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  1. trendlets
    Type-A Chic: 65 Ways to Organize Your Bag and Your Life This FallSummer’s over. Time to get it back on track.
  2. technology
    Siri Isn’t Necessarily Anti-Abortion, Just UninformedApple says the missing search results are “not intentional omissions.”
  3. technology
    Siri Can’t Find Abortion Clinics in D.C., NYCGoogle Maps has no such problem.
  4. stand clear of the closing doors
    Stand Clear of the Closing Thief-Hands on Your iPhoneHide your iPhone 4’s, hide your iPads.
  5. planned obsolescence
    Apple Will Ship the iPhone 5 in SeptemberA leak about a new product on the same day its Apple’s earnings report is expected.
  6. the apple of our eye
    Apple Is Developing a Cheaper Line of Half-Size iPhonesBrava, Steve Jobs.
  7. What People Really Use Facetime Videochats For Well, I mean, technically people don’t really use Facetime at all, but I guess that doesn’t make for much of a video.
  8. iphone therefore i am
    Steve Jobs Is Darth Vader NowAccording to yet another hilarious Taiwanese CGI creation.
  9. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Will Humor People Who Think There’s a Problem With the iPhone 4There is no problem, really, but they’re giving away free cases anyway.
  10. iphone therefore i am
    Will Apple Announce a Mass iPhone Recall Friday?Press conference has been scheduled.
  11. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Busted for Deleting Customer CommentsPR mess gets worse.
  12. iphone therefore i am
    Will Apple Recall the iPhone 4?Some PR experts think it has no choice.
  13. iphone therefore i am
    Consumer Reports Can’t Recommend Phone That Breaks When You Touch ItThe magazine has tested the iPhone 4, and it is not pleased.
  14. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Admits iPhone Was Just Pretending It Had Good ReceptionIPhones have been displaying two more bars than they should have.
  15. movies
    See a Short Motorcycle Documentary Made Only With the iPhone 4Seth Schaeffer’s ‘156 Turns’ is the world’s first iPhone-only movie.
  16. phone sex
    The Inevitable iPhone Video Sex Chat Services BeginOn Craigslist, of course.
  17. iphone therefore i am
    Apple Says to Stop Holding Your iPhone With Your Hand Like an IdiotWe thought Apple customers were supposed to be tech-savvy.
  18. tv
    See Adam Scott’s iPhone 4 Spoof, ‘The Deleted Scenes’These guys love the iPhone, too, they just didn’t make it onto the official commercial.
  19. celebrity perks
    Jason Bateman Gets Booed After Cutting Thousands in Line for iPhoneCelebrities: Not Just Like Us.
  20. apple
    Apple Knows You Will Wait in the Sun and Rain for the iPhone 4This morning they were prepared with umbrellas to lend out for both eventualities.
  21. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Adam Sandler’s Dating Advice for His 4-Year-Old DaughterPlus, native Brooklyn boys Chris Rock and Jimmy Kimmel discuss how one smuggles illegal contraband into the City, on our regular late-night roundup.
  22. apple
    600,000 iPhone 4 Devices Ordered, Despite GlitchesOf course, those 600,000 people won’t receive their phones until three weeks after they could have just picked them up in a store.
  23. apple
    State Assemblyman: Ban iPhone 4 Video-Calling From the RoadThe new Apple device troubles Felix Ortiz.
  24. iphone therefore i am
    Would You Rather Have the New iPhone, or Jane Lynch?Eighty-four percent of people would rather have a two-year contract with the ‘Glee’ star.
  25. iphone therefore i am
    What’s So Great About the New iPhone?A lot of things, which Steve Jobs detailed today.