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  1. chat room
    Succession’s Zoë Winters on Kerry’s Apartment Showdown and Failed ATN AuditionPlus, how she schemed her way into Logan’s ear: “I wanted Kerry inserting herself into conversations and rooms where she shouldn’t necessarily be.”
  2. chat room
    Yellowjackets’s Sophie Thatcher Unpacks the Guilt Consuming Natalie“There’s always been a heaviness in her, but this season, toward the end, it becomes too much.”
  3. chat room
    Kwame Appiah Has (Almost) No Regrets After Love Is Blind“I really wanted to avoid a love triangle.”
  4. underrated
    South Side Wasn’t Trying to Prove Its Own ImportanceAbbott Elementary writer-producer Brittani Nichols says the series spoke to her “in a way that no other television show ever has.”
  5. a long talk
    Al Jaffee Is Ready to Be Added to Mount RushmoreMAD’s longest-serving contributor on comedy, art, and the origins of the “Fold-in.”
  6. backstories
    ‘It Needed to Be an Unbroken Performance’Director Mark Mylod breaks down the exhausting 28-minute take that changed the course of Succession.
  7. spoilers
    Brian Cox Is Happy You Know That About Logan Roy Now“I’ve never been able to keep secrets.”
  8. chat room
    Love Is Blind’s Bliss Poureetezadi ‘Drew a Lot of Boundaries’ With IrinaShe also spoke about setting boundaries for those around her when it comes to Zack.
  9. finale thoughts
    Shit Buckets and StopwatchesThe Party Down cast reflects on a season that almost didn’t happen.
  10. a long talk
    Mo’Nique Says It LoudlyThe comedy veteran’s new special is a reintroduction: “It lets you understand why I fight the way that I fight.”
  11. chat room
    Swarm’s Heather Simms Thinks Detective Greene Is Still Looking for Dre“Loretta comes with a level of empathy and integrity that you would want if a murder or some horrible crime happened to you.”
  12. chat room
    Snowfall’s Angela Lewis Pitched Louie’s Villain Turn“I don’t take the hate personally, because I advocated to be a villain.”
  13. exit interview
    Bill Lawrence Is Still Figuring It OutDespite a rapidly shifting TV landscape, the Shrinking and Ted Lasso co-creator hasn’t abandoned his earnest worldview.
  14. chat room
    Daisy Jones’s Josh Whitehouse Was Surprised His Sex Scene With Camila Got Cut“I was like, Hold on, wait. That’s very much left to the imagination.
  15. How the Women Behind Block Shop Textiles Are Making Their Dreams a RealityJustina Blakeney gets down to business with the entrepreneurial and artistic sisters.
  16. finale thoughts
    Daisy Jones’s Sebastian Chacon Knows Warren Is the Real Hero of the Six“I thought, How can there be something in every scene that I love or am tickled by?
  17. remembrance
    Lance Reddick’s Comedy Journey Was Just Getting StartedJake Weisman, co-creator and co-star of Corporate, reflects on working with the late actor.
  18. chat room
    Martin Starr Pulled His Party Down Trip From Personal Experience“With mushrooms, it’s a different story.”
  19. chat room
    Daisy Jones and the Six Helped Nabiyah Be Process Her Music-Industry Past“I grew up onstage. I was touring from 7 to 11. I had an emotional attachment to a lot of Simone’s experiences.”
  20. a long talk
    Ana Gasteyer Has Waited Her Entire Career for American Auto“You weren’t going to march into a fantastic female protagonist out of SNL in 2002.”
  21. chat room
    The Last of Us’s Merle Dandridge Doesn’t Know If Marlene Was Right“The decision cleaves her spirit in two.”
  22. chat room
    Benjamin Bratt Asked to Keep the Penis Ring From the Poker Face FinaleBreaking down the disdain and desire that drive Charlie Cale’s final nemesis: “He’s obsessed with Burn Notice and thinks, ‘I could be on TV.’”
  23. What Making Room in the Fashion Industry Looks Like for This StylistNeumi Anekhe created Oma The Label to challenge standards and bring diversity to the space.
  24. buffering
    The (Other) Man Behind the Yellowstone KingdomHow Paramount’s Chris McCarthy turned a cable hit into streaming’s biggest franchise.
  25. chat room
    Perfect Match Winner Dom Gabriel Had Zero Strategy“Watching it back, there was a lot of plotting and scheming going on that I wasn’t aware of. You saw me: I was having Nerf-gun fights.”
