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Israeli Palestinian Conflict

  1. israel
    Can Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni Rebuild the Bridge to American Jews?She’s trying to kick out Netanyahu, but that might not be enough.
  2. twitter fingers
    Gigi Hadid Weighs in on Israel-Palestine ConflictAnd unsurprisingly gets caught up in backlash.
  3. beauty
    Going to Beauty School in a Refugee CampBeauty school in the Beddawi camp.
  4. israeli-palestinian conflict
    Israeli Sociologist Killed in Tel Aviv AttackYou couldn’t write a more depressing example of the conflict’s endless, senseless bloodshed.
  5. Meltdowns
    Cupcake Truck Accused of Anti-Semitism Might Want to Go Back to Tweeting AboutQuoting Mussolini doesn’t really help much, either.