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Isiah Is Immortal

  1. the sports section
    Your Daily Shot of Isiah Thomas SchadenfreudeHa, Isiah.
  2. knicks
    Marcus Camby, Visitor From Another DecadeIt’s amazing he’s a Knick again.
  3. isiah is immortal
    Your Friday Gift: Isiah Just Got FiredFlorida International cans Isiah.
  4. isiah is immortal
    Isiah Is Still Coaching Florida InternationalThe perpetual Knicks boogeyman is still coaching FIU, now in his third year.
  5. isiah is immortal
    Even During the Lockout, Isiah Thomas Won’t Go AwayEver.
  6. isiah is immortal
    A Report About Isiah Thomas and an Open NBA Job That Won’t Make Knicks Fans CryHe’s reportedly on the short list for the Pistons’ vacant coaching job.
  7. goodbye donnie
    Donnie Walsh Leaves, Honorably, Beloved. Oh, and Everyone Thinks He’s a Stinking LiarDonnie Walsh either takes the high road on his way out the door, or is totally lying. And maybe both.
  8. isiah is immortal
    Donnie Walsh to Leave Knicks at End of the MonthLooks like the extension was less a formality than everybody thought.
  9. carmelo watch fin
    Carmelo, the Morning After: Who Is Affected Most?The Knicks look very different today.
  10. carmelo watch
    The Knicks Have Lost Control of the Carmelo TradeCarmelo Anthony will likely be a Knick soon, but boy has this been handled badly.
  11. isiah is immortal
    Isiah Thomas Doesn’t Deny He’s Consulting Jim DolanHe spoke with Sid Rosenberg.
  12. carmelo watch
    Three Questions Raised by James Dolan’s Involvement With the Carmelo TalksAre talks getting serious?
  13. knicks
    The Knicks Lose, As Dolan Fears LingerThe Mavericks beat the Knicks 113–97.
  14. isiah is immortal
    Isiah Thomas, Master of Semantics?“I wasn’t ordered to pay anything.”
  15. isiah is immortal
    Isiah Thomas Is Saying Things AgainFor example, his plan all along was to sign LeBron.
  16. knicks
    Carmelo Anthony Must Really Like the Schlitterbahn Galveston Island WaterparkWait, are you saying that Isiah Thomas doesn’t have inside information on Carmelo Anthony?
  17. amar’e stoudemire
    Amar’e: Isiah Had Nothing to Do With Me Coming HereAmar’e Stoudemire tells The Sports Section that Isiah Thomas had nothing to do with his recruiting.
  18. shut up isiah
    Shut Up, Isiah.Shut up, Isiah.
  19. isiah is immortal
    Did Isiah Thomas Bail on Interview With Michael Kay to Please Knicks?He did, according to Kay.
  20. isiah is immortal
    Knicks Safe From Isiah … for NowIsiah isn’t back this year, not officially.
  21. isiah is immortal
    Mike D’Antoni Isn’t Too Concerned About This Isiah BusinessMike D’Antoni has no concern about Isiah Thomas.
  22. isiah is immortal
    Perhaps the NBA Will Do the Knicks a Favor, or Perhaps NotDoes Isiah really have to stay?
  23. isiah is immortal
    Everybody Just Relax About Isiah ThomasIsiah Thomas is back, but it’s nothing to be (too) alarmed about.
  24. isiah is immortal
    Isiah Thomas Still With The Knicks, Kind Of, Maybe?Isiah Thomas is going nowhere.
  25. knicks
    What’s Eddy Curry’s Problem TODAY?More money problems for Eddy Curry.
  26. isiah is immortal
    To Remind: Isiah Is ImmortalThe Knicks would never bring back Isiah Thomas … right?
  27. isiah is immortal
    Eddy Curry Is Not Adept at MicroeconomicsEddy Curry has some financial problems.
  28. lebron watch
    Will Someone Please Stop Putting Microphones in Front of Isiah Thomas?Isiah Thomas is talking about LeBron James. Great.
  29. isiah is immortal
    Tonight, the Isiah Era Is Almost Put Out of Its MiseryThe Knicks end their season tonight.
  30. isiah is immortal
    This Time, Eddy Curry Means ItEddy Curry returns.
  31. isiah is immortal
    Look Who’s Back in Uniform for the Knicks TonightThe franchise curse will be on the bench tonight.
  32. isiah is immortal
    Isiah Thomas Isn’t Getting Off That EasyDePaul doesn’t want Isiah Thomas.
  33. lebron watch
    Your Potential Knicks-McGrady Trade FAQIs the McGrady-Jeffries trade with the Rockets smart, or no?
  34. isiah is immortal
    Whoa: Clippers Reportedly Reach Out to Isiah ThomasA source says he’s emerged as a candidate to be their coach, GM, and president.
  35. isiah is immortal
    Oh, This Will Definitely Get LeBron HereLook who wants to help the Knicks bring LeBron to town.
  36. isiah is immortal
    The Knicks Still Have Isiah’s Back, for Some ReasonMagic Johnson is banned from the Garden for ripping on Isiah Thomas.