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  1. the cut opinion pages
    iMessage Reactions Are Lazy and TerriblePlease, don’t “heart” or “thumbs-down” my texts.
  2. science of us
    How My iPhone Helped Save My Mental HealthDuring bouts of anxiety and agoraphobia, it’s the only thing that kept me feeling anchored to reality.
  3. the chain gang
    People Are About to Be Able to Text Starbucks Gift CardsA feature rolling out next month lets customers send them via iMessage.
  4. Chaffetz: GOP Bill Will Let Americans Choose Between Health Care and iPhonesOne GOP lawmaker boasts that health care will be affordable under the House’s new bill — so long as low-income people stop buying iPhones.
  5. patently insane
    A New Apple Patent Could Stop You From Filming ConcertsHow will we watch live bands without a tiny screen?
  6. There Are 3 Kinds of Sidewalk WalkersWhat kind of “symbolic cues” are you giving off?
  7. shattered glass
    Your iPhone Screen Isn’t As Bad As Lucky Blue’s He needs the Genius Bar ASAP.
  8. At SXSW, President Obama Gently Pushes Apple on EncryptionHe touched on the topic during his keynote speech earlier Friday.
  9. period power
    Apple Will Finally Acknowledge MenstruationThe company has grown up.
  10. dumb phones
    Seriously, Never Leave Your iPhone at Home Our tiny human brains can’t handle it.
  11. experiments
    My Week With a Flip PhoneFeeling very cool with T9 and infinite battery life.
  12. bad behavior
    What’s a Girl Gotta Do to Get a Charge in This Town?Next time your phone dies, try not to be a horrible person.
  13. just browsing
    Wish List: Fiona Kotur ClutchesA glittery house for your iPhone. 
  14. 70 Percent of Snapchat’s Users Are WomenSnaps to that. 
  15. no touching
    “Intimate” iPhone App Not Actually IntimateThe iPhone app Touch Room allows its users to match up their fingers on a screen.
  16. feline puppies!!
    Your Cat Can Unlock an iPhone 5S With Its Paw Print Why this may or may not be useful. 
  17. very minor traumas
    The Unique Terror of Hearing Your Phone Alarm As Someone Else’s RingtoneDiagnosing PASD, Phone Alarm Stress Disorder.
  18. Your Stolen iPhone Was Probably in Queens With Some High TwentysomethingsCops found a “virtual orchard of Apple products.”
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Time You Don’t Want Your Stolen iPhone BackEh, keep it.
  20. fashion crimes
    Brass Knuckles iPhone Actually Used As WeaponJenna Jameson settles the knuckle-duster-accessories debate. 
  21. Think Different
    Here Are Ten Photos of Vegetables Being Used to Operate iPhonesYes, you can use mushrooms in place of fingers on the iPhone’s capacitive touch pad.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Worst Teenager Ever Steals iPhone From Quadriplegic ManAnd gets caught.
  23. technology
    Burner App Takes Screening Calls (or Being a Creep) to the Next LevelA new iPhone program provides unlimited temporary cell-phone numbers.
  24. dirty jobs
    Apple’s App Reviewers See a Lot of Phalluses“You can’t let all those dicks get through.”
  25. technology
    Facebook Releases Instagram Competitor Despite Owning InstagramRemember that $1 billion purchase?
  26. technology
    Disney Investigating Accused iPhone Thief Caught on FacebookThe phone has been recovered after a viral campaign.
  27. technology
    Alleged Disney Cruise iPhone Thief Outed on Victim’s FacebookIt’s all thanks to the cloud.
  28. App-etizing
    LCB: Now There’s an App For That, TooWhile privatization hawks continue with their empty threats, the LCB is moving forward with its modernization efforts.
  29. technology
    Apple Did Just Fine Without Steve Jobs, iPhone 5The company reported huge profits from the first quarter without its co-founder.
  30. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Still Not Over Philharmonic TragedyBy tragedy, we mean when that man’s iPhone rang during a performance more than a week ago.
  31. technology
    Philharmonic iPhone Guy Is Distraught, Still RichThe man whose phone rang during a performance says he hasn’t slept in two days.
  32. the subway
    Decoy Officer With iPhone Nets Another CrookThe NYPD’s plan to pose as an easy mark on the subway worked again.
  33. icrime
    Morningside Heights Mugger Is a Brand SnobHe’ll give your BlackBerry back.
  34. technology
    Emoticons Are Now Easier to Read, Times ReportsThere’s a new development in text message technology.
  35. Mediavore
    Pothead Candies Weren’t Meant to Promote Pot Smoking; Vitamins Linked toPlus: Higher peanut-butter prices are coming; and there may be better tasting chocolate lurking in the jungles of Peru, all in our morning news roundup.
  36. clickables
    Check Out David Byrne’s Fake, Amusing iPhone AppsFor “Social Media,” a group exhibit at New York City’s Pace Gallery.
  37. Mediavore
    Mobile Slaughterhouse Gives Small, Local Farms a Leg Up; San Francisco JailsPlus: Chefs resort to making their own soft drinks and condiments to avoid high fructose corn syrup; and one expert argues that high food costs makes farming a cash crop, all in our morning news roundup.
  38. mavericks
    John McCain Surprisingly Not an Expert on TechnologyHe didn’t know iPads and iPhones are made in China.
  39. fine print
    Lawsuit Alleges That AT&T Is Systematically Overbilling iPhone and iPad AccountsUgh, does this mean we actually have to look at our cell-phone bill?
  40. are you there google? it's me margaret
    Google’s Android Wins the Smartphone Popularity ContestIs Jobs’s ego hurting Apple?
  41. the future is coming
    Apple’s Newest iPhones and iPads Will Function Like Credit CardsIs Apple about to become the biggest company in the world?
  42. the future is coming
    Steve Jobs Takes a Medical Leave of Absence From Apple [Updated]The announcement was timed on a day when the stock market was closed.
  43. App-etizing
    With Mermaid’s Oysterpedia App, the World Is Your …Two-hundred oysters, explained.
  44. the future is coming
    Verizon and AT&T Bitch-Slap Each Other: The Coming iPhone WarThe iPhone war a’cometh.
  45. Mediavore
    Philly’s Produce Is on the Move; Jamie Oliver Hates His Wife andPlus pizza chains step up competition as Americans demand for cheap food grows, and a dude in Connecticut tired to use his iPhone to rob a restaurant, all in our morning news roundup.
  46. the future is coming
    It Is Very Difficult for Steve Jobs to Keep His iPad Secret When You Insider Trade His StockIt’s hard out there for a tech pimp.
  47. Marketing Gimmicks
    Alain Ducasse Plugs His New App With CanapesMeet Ducasse, score food and drink from Benoit, and hear about his new iPhone app.
  48. petty crime waves
    Brooklyn’s Bicycle Thieves Want Your iPhoneA rash of two-wheeled smartphone thefts in upscale Brooklyn neighborhoods.
  49. underthings
    Breaking: More Updates on the Men’s Underwear FrontWhy should near nudity keep you from your iPhone?
  50. draco malfoy's twitter wallpaper
    Hogwarts Finally Hooks Up the InternetHermione’s Facebook page, Hagrid’s iPhone, and more!
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