lisa Ann Walter Has a Guy for EverythingThe sitcom vet talks through her career turns, slogging through the sexist comedy world, and the joys of being The Parent Trap’s Chessy.
  34. exit interview
    The Baby-Sitters Club Wasn’t Enough for Netflix AnymoreThe show was critically acclaimed and widely watched. The algorithm didn’t care.
  35. chat room
    Adam Scott Prefers Baby Goats to Lil’ SebastianThe Severance lead on his love of The Twilight Zone, the mysteries of Lumon, and the generosity of Bono.
  36. chat room
    Michael Chiklis Grew Up With the Gospel of Red AuerbachThe Winning Time actor on the legendary Boston head coach’s cigar strategy and witnessing the Lakers-Celtics rivalry in real time.
  37. interview
    Anthony Mangieri Is Done Chasing the ImpossibleUna Pizza Napoletana reopens, and its founder has a new approach to his craft.
  38. winning time
    Jason Clarke Is ‘Letting It All Hang Out’ As the Man Behind the NBA Logo“Jerry’s, in a way, out of his mind. He doesn’t know how to stop himself.”
  39. chat room
    Mrs. Maisel’s Marin Hinkle on the ‘Herculean Task’ of Doing Stand-up Comedy“You could’ve asked me, with a closed set, to be naked, and that would’ve been easier.”
  40. 12 Worth-It Neutrals That Won’t Blend Into the BackgroundAccording to a proud minimalist.
  41. q&a
    Looking for a Silver Lining With Better Things’ Pamela Adlon“Through Sam’s eyes, we’re seeing how this ugliness lives in the world. If you can laugh at it, it makes it less awful.”
  42. chat room
    Pieces of Her’s Bella Heathcote Thinks Andy Is Relatable“I feel like if you just saw Andy at the pub on Tuesday night, she’d just want to have a good time.”
  43. q&a
    It’s an Artist’s Job to ‘Hold the Mirror Up to the Oppressor’Succession star Brian Cox has more to say than what he expressed during his SAG Awards speech.
  44. The Only Products I’ve Found That Keep Pet Smells and Stains at BayAs explained by a cat person.
  45. underrated
    The ‘Incredible Treasure Chest’ of Homestar RunnerMurderville’s Krister Johnson on the website that inspired him to create stupid comedy thoughtfully.
  46. exit interview
    Danny McBride Wants to Give You ClosureThe man behind The Righteous Gemstones talks season two, cliffhangers, and what led the Gemstone family astray.
  47. i have nobu reservations
    Love Is Blind’s Creator Answers Our Burning Season-Two Finale Questions“There are moments where the air sucked out of that entire room and nobody saw it coming. It’s like I’m at the Super Bowl.”
  48. chat room
    Euphoria’s Alanna Ubach Modeled Suze After Her Best Friend’s Mom“She was the one you went to when you got pregnant. She was the one you went to when you were kicked out of school.”
  49. q&a
    The Proud Family Showrunners Wanted to Revive the Series 15 Years AgoBruce W. Smith and Ralph Farquhar on updating the characters for new audiences and their hopes for the future of Black animation.
  50. encounter
    Doodles, Death, and Saying Yes With Edi PattersonThe Righteous Gemstones scene-stealer on the pleasures of embodying “walking id” Judy Gemstone.
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