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  1. when technology attacks
    Steve Jobs: Secret Ninja Assassin? [Updated]Japan wouldn’t let Steve Jobs carry ninja throwing stars aboard his private jet.
  2. the future is coming
    Apple’s Fall Event Sounds Like a Steve Jobs SNL SketchSteve Jobs anticipates tech needs you haven’t even dreamed of.
  3. ipods
    Apple to Try to Kill Cable Companies AgainOver an unwatchable choppy video stream, Steve Jobs just announced Apple’s new video-streaming device at a keynote speech in Cupertino.
  4. the future is coming
    Apple’s Smart Bike Will Fuse Your Bike, iPhone, and iPodThis will make bike geeks very happy.
  5. when technology attacks
    Apple Burns Japanese Music Lovers. Literally.Ouch.
  6. grumpy old men
    President Obama Trash-talks TechnologyAnd pretends he doesn’t know how to use an iPod.
  7. leak of the week
    Which New Gorillaz Song Should Soundtrack an iPod Ad?Too bad about the album’s environmental theme.
  8. lawsuits
    Your iPod Is Not Legally Responsible for Your Hearing LossA Federal Court of Appeals decision upheld a prior decision that there’s no evidence your iPod can cause hearing loss.
  9. election hangover
    Obama Did Not Have Relations With That ZuneHe’s been forced to address his appalling lack of iPod.
  10. ipods
    New iTunes Does Your Playlist-Making for YouRobots win again!
  11. ipods
    New iPods Today!Enjoy your current-generation iPod now before it becomes obsolete in four hours!
  12. early and often
    Pop Music: Why Barack Obama Is a Stronger Candidate Than John Kerry WasAs we prepare to see the contents of Barack Obama’s iPod, we ponder whether he is really more of a man of the people than his patrician predecessor.
  13. company town
    Jeff Bewkes Starts Cleaning House at Time WarnerMEDIA • At least 75 Time Warner layoffs are expected to be announced today. The layoffs are among CEO Jeff Bewkes’s first public tasks since taking the helm of the company from Dick Parsons last month. Earlier today, Time Warner announced a 41 percent decline in fourth-quarter earnings. [MSNBC & AdAge] • Maybe some of those Time Warner folks can hang their hats over at Condé Nast. The Observer evaluates Portfolio’s recent spending spree, during which it recruited top talent from The New Yorker, the Post, and the Times. [NYO] • (Product)Red, the love child of Bono, iPod, and the Gap, has raised more than $22 million for fighting HIV and AIDS in Africa. But considering the big advertising bucks spent during the Super Bowl and elsewhere, some are arguing that it’s not enough. [NYT]
  14. the early-evening news
    Frequently Bankrupt Real-Estate Tycoon Working on Intellectually Bankrupt TV SeriesPlus news about Radiohead and ABC!
  15. the early-evening news
    Britney Spears Demonstrates Limited Understanding of IronyPlus: An iPod explodes in a guy’s pants!
  16. the early-evening news
    Spider-Man to Play RobotBjörk to release new album, Charlotte Gainsbourg doing just swell, etc.
  17. the take
    New iPods Include Built-In Wi-Fi to Better Facilitate Stealing of MusicAs predicted by nerds on the Internet, Steve Jobs has announced moments ago that Apple’s new flagship iPod will feature a touch screen and a wi-fi connection.
  18. apropos of nothing
    New iPods Coming!At an Apple event in San Francisco this afternoon, Steve Jobs is expected to announce updates for the company’s entire fleet of personal MP3 players
  19. gossipmonger
    Happily Eva AfterOK! magazine paid more than $2 million for the rights to Eva Longoria’s wedding photos, much to the chagrin of People. Lily Allen was so drunk during a performance she referred to hostess Tinsley Mortimer as “Ashley Winksdale,” which, actually, is kind of awesome. Courtney Love has been licensing Kurt Cobain’s likeness for a bunch of lame products. (Certainly Al Pacino wouldn’t approve.) The Queen of England uses e-mail and has an iPod. Rachel Roy and Damon Dash got into a public spat at Dash’s club Socialista. Ryan Cabrera and Riley Keough — she’s Elvis’s granddaughter — are on the outs. Renée Zellweger might be dating an agent at CAA.
  20. party lines
    CFDA’s Titanic iPod: It’s Unsyncable!The fashion-industry elite walking out of the Swarovski-sponsored pre–CFDA awards dinner at Top of the Rock last night found a particularly exciting treat in their gift bags: a Swarovski-crystal- encrusted iPod Shuffle. There’s just one problem. The crystals covering the case make the Shuffle too big to fit in its dock, which means it won’t sync with a computer. Unless, that is, the fashionistas go out and buy Shuffle adaptors, we’re told. Note to Swarovski: Next time, get a tech team in to consult on crystal size. —Jada Yuan