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  1. An Introduction to Japan’s Most Idiosyncratic and Exciting Animation DirectorWe break down Masaaki Yuasa’s best work, including Mind Game and The Tatami Galaxy.
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    Who Is Beanie Feldstein and Why Is She Suddenly Everywhere?Saoirse Ronan’s best friend in Lady Bird is Jonah Hill’s sister.
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    How The Florida Project’s Bria Vinaite Became an Actress in 3 WeeksBria Vinaite talks training with Willem Dafoe, dating Drake, and learning to act on the fly.
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    What I’ve Been Up ToGrub Street is honored to welcome our new columnist, Mark Bittman.
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    The First New Manhattan-Only Area Code in Nearly 20 Years Is About to Go LiveGet ready for 332.
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    Welcome to The Job: A New Pop-up Blog From NY MagFor the next four weeks, we will present a diverse, intimate survey of the American workforce.
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    Welcome to Select AllA new site devoted to technology from New York Media.
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    Abrams Made a Bet With Harrison Ford About M&MsAt the Britannia Awards.
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    Welcome to FollowingWelcome to Following, New York Magazine’s new limited-run site about internet culture, social media, and the many weird and fascinating things people do online.
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    Meet Grub Street’s New Associate Editor, Chris CrowleyHe’s got strong feeling on New Haven apizza.
  11. Welcome to It’s Vintage, a Fashion-History BlogA monthlong celebration of  heritage.
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    It’s Not You, It’s Us: Welcome to ‘It’s Complicated’Introducing our pop-up blog on breakups, makeups, and everything in between.
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    Ciao Bella! Welcome to Italy in 30 DaysIntroducing our month-long look at la dolce vita.
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    Meet Vulture’s New Pop-Music Critic, Lindsay ZoladzHi, I’m Lindsay Zoladz, the new pop-music critic at Vulture and New York Magazine.
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    Bonjour, New York! Welcome to Paris in 30 DaysIntroducing our new pop-up blog covering all things Paris.
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    Watch Craig Robinson Give the Most Amazing IntroductionFrom the upcoming American Comedy Awards.
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    What Is This Goddess Doing With George Clooney?Meet Amal Alamuddin, the humanitarian lawyer babe George Clooney tricked into marrying him.
  18. Who Is Marianne Williamson, the Kardashian Kandidate?The California congressional hopeful has the same platform as the other guys and more popular friends.
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    Meet Colin Jost, SNL’s New ‘Weekend Update’ Co-AnchorWatch his stand-up and some sketches he wrote.
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    Meet Sasheer Zamata, Saturday Night Live’s Newest Cast MemberWith ten very funny videos of her showing off her SNL-worthiness. 
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    Jennifer Lawrence Loves Jeff Bridges So Much That She Ran Away From HimJ-Law strikes again.
  22. unlikely allies
    Rapper Lil B Is Your New Favorite Male FeministHe gets it.
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    Meet Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber’s Canadian Pop-Star BFFHer “Call Me Maybe” is soon to be on every tween’s playlist.
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    Watch Every Bachelor Contestant Introduce Herself in One SentenceA rapping doctor, a pageant queen, and one grandmother straight ahead!
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    Greetings From Your New Vulture BloggerAn introduction to Vulture’s new blogger.
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    Hello From Your New Vulture BloggerHi and a ‘Pump Up the Volume’ joke from a new blogger.
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    Welcome to the Sports SectionIntroducing nymag.com’s daily blog on sports.
  28. Friends and Family
    Welcome to Grub Street L.A.Well, hello there!
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    Kirk Meets Kirk!And they said it would never happen!
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    A Warm Hello From Your New Vulture Co-EditorIn which your humble(ish) new co-editor finally says hello!