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  1. screen time
    Can Bluesky Be Twitter Without Twitter?The buzz over the all-too-familiar new platform is as much about getting out as in.
  2. screen time
    Elon Musk and the Sad Mod Theory of Social-Media CEOsYou may technically run the place, but most of your users just see you as a glorified moderator.
  3. screen time
    This Was Always the Problem With TwitterThe company has been exactly what the owners needed it to be — and nothing more.
  4. the money game
    Jack Dorsey’s Silicon Valley Grudge Match Has Only Gotten WeirderThe former Twitter CEO and his archnemesis Marc Andreessen are still dunking on each other.
  5. just asking questions
    How Jack Dorsey Failed TwitterScott Galloway dances on the outgoing CEO’s grave.
  6. silicon valley
    At Twitter, @jack Is Out As CEO and @paraga Is InJack Dorsey is now leading only one large Silicon Valley company.
  7. our climate
    Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Can Make the World Greener. Could He Be Right?There’s a heated discussion going on over this question — and Elon Musk has staked out both sides.
  8. the industry
    Square Buys Tidal, Explaining Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey’s New FriendshipJay-Z will now sit on the board of the point-of-sale services company.
  9. extremely online
    The Capitalist Case for Overhauling TwitterWe know it’s terrible for society. But it’s also a terribly run company.
  10. boats
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z Set Sail With Jack DorseyAnd his very long beard.
  11. coronavirus
    Beyoncé Pledges $6 Million to Mental-Health Efforts During the CoronavirusShe and her wallet have arrived.
  12. pivot
    Kara Swisher, Scott Galloway on Tech Giving: ‘It’s Lipstick, Not Philanthropy’“Anytime you put a press release out for your philanthropy, it should immediately not become tax deductible.”
  13. coronavirus
    Rihanna Donates $2.1 Million to Domestic Violence Victims Affected by QuarantineTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey matched her donation, bringing the total to $4.2 million.
  14. hacked
    Mariah Carey’s Twitter Account Hacked, Used to Post Offensive TweetsThe group behind the hack of Jack Dorsey’s account is suspected.
  15. reach
    Twitter Bans Political AdvertisingJack Dorsey thinks politicians shouldn’t be able to pay to give their ideas artificial reach.
  16. the tweet beat
    You, Too, Can Live Like Jack Dorsey (by Drinking Saltwater and Living in a Tent)A Faraday tent with an infrared sauna inside. Okay, sure, Jack.
  17. power
    Did Trump Call a Meeting With Twitter to Complain About Losing Followers?During the president’s closed door meeting with Jack Dorsey, he reportedly spent a lot of time talking about losing followers.
  18. #hashtag
    Jack Dorsey Meets With His Frenemy, Donald TrumpThe pair met to discuss the health of the platform and conversation or whatever.
  19. the tweet beat
    It Must Be Nice to Be a Tech DudeJack Dorsey says he only eats one meal, five days a week.
  20. the tweet beat
    It Must Be Nice to Be a Tech DudeJack Dorsey says he only eats one meal five days a week.
  21. the tweet beat
    Twitter Still Won’t Let You Edit Tweets, But Might Let You Clarify ThemJack Dorsey said the company is considering a new feature.
  22. wtf
    Mark Zuckerberg Once Served Jack Dorsey Goat That He Killed ‘With a Laser Gun’It’s not exactly #thestew.
  23. jack dorsey
    Mark Zuckerberg Once Killed a Goat and Fed It to Jack DorseyDorsey said that it was his “most memorable” encounter with the Facebook CEO.
  24. azealia banks
    Looks Like Azealia Banks Had Yet Another Cursed Interaction With a BillionaireIt involved the Twitter CEO’s beard hair, ISIS, and a protective amulet.
  25. the tweet beat
    Calm Yourself, Twitter Isn’t Going to Get Rid of LikesJack Dorsey reportedly said the company was getting rid of the like feature “soon.” That’s not going to happen.
  26. select all
    Vague Questions and Vaguer Answers from Twitter and Facebook on Capitol HillThe first step is articulating the problem.
  27. select all
    Hell Yeah, I Want Twitter to Suggest People for Me to UnfollowFacebook please take note.
  28. select all
    The New Gatekeepers of Silicon Valley Are Getting Played by ConservativesTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey is having dinner with conservative activists to “rebuild trust.” But why?
  29. select all
    David Simon Tells Jack Dorsey to ‘Die of Boils’ Over Twitter LockoutThe Wire creator has been locked out of his Twitter account and is refusing to delete any of his controversial tweets.
  30. select all
    Twitter Says It Gave the Wrong Reason for Doing Nothing About Trump’s TweetsJack Dorsey says the company gave the wrong explanation for why they allowed racist, violent videos to stay live on the site and endorsed by the prez.
  31. select all
    Donald Trump’s New Cold War With Twitter Overshadows Tech SummitTwitter wasn’t invited because of an emoji.
  32. select all
    Twitter CEO Temporarily Suspended From TwitterJack Dorsey’s account was taken offline for a brief period on Tuesday night.
  33. select all
    Does Mark Zuckerberg Use Facebook?The titans of social media are having some trouble grappling with the world-changing effects of their creations.
  34. vine
    PornHub to Twitter: We’ll Handle Vine for You“Six seconds is more than enough time for most people to enjoy themselves.”
  35. select all
    Milo Yiannopoulos Isn’t a Free-Speech MartyrAnd Twitter isn’t suppressing conservative voices, either.
  36. Azealia Banks: Jack Dorsey Sent Me Beard Shavings for Supernatural ProtectionOne hell of a pivot.
  37. online harassment
    Straight White Dude Billionaire Says He’s Never Blocked Anyone on TwitterHow nice for you, Jack Dorsey.
  38. In New Video, ISIS Targets Twitter and Facebook CEOsAfter the two platforms purged themselves of terror-linked accounts.
  39. #riptwitter
    Some Fear the Death of Twitter As Company Considers Algorithmic TimelineIf a Twitter power-user complains, but the new timeline algorithm never shows anyone, did it happen?
  40. Square Goes Public, and the Tech Bubble DeflatesPublic markets have not had the same enthusiasm for tech companies as private financiers.
  41. Jack Dorsey Officially Becoming Twitter’s Permanent CEOSwitch-hitter Jack Dorsey returns to “prime time.”
  42. Big Deals
    Square Acquires Food-Delivery Company CaviarCaviar itself will stay spherical, for now at least.
  43. Interviews
    Thank Jack Dorsey and Square’s New Lending Program for the CaféHe launched Square Capital today.
  44. They Found Jack Dorsey’s Old Online Emo Poetry“i wanted to write the sky today and my wrists are holding me down.” 
  45. trouble in tweetland
    5 Embarrassing Things We Learned About Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey TodayHe almost left Twitter for Facebook over a skirt-making dispute, for one.
  46. Interviews
    Square Founder Jack Dorsey Wants to Change the Way You Buy BurritosHe wants to make it simpler for you to buy all of your food, actually.
  47. the racie for gracie
    Jack Dorsey Still Wants to Be Mayor of NYCSomeday.
  48. model tracker
    Cole ‘Frolicking’ on Dorsey’s ‘Megayacht’They might be dating.
  49. old man rants
    Twitter Founder Wants to Put Tablets in Your TaxiThese modern times of ours. 
  50. party chat
    Sean Parker Plans to Labor Over Every Single TweetThe former Facebook president tells us about his Twitter strategy.