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  1. operation varsity blues
    Lori Loughlin’s Husband Is Also Spending the Holidays in PrisonOr five months in total.
  2. operation varsity blues
    Meanwhile, Lori Loughlin Is in Prison and Reportedly MiserableCue the world’s smallest violin.
  3. operation varsity blues
    Lori Loughlin’s Prison Sounds Like a Wellness RetreatThe punishment? Pilates and painting.
  4. the law
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Wants Permission to Shoot Music Videos in His Backyard“For employment purposes only.”
  5. the law
    R. Kelly Won’t Be Getting Out of Jail Because of the CoronavirusHe’ll just have to keep on social distancing behind bars.
  6. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years in PrisonHe had faced a minimum of 5 years behind bars to a maximum of 29.
  7. the law
    Weinstein’s ‘Total Lack of Remorse’ Behind Prosecutors Push for Lengthy SentenceHis sentencing is on March 11.
  8. operation varsity blues
    Felicity Huffman Is Leaving Jail One (1) Day EarlyMeanwhile, she’s enjoying 5 a.m. wake-up calls and crafts.
  9. women's health
    A Woman Says She Was Forced to Give Birth in a Dirty Jail Cell, Completely AloneIn a new lawsuit, Diana Sanchez says authorities “callously made her labor alone for hours.”
  10. crime
    Teen Who Urged Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself Over Text Is Going to JailMichelle Carter will serve 15 months for involuntary manslaughter.
  11. mississippi
    A Pregnant Woman Died in a Mississippi Jail After Complaining of Stomach PainsLanekia Michelle Brown’s family suspects foul play.
  12. jail
    Young Thug Released From Jail After Failing Drug TestHe must undergo drug counseling and submit to random drug-testing twice a week.
  13. Manafort Is a ‘VIP’ in Jail With His Own Phone, Laptop, and ShowerTrump’s former campaign chairman has asked that his trial be delayed. Robert Mueller is using his own words to argue that it shouldn’t be.
  14. prison reform
    What If Prosecutors Wanted to Keep People Out of Prison?George Soros’s semi-secret plan to get progressive district attorneys elected all over the country.
  15. bill de blasio's new york
    Mayor de Blasio Releases Plan for the End of RikersThe ten-year proposal calls for vastly reducing the jail population and building new jails elsewhere, among other welcome reforms.
  16. horrible things
    Michigan Woman Forced to Give Birth on Floor of Jail CellThe sheriff defended the decision.
  17. police blotter
    Drake Bell Sentenced to 96 Hours in Jail for DUI ConvictionIn Los Angeles.
  18. jail
    John Lennon’s Killer, Mark Chapman, Is Denied ParoleHe was denied parole for the ninth time.
  19. free gucci
    Gucci Mane Released From Prison Four Months EarlyMemorial Day weekend just got a whole lot colder.
  20. jail
    Dustin Diamond (You Know, Screech) Is Back in JailOh, Screech.
  21. free meek
    Meek Mill Could Face More Jail TimeNicki Minaj delivered the sweetest testimony on his behalf.
  22. say her name
    5 Black Women Have Died in Jail This MonthRaynetta Taylor was found dead in a Mount Vernon holding cell on Monday.
  23. Captive Audience: Meet the Protester Who Did Standup in JailMost people will go their entire lives without knowing the simple joy of telling jokes in front of an audience and pretty much no one on earth […]
  24. ferguson
    Ferguson Corrections Officer Allegedly Raped a Pregnant Woman in JailAfter she was pulled over for having expired license plates.
  25. crime and punishment
    Rikers Inmates Sprayed With Chemical for Breaking New CurfewBedtime is now 9 p.m.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chris Brown Must Stay in Jail Until April 23Following his arrest last Friday.
  27. jail
    Lauryn Hill Went to Jail TodayIt happened.
  28. things that are terrible
    India Gang-Rape Suspect Hanged Himself in JailVictim’s brother says his fate was sealed.
  29. sticky situations
    Peanut Butter Connoisseur Allegedly Harassed by TSA, Forced to Eat Sub-par PBJQuite the sticky situation.
  30. Supper
    A Conversation With a Death Row ChefAn inmate becomes a chef.
  31. jail
    Ja Rule Sentenced to an Additional 28 Months of Hard TimeFor something, well, kind of lame.
  32. white men with money
    Conrad Black Is Going Back to JailA baron back behind bars.
  33. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Will Go to Jail on June 17For 120 days.
  34. jail
    T.I. Will Be Out of Prison In Time for Fall FoliageHe’s home September 29.
  35. equal rites
    New York State Allows Same-Sex Conjugal VisitsFor gay inmates in same-sex marriages or civil unions.
  36. made-off
    Bernie Madoff: ‘This Is My Secret: Danielle Steel’He hides nothing now.
  37. passage to prison
    Ken Starr’s Infatuation With Stripper Fourth Wife Gets Him 7.5 Years in Prison“I lost my moral compass.”
  38. jail
    T.I.’s Wife Isn’t in Trouble for the Drug Arrest That Sent Her Husband Back to PrisonThis is preposterous.
  39. jail
    T.I. Got in Prison TroubleHe’s got a good reason.
  40. jail
    Gucci Mane Is Going Back to Prison, and Waka Flocka Flame May Be Following Him ThereBrick Squad has just taken a severe hit.
  41. jail
    DMX Pioneers ‘Rappers in Mental-Health Units’ TrendHe’s the first.
  42. jail
    Thomas Kinkade Gets Jail Time for DUIA near fortnight.
  43. jail
    DMX Is Going to JailFor a whole year, this time.
  44. jail
    Ja Rule Is Going to Prison for Two YearsHappy trails, Ja Rule.
  45. jail
    Wesley Snipes Went to Prison TodayPay your taxes, people.
  46. jail
    Wesley Snipes on Larry King: Extremely Calm, Still Believing in Miracles“We still have prayers out there, Larry. We still believe in miracles. Don’t send me up the river just yet.”
  47. jail
    T.I. Isn’t Going to Pretend Like Being in Prison Isn’t Bothering Him Anymore“This experience is truly a pain I have never felt before and that’s saying a lot for a nigga who’s been down locked up as many times as I have.”
  48. jail
    T.I. Speaks“If I never went to prison, never did drugs, never f’ed up again, did everything right and never made great music … would you even care enough to comment on T.I.?”
  49. jail
    Vulture’s Brief History of Albums Released by Artists Freshly Out of PrisonWill Lil Wayne’s first post-prison album be any good? Let’s go to the history books.
  50. right-click
    T.I.’s Back in Prison, But His Post-Prison Album Is Still Coming Out’No Mercy,’ December 7.
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