  26. breakout
    Mariel Molino Is Living Her Childhood DreamMeet the star of The Watchful Eye, a mystery thriller about a duplicitous nanny in New York.
  27. How This Black Designer Leads With Purpose and PassionSherrill Mosee of MinkeeBlue wanted to help women carry fewer bags — so she built a business around it.
  28. chat room
    Rutina Wesley Found a ‘Fierce Stillness’ in The Last of Us’s Maria“If she were to smile, it would be with her eyes. You would never see a wide grin on her face.”
  29. chat room
    1923’s Aminah Nieves Found Healing Playing Teonna“Telling truthful stories gives my ancestors a chance to say what they couldn’t have said before.”
  30. chat room
    Melanie Lynskey Has Never Been on a Set as Overwhelming as The Last of Us“It was disgusting, honestly.”
  31. improv
    Colin Mochrie Reflects on Over 30 Years of Whose Line Is It Anyway?“The short answer is, as of now, this is the last season with this cast.”
  32. chat room
    The Traitors’ Cirie Fields Knows She Got What She DeservedThe Survivor alum breaks down her strategy for Peacock’s new reality competition: “I sat back and rode the wave of the game.”
  33. buffering
    “We Had to Learn Everything Over Again”: How FX Survived the Streaming WarsJohn Landgraf on the network’s transition to Hulu, working for Disney, and why peak TV is finally, actually here (really).
  34. gotta catch em all
    Sarah Natochenny Understands the Importance of Ash KetchumThe Pokémon voice actress felt Ash’s journey coming to an end ahead of recording the character’s final good-bye.
  35. ‘tis the season
    Lacey Chabert Is at Home at HallmarkAnd she’ll never “abandon” the network. Unlike the others.
  36. notifs on
    It’s Terri Joe’s World, But Kelon Is Running ItThe TikToker behind the viral livestreams talks going live with celebrities, a potential TV show, and what kinds of jokes go too far.
  37. 5 questions with…
    It’s Sylvie Season, BabyLike her Emily in Paris character, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is sweet “with a twist.”
  38. do your thing hollywood
    Drake’s Latest Starring Role: The ‘Rich Flex’ Memes“I’m almost a character in people’s movies, and therefore, there’s a running dialogue.”
  39. a long talk
    ‘If You Need to Throw Anyone Under the Bus, Let It Be Me’Kelli Giddish joined SVU in 2011 as Olivia Benson’s new partner. She departs a beloved figure in her own right.
  40. first they came for the pjs
    Stalking Celebrity Jets Became the Internet’s Pastime Thanks to @CelebJetsKylie Jenner and Elon Musk have become main characters in the PJ universe.
  41. a long talk
    ‘Our Task Was to Expand the Universe of the Book’After 43 years, Octavia Butler’s Kindred hits the screen. Showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins awaits your critiques.
  42. finale thoughts
    Jennifer Coolidge Tried to Get Mike White to Change The White Lotus’s Ending“Mike likes to stick to reality.”
  43. chat room
    Theo James Knows ‘Something Else’ Happened Between Cameron and HarperThe White Lotus star unpacks that brawl in the Mediterranean and Daphne’s big paternity question.
  44. chat room
    The White Lotus’s Will Sharpe Thinks Cameron Is Trying to Sabotage Ethan“Ethan’s ‘one thing,’ being smart, drives Cameron insane. Cameron has one way of getting anything, and that’s his way of pillaging Ethan.”
  45. stand-up
    Atsuko Okatsuka Wants Her Grandma to Feel HotterThe comedian chats about her new HBO special and how her approach to stand-up material changed thanks to the pandemic.
  46. collaboration
    Henry Koperski Waves Good-bye to Musical Comedy“If someone wants to write a big check for me to write more musical comedy I will, but it’s no longer something that comes from my heart.”
  47. Style and Function In 90 Square FeetTV personality Preston Konrad’s Upper West Side kitchen features all the best items on its countertops.
  48. chat room
    Sabrina Impacciatore Thought She’d Never Book Another Role After The White Lotus“[Mike White] told me, ‘Sabrina, you have to be more bitchy!’ And I didn’t get it right away. I was scared people could hate me.”
  49. chat room
    Sex Lives of College Girls’ Pauline Chalamet Defends Kimberly’s Choice“When we’re 18, we’re allowed to start making decisions as adults without fully understanding the ramifications.”
  50. the vulture transcript
    Gangs of London Won’t Hold Anything BackThe cast and creatives behind AMC+’s brutal action series discuss their choreography of chaos.
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