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  1. Secret Sexting Vaults: A Guide for ParentsParents: Is your teen constantly playing around on a smartphone calculator app? You may think he’s enthralled by the magic of addition and subtraction, but he’s almost certainly sexting with one of the many iPhone apps that disguise a camera or photo album as something more innocuous. 
  2. Miranda Kerr, Really Into Holistic-Health AppsShe tells Vogue Australia about her favorites. Holistic-healing fun for all!
  3. meet the new app
    FIGR, the App That Lets You Play StylistThe game of paper dolls just got a fashionable upgrade.
  4. Let Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm Teach You About the ‘New Yorker’ iPhone App The New Yorker just launched its iPhone app today, a slick little number that allows you to read David Grann’s reportage on the subway without […]
  5. stuck in the middle
    Romney’s Official iPhone App Is a Literal Gaffe MachineRomney is running for president of some place called “Amercia.”
  6. How Does Conan’s New Mobile App Stack Up Against the Fallon App? When we think about late night shows trying to appeal to the unruly youths of today, there’s one tried-and-true technique that guarantees […]
  7. Jimmy Fallon Wakes You Up to the Scene’s Hottest, Hippest Comedy Accessory Between yesterday’s Onion Magic Ball and today’s Jimmy Fallon wake up call alarm, it would appear to the trend-aware eye that an iPhone app is […]
  8. iphone
    Watch a 12-Year-Old Kid Give a TED TalkRyan Suarez recently gave a TED talk about his work developing apps for the iPhone. So that’s one thing he can cross off his “Things To Do Before My Bar Mitzvah” bucket list.
  9. scams
    15,000 People Purchased ‘Acne-Curing’ Smartphone AppsJust in time for the start of the school year.
  10. 9 11
    Twin Towers iPhone App Coming SoonA techie 9/11 tribute has raised over $25,000 for development.
  11. App-etizing
    Delivery.com Launches AppGPS lets you place pickup orders, too.
  12. Bill Cosby Has A New App, Giant Fireplace I’m not going to criticize Bill Cosby or the Bill Cosby iPhone app. The man is an institution, a legend, and as this video points out, a […]
  13. App-etizing
    Battle of the Capp Map Apps!Two apps aim to map out the city’s best cappuccinos.
  14. Jimmy Fallon Gets His Own iPhone App With Help From Axl RoseJimmy Fallon, who is a self-proclaimed geek, has a new iPhone app for his show. It is free! Along with expected stuff like a feed of the show’s […]
  15. App-etizing
    New iPhone App Lets You Put Mario Batali in Your PocketPlus, find New York City beer gardens and control your bar’s jukebox.
  16. Now Delivering
    iPhone App Delivers Food to the ParkGPS helps runners bring Pinkberry to sunbathers.
  17. App-etizing
    Breaking: Download the Free MenuPages iPhone App Now!You’ll never go hungry again.
  18. beauty marks
    Fuller Lips Imply Youthfulness; Marion Cotillard Wore Frizzy Curls, So Now You Can, TooAnd new findings indicate that Neanderthals wore makeup.
  19. Gadgets
    iPhone Explores the ‘East Side’How far does a new restaurant app go on the iPhone?
  20. britney spears
    Nobody Pulled a Muscle Working on the New Britney Spears iPhone AppIt plays “It’s Britney, bitch!” when you shake it!
  21. iPhone Apps
    OpenTable to GoBook a table from here, there, and everywhere.
  22. Order Fast Food on Your iPhoneThe pizza tracker is officially yesterday’s news.