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  1. it's science!
    Movies Might Not Be Tanking Because of Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores After AllYves Bergquist of USC’s Entertainment Technology Center says there is no correlation between the site’s scores and movies’ box-office returns.
  2. it's science!
    Surprise! ‘True Love Waits’ Is Scientifically Radiohead’s Most Depressing SongStop crying to “Creep” — it gets worse.
  3. mythical creatures
    The Good News Is Unicorns Were Real. The Bad News Is They Were Hideous.Like fuzzy rhinos.
  4. it's science
    Hey, Ovulating Women: Stay Away From My ManOr else.
  5. it's science!
    Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweet-Reviews Force AwakensThe scientist has spoken.
  6. it's science
    Dave Chappelle Plans for Cell-Phone-Free ShowsThe plan involves little science pouches. 
  7. it's science
    Law and Order Viewers Are Better at Understanding ConsentA new study found a correlation between watching Law and Order and decreased rape myth acceptance.
  8. it's science
    Having to Pee Makes You a Better LiarHydrate before you fabricate.
  9. it's science!
    A Theory About the Moon, From Jake Gyllenhaal“That seems scientific to me.”
  10. it's science
    Stephen Hawking Says Zayn Is Still Part of 1DScience!
  11. it's science!
    What’s Your TV Personality Type? Take Our Myers-Briggs–Inspired TestAre you a DSUL? Or a CEMH?
  12. it's science
    Megan Amram Just Wants a Physics Ph.D.A very educational discussion.
  13. lab rat
    What’s Really in a Phrostie? An InvestigationWe had a lab test the latest illegal booze craze to hit New York City. The results may surprise you!
  14. it's science
    Science: Don’t Be a Dumbo About Your DietA new study compares all the trendy food regimens.
  15. it's science
    Is the Tequila Diet About to Become a Thing?Beats wheatgrass shots!
  16. big hair don't care
    Wonderful New Research to Help Animators Create Better Curly HairScientists doing great work. 
  17. it's science
    Study: Humans Have Only 4 FeelingsWe can still eat them though, yes?
  18. fashion ranking
    New York Now Officially More Stylish Than ParisAccording to number-crunchers.
  19. it's science
    Many Looked Up Science in Dictionary This YearWhy?
  20. it's science
    Science Confirms It: Cats Don’t Love UsWe know. We’ve always known.
  21. science says
    Sex Ed: Evolutionary Reasons to Regret That Hookup Why we regret what we regret.
  22. it's science
    Rich Guy Dennis Tito Plans to Almost Send People to Mars in 2017They’re not going to land!
  23. it's science
    There Could Be 40 Billion Habitable Earthlike Planets in Our Galaxy AloneThis has been another semi-regular reminder of your insignificance. 
  24. it's science
    Robot Unbeatable in ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’Still no cure for cancer. 
  25. it's science
    Gold Does Grow on TreesTell your dad to shove it. 
  26. it's science
    What If the Big Bang Theory Was Wrong?Not the show, the theory of the origins of the universe.
  27. it's science
    Voyager Has Still Not Left the Solar System, Is Pretty Far Out There, ThoughToday was a big milestone for mankind chucking stuff out into the universe. 
  28. it's science
    Men With Big Testicles Are Worse DadsScience says so. 
  29. shoes are not love
    Study Shows Shopping Can Make You LonelierBREAKING: Friends are better than shoes.
  30. it's science
    Ippo the Zonkey Is the Cronut of ItalyHe’s a hybrid between a zebra and a donkey. 
  31. it's science
    Reminder: Even the Royal Baby Is Just a Speck on a Speck in a Vast UniverseNASA has released a photo of Earth from 898 million miles away. 
  32. it's science
    Never Complain About the Rain AgainBecause at least it’s not raining glass. 
  33. it's science
    L’Oreal Patented a Secret Weapon for Gray Hair Taking over the hair care world?
  34. space
    Here Comes the Vaguely Exciting SupermoonSaturday night.
  35. it's science
    Video: Deaf Toddler Hears for the First TimeThanks, science!
  36. the supremes
    The Supreme Court’s Gene Patent Ruling Is Good for Breast Cancer TestingThe costs may go down.
  37. it's science
    There Are Lizards and Squirrels on Mars, or Maybe They’re Just RocksDecide for yourself. 
  38. it's science
    Chris Hadfield Ate a Very Healthy Back-From-Space MealVegetables, fruit, and some kind of healthy-looking sandwich. 
  39. it's science
    ‘Space Oddity’ and 6 Other Chris Hadfield Space Videos Worth WatchingThe Canadian astronaut just became a huge Internet star. 
  40. it's science
    One of NASA’s Rovers Drew a Big Penis on MarsHere’s the photo. 
  41. it's science
    French Guy Says We’re All Set Without BrasAnd the French get Frencher.
  42. it's science
    Did an Iranian Scientist Really Invent a Time Machine?Possibly
  43. it's science
    NASA Has a Plan to Kidnap an AsteroidCool.
  44. it's science
    NASA: Voyager 1 Has Not Left the Solar System So Chill OutKeep your pants on.
  45. it's science
    Scientists Find Lost Continent (or, at the Very Least, Some Weird Sand)Cool, sure.
  46. it's science
    It’s Almost Impossible to Startle a RussianThis is one thing we learned today.
  47. it's science
    Asteroid Will Fly Very Close to Earth, Kind OfNASA does.
  48. photo op
    Blue Marble Turns 40 TodayThe iconic image of Earth was taken from Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972.
  49. it's science
    Marco Rubio Believes in Science Now“I mean, it’s established pretty definitively, it’s at least 4.5 billion years old.”
  50. apocalypse later
    World Not Ending in 2012, Government Assures Nation’s Suicidal 11-Year-OldsIt might end in 2013.
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