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Jack Abramoff

  1. Trump’s First March 15 Win: Turning 343 Votes Into Nine Convention DelegatesThe Northern Mariana Islands, a place made infamous by Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff, gives Trump a very nifty delegate-per-vote ratio.
  2. lobbyists and those who love them
    When Members of Congress Sleep With LobbyistsIs that frowned upon? 
  3. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Jack Abramoff on CPAC, Anti-Corruption CrusadeWe spoke to the notorious lobbyist about his new pursuits.
  4. tragicomedy
    Jack Abramoff Found a Part-time JobXM Radio host!
  5. tragicomedy
    Jack Abramoff Is Having Trouble Finding Someplace to GolfHe applied for a country club membership.
  6. redemption
    Disgraced Congressman Bob Ney Is Meditating in TibetQuite a turnaround for a guy who spent seventeen months in prison for taking bribes from Jack Abramoff.
  7. chat room
    Alex Gibney on How His New Jack Abramoff Doc Is Like Team America“They were these frat house boys, these big swinging dicks.”
  8. movies
    Casino Jack and the United States of Money Trailer: Jack Abramoff, Evil Genius?Unintentionally hilarious moment at the 1:00 mark: “Abramoff loved e-mail!”