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    Apple Really, Really Doesn’t Want You to Text and Drive (Easily)They’ve introduced the new and oh-so-creatively named feature: Do Not Disturb While Driving
  2. politics
    Donald Trump Only Has One App on His iPhone. Guess What It Is.Just guess.
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    You May Not Get Your Hands on an iPhone 8 Until 2018The iPhone 8 sounds extremely ambitious — and now extremely delayed.
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    Why You’d Build an iPhone 6s From Scratch in ShenzhenSome assembly required.
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    Apple Releases First-Ever Red iPhone and Some New iPads, TooThe first new Apple products of 2017.
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    Your Date Is Probably (Definitely) Judging Your Android PhoneTurns out, iPhone owners are pretty picky about their date’s phones.
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    The Beats X Prove Apple Has Nailed Wireless HeadphonesApple’s latest headphones beat AirPods in sound quality, and beat every other set of wireless headphones in reliability (if you’re using an iPhone).
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    How Steve Jobs Faked His Way Through Unveiling the iPhoneTen years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the world — and nobody at Apple was sure if the phone would survive the demo.
  9. This iPhone Contact Card Bug Will Brick Your Messages AppIf someone texts you a contact card out of the blue in the next few days, don’t open it.
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    The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy May Have All-Screen Displays in 2017Nothing but screen in 2017.
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    The New iPhone Keyboard Sounds Are the Best Thing About This YearThe new iOS might be a slowly improving mess. But one thing about it is perfect: the sounds the keyboard makes.
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    This Short Video Will Freeze and Crash Your iPhone After You Watch ItIt’s like that VHS tape from The Ring, except for your phone.
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    Google Has Made a Phone People Will Want — But Can It Topple the iPhone?Google makes a triumphant entry into hardware with its Pixel smartphones.
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    Kanye West Makes a Strangely Inspirational iPhone Lock ScreenLook at those perfectly positioned hands.
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    The Messages Problem: Can Apple Actually Open Up Its Walled Garden?Messages is now a mess. Is Apple nimble enough to create software that can play nicely with the outside world?
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    T-Mobile: Don’t Update to iOS 10 Yet!The company is asking customers to not update for fear of losing all mobile connection to the carrier.
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    How to Install iOS 10 Without Killing Your PhoneAlready bricked your iPhone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
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    Against the Jet-Black iPhoneNever opt for a glossy finish.
  19. carpool karaoke
    ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Invades Apple’s iPhone 7 EventTim Cook sang One Republic and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
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    Why iPhone Launches Aren’t About the Phone AnymoreIt’s hard to improve the iPhone much further.
  21. You Can Charge Your Phone Using a Plant Now, If That’s a Thing You Want to DoAt least you won’t forget to water your plants anymore.
  22. Everything We Know So Far About the Next iPhoneNo headphone jack?
  23. How to Destroy Your iPhone in 6 Highly Entertaining WaysIf you’re gonna do it, do it funny.
  24. 7 Satisfying Videos of iPhones Getting Destroyed in Bizarre WaysAn iPhone wrapped in bacon isn’t going to make it shatterproof.
  25. Hot New iPhone Rumor: Dark-Blue iPhones“Dark blue, dark blue. Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?”
  26. Here Are All the Crucial Ways Your iPhone Is About to ChangeSay good-bye to your current iPhone experience.
  27. Apple Just Made a Ton of Huge Changes to Its Messages AppBig Emoji. Predictive Emoji. Handwritten messages.
  28. Your iPhone Is About to Look Very Different — Here’s the Biggest ChangeBrace yourself.
  29. This Majestic Hippo Is Apple’s Best Pitchman Since Justin LongGreat hippo. Would hippo again.
  30. How to Get Off iCloud and Replace Apple’s AppsApple makes great phones, but its default apps can be frustrating. Here’s a comprehensive guide for replacement.
  31. Apple CEO Loves iPhones So Much He Saw One in This 300-Year-Old PaintingNo Tim, that’s not an iPhone.
  32. Here’s How to Make the Most Out of Your Broken iPhoneBefore you buy a new phone, see if you can use the digital equivalent of duct tape to fix it.
  33. Tim Cook: Apple Is Big and Strong. Our Phones and Watches Are Good.But of course he would say that.
  34. FBI Close to a Decision on Sharing Exploits¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  35. Inside the Chinese Plant Where iPhones Are MadeIt spans a space the size of 90 football fields.
  36. The FBI Won’t Say Whether iPhone Data Is UsefulMuch ado about probably nothing.
  37. Feds Want Apple to Break In to at Least 12 Other PhonesProsecutors in all of the cases the DOJ is requesting Apple assist authorities with used the same broad 18th-century law, the All Writs Act.
  38. iphone
    iPhone 6s Review Roundup: Faster, Stronger, and Better at Taking SelfiesShould you buy the new iPhone? Reviews say, “It depends.”
  39. Siri Will Never Leave You, and Other iOS 9 FactsThe big news is Apple News.
  40. technology
    You Never Know When Your Smartphone Will Try to Kill YouA Long Island man was left with second- and third-degree burns after his iPhone 5C’s  battery exploded. 
  41. Cars Are the New iPhonesYour minivan doesn’t run on the cloud? Where have you been?
  42. hairy situations
    The iPhone 6 Is Ruining Your Hair#iPhone6Probs.
  43. print is not dead
    Karl Lagerfeld Is Launching a Satirical BroadsheetHe is a self-professed “paper freak.”
  44. the smartphone wars
    Unless You’re Apple, Stop Paying Celebrities to Use Your PhonesIt never works.
  45. fun with cell phones
    Software Flaw Left Apple Devices Vulnerable to Hacker AttackBe sure to do your updates today!
  46. bizarre things
    Frank Bruni Found Courtney Love’s iPhone in a CabOnly in New York.
  47. best bets
    Best Bet: Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone CaseFuture perfect. 
  48. iOS 7 Is Literally Making Some People NauseatedSounds like a fun group. 
  49. You Can Also Unlock the iPhone 5S With Your JunkThat is all. 
  50. bad apple
    World’s Worst Person Hires Homeless for iPhonesDefining a new low for civilization.
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