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  1. irony
    Alanis Morissette’s New Single ‘Smiling’ Might Make You Sad, Isn’t That Ironic?Don’t you think?
  2. theater review
    Theater Review: Jagged Little Pill Is Missing the Essence of AlanisWasn’t she iconic?
  3. irony
    Why People Are Soundtracking Dance Videos With Old Voicemails on TikTokA new meme is a demonstration of how virality works online.
  4. irony
    The Wolf of Wall Street Producer Arrested in Malaysia for Money LaunderingThe Malaysian government alleges that stolen funds were used to finance Wolf, Dumb and Dumber To, and Daddy’s Home.
  5. last night on late night
    Watch Colbert Unpack Trump’s Push for War With IranThe segment taped hours before Trump approved, then called off, a missile strike on Iran.
  6. tiktok
    What TikTok Is Depends on Where TikTok IsThe popular video app has been celebrated as wholesome — but meme aggregators ripping videos to other platforms are painting a different picture.
  7. travel
    Plane Full of Plumbers Forced to Turn Around Because of Broken ToiletsAbout 85 plumbers, in fact.
  8. select all
    The ‘Ironic Nazi’ Is Coming to an EndWhat happens when frictionless sharing meets a world that’s all friction.
  9. irony
    An Anti-Refugee Ship Had to Be Saved by a Refugee-Rescue GroupThe alt-right YouTubers have been trying to prevent refugees from getting into Europe, but ran into some trouble themselves.
  10. irony
    Bill O’Reilly Talks About Consent in His New Book“No means no.”
  11. Trump Argues That No One Like Him Should Be Allowed Into the United StatesTrump argues that people who “don’t believe in our Constitution” and “support bigotry” shouldn’t be allowed to enter our country.
  12. irony is not dead
    Terry Richardson, Making Money Off of Feminism Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova posed for the photographer.
  13. irony
    Fire Breaks Out in Factory Full of Fire ExtinguishersThat’s embarrassing.
  14. John Oliver Calls Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert the ‘High-Water Mark for […]“One of the laziest stereotypes that British people have of Americans is that they don’t get irony. And that has never been true and it’s […]
  15. r.i.p.
    Snake Salvation Pastor Killed by Snake BiteJamie Coots refused treatment.
  16. irony
    Even Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Is Confused by Facebook’s Privacy Settings“Way uncool.”
  17. broadminded
    The Age of Hipster SexismFrom Terry Richardson to Lena Dunham — is the new misogyny so bad?
  18. Comedy After 9/11: Sincerity and IronyComedy felt frivolous, and in some cases downright insensitive in the weeks after September 11, 2001. This was not lost on television’s funny […]
  19. pre-fab metaphors
    The Roof Is Falling In on Federal Housing ProgramsHUD, heal thyself!
  20. queen of all media
    Oprah Will Not Watch Oprah With YouOprah’s on TV, but that doesn’t mean she likes it.
  21. best congress ever!
    Republicans Violate Constitution on ‘Love the Constitution Day’ [Updated]Oooh, bad day for that.
  22. Crisis-Defining Moment Occurs at Michael Moore PremiereWe know: annoying.
  23. neighborhood news
    Self-Identifying Hipsters Wanted for Reality-TV ShowA “major network” looks to Williamsburg.
  24. irony
    ‘Why Are the Hipsters So Small-Minded?’A ‘Real World’ cast member from Utah grapples with the ultimate irony.